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Session Start: Tue Feb 14 22:41:03 2012
Session Ident: #Fantasia
[22:41] <Winchester_logkeeper> Nah, I copied the file.
[22:42] <Quine> Ah. I thought you might have accidentally copied part or all of the file into the file again.
[22:42] <Quine> Switched computers?
[22:46] <Winchester> I'm remote desktoping to my server which is keeping the log
[22:46] <Winchester> Accidentally typed into the wrong MIRC instance
[22:47] <Winchester> It looks like there's an encode problem with me posting to the wiki...
[22:47] <Winchester> If I past the text into a wiki page, all the linebreaks disappear
[22:47] <Thy-Robocop> ...
[22:47] <Thy-Robocop> ok
[22:48] <Thy-Robocop> Darth seems to be able to counter me at every turn
[22:48] <Thy-Robocop> am I doing something wrong myself?
[22:49] <Thy-Robocop> are there faults in my, and everyone else's arguments?
[22:50] <Thy-Robocop> or am I just asking the wrong questions?
[22:50] <Angry_Desu> Teeechnically this latest one yes, because of your unfamiliarity with nasu bits.
[22:50] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: aye, and I admit to that point
[22:51] <Angry_Desu> But on the whole no - i cannot believe you, Rakha, Havoc and ES can ALL be wrong when your complaints are fairly similar.
[22:52] <Thy-Robocop> yeah, right
[22:52] <Thy-Robocop> it's just
[22:52] <Angry_Desu> Darth constantly wants curbstomps on things he doesn't like and every time shit is 'set' in a way he doesn't like he waits a bit then brings it up again to be argued.
[22:52] <Thy-Robocop> since these guys are in my magical girl's back yard, I will have to write them
[22:53] <Thy-Robocop> and I am unable to write total morons
[22:53] <Angry_Desu> This is something he does elsewhere, most notably the 'breaking in louise' shitstorm.
[22:53] <Angry_Desu> me and a few others recently were discussing how after that was folded in to make one znt thread Darth apparently lost all interest in ZnT
[22:54] <Angry_Desu> *almost all
[22:55] <Angry_Desu> In hindsight it looked suspiciously like he was intentionally setting up the 'do mean things to louise' thread to fail hard - and when it got folded back in despite his whining he left.
[22:56] <Angry_Desu> So he really appears to have a track record of letting others 'win' only to essentially stab them in the back as soon as they're not looking.
[22:56] <Thy-Robocop> then shouldn't we be questioning his role as editor and founder to the project?
[22:57] <Thy-Robocop> I mean, founder as in founder status
[22:57] <Angry_Desu> Honestly? Yes. The problem is he's so firmly entrenched himself that forcing him out will likely result in him gutting the project in spite.
[22:58] <Thy-Robocop> err, how exactly will he be gutting the project?
[22:58] <Angry_Desu> I don't particularly see how he's a 'founder' anyway - I came up with the concept and initial snips, all darth did was make the first distinct thread.
[22:58] <Angry_Desu> Which, as louise has shown us, he beleives gives him complete control of the contents.
[22:58] <Winchester> What can he do? He can't delete threads, and any wiki edits can be reverted
[22:59] <Thy-Robocop> the main story he has on is going to be changed due to your edits
[22:59] <Winchester> Wiki officially hates me, btw
[22:59] <Angry_Desu> I was thinking more 'shitstorm of epic proportions that drops mods on us like angry fucking gods'
[23:00] <Winchester> Talk to Holle beforehand, if you think it might help
[23:01] <Thy-Robocop> we can kind of survive that by making a forum dedicated to Battle Fantasia, and preventing him from entering
[23:01] <Thy-Robocop> we would lose access to SpaceBattles
[23:01] <Thy-Robocop> but if people care about the project, they will follow us
[23:01] <Angry_Desu> Slightly more worrying would be what Gam does in response... he's done a lot of work but he's also caused a number of problems - though these problems are somewhat more down to the fact Darth refuses to let 'set' things lie.
[23:02] <Thy-Robocop> besides, I did argue that a dedicated forum would be very useful to us
[23:02] <Thy-Robocop> as we can spread out the arguments across many threads
[23:02] <Thy-Robocop> without taking over SpaceBattles
[23:02] <Angry_Desu> Things get brought back up and back up and back up until no-one knows what's going on, then Gam writes smething and everyone goes with it.
[23:02] <Winchester> A dedicated forum might just spread all the arguments too thin
[23:02] <Thy-Robocop> but yeah, Gamlain
[23:02] <Winchester> That's because gamlain writes pure, concentrated awesome.
[23:03] <Thy-Robocop> do you think he would jump ship?
[23:03] <Thy-Robocop> wait
[23:03] <Angry_Desu> Gam has... timing issues. He had a lot of major events happen right after another, events which should have had a lot more planning and work.
[23:03] <Thy-Robocop> he did tell me that he opposes full restart because it killed 4 previous projects he was working on
[23:03] <Angry_Desu> Yeah.
[23:03] <Thy-Robocop> and timing issues
[23:04] <Winchester> I noticed that nearly(?) all the snippets he's posted happen in a single week.
[23:04] * Quine ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:04] <Winchester> There are a couple of days where nothing in particular happens, too.
[23:04] <Angry_Desu> He had what... mythlands mini-war and yamiko stuff happen almost right on top of bringing back reinforce and making the materials...
[23:05] <Thy-Robocop> aye
[23:05] <Angry_Desu> I will admit to really liking the concept behind Jasper - but i'm not so happy that she seemed to be accepted so easily.
[23:05] <Thy-Robocop> wait, accepted by whom?
[23:05] <Angry_Desu> I mean shit... Mamoru found out he had a) been raped by beryl while under mind control essentially and b) got a daughter from said rape
[23:05] <Thy-Robocop> oh
[23:06] <Thy-Robocop> yeah
[23:06] <Thy-Robocop> that
[23:06] <Angry_Desu> yet the moment he hears about who/what she is he's all 'oh /I/ have failed /HER/'
[23:06] <Winchester> Reinforce and the materials could have waited, but the rationale for everything else is that all the enemies are scrambling in reaction to the reveal
[23:07] <Winchester> Can't really expect them to wait in turn...
[23:07] <Angry_Desu> I would have liked to see more interaction as Mamoru and Usagi talk the Jasper system out between them. I can't see Usagi getting upset or anything, but it feels weird that such a major thing was more or less skipped over in favor of Mamoru blaming himself for jasper not being known about.
[23:07] <Angry_Desu> japer system?
[23:07] <Angry_Desu> I mean jasper thing
[23:07] <Thy-Robocop> so yeah, Gamlain has too much stuff going on which forces us to work around him
[23:08] <Thy-Robocop> and he hasn't agreed with anyone else the whole plot
[23:08] <Angry_Desu> The materials... can partially be traced back to you-know-who and his dickery with the Puellas
[23:08] <Thy-Robocop> he's writing off the seat of his pants, in a way
[23:08] <Angry_Desu> He has some really nice ideas, but it all feels too rushed as if he's jumping from 'awesome' to 'awesome' without enough buildup inbetween.
[23:09] <Thy-Robocop> so really, it would become a question on whether we start afresh, and consequently drop Gamlain and Darth
[23:09] <Thy-Robocop> and then survive the fall
[23:09] <Angry_Desu> ... but then i have the opposite problem =P I can spend so much text getting no-where, ahaha.
[23:09] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: that you do. XD
[23:09] <Winchester> No, we don't drop gamlain. What we do is tell him that we're going to have to edit what he's done pretty heavily since the pacing is too intense
[23:09] <Thy-Robocop> or keeping something that pretty much makes other authors hard to write
[23:10] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: which was brought up previously
[23:10] * EarthScorpion ( has joined #Fantasia
[23:10] <Angry_Desu> I'm trying to improve on it though... i think my most recent ZnT bits are a bit better in cutting out some of the redundant wordage. Still slow as heck though.
[23:10] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: don't think anyone's followed through
[23:10] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: hello
[23:10] * EarthScorpion waves
[23:10] <Winchester> We can keep most of the events, and possibly their order, but we need to space things out better.
[23:10] <Winchester> Hi Scorp
[23:11] <Angry_Desu> Hello man-i-have-so-not-been-bitching-to-elsewhere!
[23:11] <Winchester> Welcome to our little bitchfest
[23:11] * EarthScorpion shrugs
[23:11] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: as much as I would like not to drop Gamlain, he pretty much set most of the plot of arc 1 in stone
[23:11] <Angry_Desu> Well, key things Thy mentioned were getting the cross started earlier - but the previous discussion came up with a lot that could make it work.
[23:12] <Thy-Robocop> which forces everyone else to work around him
[23:12] <Thy-Robocop> and we don't know what he's doing, so we can't really work around that much
[23:13] <Thy-Robocop> all his PM's to me, and he hasn't really revealed much about his side
[23:13] <EarthScorpion> Ah, the old problem of roundrobins
[23:13] <Angry_Desu> I admit to doing some of that myself... but as far as i'm aware almost all my stuff is working of decisions from right at the start that were never changed or re-discussed.
[23:13] <EarthScorpion> Skype / IRC livechats are so much better for organising things.
[23:14] <Thy-Robocop> except for the fact that he agrees with my story idea, and said it's much better than his plan to have the MA attack Gil
[23:14] * Quine ( has joined #Fantasia
[23:14] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: yeah, our only regret is not having done so sooner
[23:15] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: love your sarcasm, by the way
[23:15] <EarthScorpion> Mmm. I'm basically co-writing two fics, one on IRC and one on Skype, and I run all my fics by Skype with my betas.
[23:15] <EarthScorpion> I'm British. It is not only a duty, it is a pleasure. :D
[23:16] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: and I never really got around to do so, but congrats on all that Game Theory stuff with Aleph
[23:16] <Thy-Robocop> I really should go and say that in the forums
[23:16] <EarthScorpion> Ah, yes, that's one of the things.
[23:16] <Thy-Robocop> Aleph is a she, right?
[23:16] <EarthScorpion> And, yes, you should. I know she really appreciates praise.
[23:16] <Angry_Desu> Aleph is Aleph, and Aleph is ZUU- wait, no.
[23:16] <Winchester> There are no girls on the internet. Except JC, and, well... :D
[23:17] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: the only problem I have with her, is that she cut off the latest chapter at a really good point, and I have to wait months to read the next bit
[23:17] <Thy-Robocop> well, weeks
[23:17] <Thy-Robocop> days maybe
[23:18] <Thy-Robocop> still
[23:18] <EarthScorpion> Hey, you can thank me that it even got that far. I nagged her so it didn't just end that chapter with Fate showing up on the doorstep. That would have been too much of a cliffhanger. :D
[23:18] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: you bastard. XD
[23:19] <Thy-Robocop> no offense, really
[23:20] <EarthScorpion> But, yes. The trick about Game Theory worldbuilding is that we just take the canon, and basically take it through the lens that everyone who matters isn't an idiot. Our end goal is that our universe is one where the canon stuff could have happened, and everything we see in it fits in with the universe, but is better expanded.
[23:20] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, you've been reading all this shitstorm in the past few pages of BF, what do you think?
[23:20] <EarthScorpion> Of course, the fact that we both rather like the sci-fi elements of Nanoha /does/ mean that a certain about of bias in our choices shows.
[23:20] <Thy-Robocop> aye
[23:20] <Thy-Robocop> and you do a good job at it
[23:22] <Angry_Desu> Still think it would have been more awesome to play the giant tree thing straight... but to be fair that'd probably break Nanoha in all the wrong ways.
[23:23] <EarthScorpion> Honestly? I feel the the problem is that people aren't being confrontational enough. There has been mention before of the CrWr hugbox, and I am afraid that large elements of BF are a product of the hugbox. Not enough people are sitting down and telling people (often DA) that their ideas are bad, and that they sap all tension from things. And I really, really wish he'd shut the fuck up...
[23:23] <EarthScorpion> ...about Strike Witches, which is creepy fanservice, and is set in WW2-ish anyway so he's basically seemingly trying to force it into the project just as he forces in the Nasuverse stuff. And no-one is pruning stuff.
[23:23] <EarthScorpion> Angry_Desu: Play the giant tree straight?
[23:24] <Angry_Desu> You know - admit how much stuff it must have crushed, destroyed and/or killed in order for it to cover as much of the city as it ended up doing in canon.
[23:24] <Winchester> I think what we might want to do is sit down and plan the first arc in advance, in detail, maybe using what's already there as a guide but not slaving ourself to it.
[23:24] <EarthScorpion> Oh, right, the first giant tree. Yes, we just decided that it would be too... well, basically dark for what we wanted to write, so decided that Yuuno got a barrier up.
[23:25] <Angry_Desu> See... win... once upon a time we did actually do that
[23:25] <Winchester> When we've done that, and agree on a chain of events that looks like it'll hold up, then we modify what's there to fit, and write new bits to cover the gaps.
[23:25] <Angry_Desu> then Darth basically came along and re-argued everything he didn't like, then repeated this every time an argument ended in a way he didn't like.
[23:25] <Angry_Desu> And, frankly, i should be held heavily responsible for not telling him to shut the fuck up.
[23:27] <Winchester> So, let's start over.
[23:27] <Winchester> What's the date when the story starts?
[23:28] <Angry_Desu> March... 9? 2006.
[23:29] <Angry_Desu> Yeah, Akiko supposedly jumped during the evening of March the 9th, 2006.
[23:29] <havocfett> OK
[23:29] <havocfett> How long does Arc 1 take?
[23:30] <EarthScorpion> Actually, that was a point I wanted to raise with people. I really, really feel that no characters in this should be taken from the end of their series. If you restricted the Sailor Moon characters, especially, to something like First or Second series, then there wouldn't be so many of the ridiculous power arguments, and that also means that you could integrate chibi-Usa showing up as...
[23:30] <EarthScorpion> ...being from /this/ world's new future much more smoothly.
[23:30] <Angry_Desu> Original estimates were about a month tops - with three as a more or less absolute maximum.
[23:30] <havocfett> Cool
[23:31] <havocfett> EarthScorpion's suggestion about taking characters from midway through their series instead of hte end seems solid.
[23:31] <Angry_Desu> Yeah, I can see where you're coming from with that.
[23:31] <havocfett> *midway or beginning
[23:33] <Thy-Robocop> meh, the only point I have against it is that I quite like to see what the characters are up to after what they've been through in the series
[23:33] <Thy-Robocop> as a where are they now
[23:33] <Thy-Robocop> but that's just personal preference
[23:33] <Angry_Desu> I quite liked the idea of having a mix of retired, veteran, fairly new and brand new girls though. I'll admit having more from mid or early series would be nice though.
[23:34] <EarthScorpion> And that is part of the problem. It means you need to devote some of the narrative to covering "what happened next", and explaining how after-the-series changed them.
[23:34] <EarthScorpion> I would recommend that the more experienced ones be the ones from lower power settings.
[23:34] <havocfett> And end series girls tend to be /massively/ powerful.
[23:34] <Thy-Robocop> aye
[23:34] <Angry_Desu> Rayearth is possibly viable as late ones since i think, and Battle would know more, they actually lost their powers entirely at the end of their series.
[23:35] <Thy-Robocop> well, my magical girls do somewhat come from mid series as I plan for them
[23:35] <Winchester> OK, how's this:
[23:35] <Winchester> *March 9, early evening: Yamaguchi Akiko, Magical Girl Star Reverie, reveals the existence of magical girls by announcing her status and throwing herself off a building. She is intercepted by Fate Testarossa and Takamachi Nanoha, who are waiting in a line near the building.
[23:35] <Angry_Desu> Which still leaves 'em as adults who know magical stuff exists and have had experiance with other worlds, monsters and being magical girls.
[23:36] <Thy-Robocop> it's still a work in progress, but the idea is that they investigated and faced a guy who wanted to resurrect his Dark Queen
[23:36] <Thy-Robocop> then, they are facing the England Witness Protection Scheme group
[23:36] <Angry_Desu> Well - might be better to go with the concert thing to enable earlier crosson Win but essentially, yeah. Akiko jumps and is saved.
[23:36] <Thy-Robocop> (for lack of a better name)
[23:36] <Angry_Desu> ... that is the least threatening group name ever.
[23:37] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: I know, it's still a WIP
[23:37] <Thy-Robocop> but that basically summarises what they do
[23:37] <Angry_Desu> Sorry, i'm just finding it hellishly funny right now.
[23:37] <Thy-Robocop> they are mages protecting other mages
[23:37] <Thy-Robocop> and they are English
[23:38] <Thy-Robocop> and my MG are Scots, and their secret keeper is Welsh,
[23:38] <Thy-Robocop> so you can see what happens there
[23:38] <EarthScorpion> Have you considered extrapolating pre-existing series in the crossover to not-usually covered areas of the world?
[23:38] <Winchester> *March 9, evening: After putting Akiko to bed, Nanoha recruits Signum and Vita to go after Akiko's enemies, the Nightmare Factory. They prove more formidable than expected, and they end up having to be bailed out by Shamal and Zaphira, with the help of the orbiting TSAB vessel Arthra.
[23:39] <Angry_Desu> I think Thy's original suggestion back in the C&C is good - make the prologue, make a 'media view' version of it for reactions to the news to happen off of. Then split along different group PoVs for a bit.
[23:39] <EarthScorpion> Like, say, what's happening in Rio? Is there a branch of the Nightmare Factory there, and what do the local Brazilians have protecting them?
[23:39] * EarthScorpion ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:39] <Angry_Desu> As far as is known...
[23:40] <Angry_Desu> er. I'll wait for him to return?
[23:40] <Thy-Robocop> yep
[23:40] * EarthScorpion ( has joined #Fantasia
[23:40] <EarthScorpion> Like, say, what's happening in Rio? Is there a branch of the Nightmare Factory there, and what do the local Brazilians have protecting them?
[23:40] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, when BF comes around, my MG's have survived a "Die Hard With a Vengeance" scenario in Edinburgh
[23:40] <Angry_Desu> as far as is known the NF has branches all over the world - how active they actually are is another matter though.
[23:41] <Thy-Robocop> complete with "Yippee-ki-yay motherfuckers"
[23:41] <EarthScorpion> Then consider expanding the Akiko Mythos if you're looking for new antagonists and the like.
[23:41] <Thy-Robocop> and air vent escapes
[23:41] <Angry_Desu> It was an earlier, though never brought up, thought of mine that a number of 'coma patients' around the world could be NF 'generators' - people who've been put into a state where the NF can just tap them for energy.
[23:42] <Winchester> Timeline question: When does Venus make her announcement+
[23:42] <Winchester> Same night or next day?
[23:42] <Angry_Desu> That would be something of a riff on classic 'energy collection' schemes by villains - but doing it smart and spreading out so if one group is stopped they still get a return from the other three or four they ran at the same time.
[23:43] <EarthScorpion> "Welcome to the Lethe Clinic, ma'am. We're a long term psychiatric health-care facility which provides care and assistance for patients in long-term comatose states. We also, with the consent of the families, have a top-of-the-line research department looking for cures for our patients."
[23:43] <Angry_Desu> which tied in, kinda, with NF rule one - the Executives do not stab each other in the back.
[23:43] <Angry_Desu> SO MANY dark kingdoms seem to go down more to infighting than ANYTHING else
[23:43] <Winchester> ...
[23:44] <Winchester> When does Venus go public, same night or next day?
[23:44] <Angry_Desu> not sure offhand...
[23:44] <Angry_Desu> brb
[23:45] <Winchester> No need to look it up, decide on what makes more sense. We'll create the timeline fresh and write around it later
[23:45] <EarthScorpion> Personally, I would suggest, given that the Senshi are being down-graded, it might be worth having the first steps be more tentative, rather than a straight-off public announcement.
[23:46] <EarthScorpion> You might want to have them know for sure that there are other people out there, make a bit of contact, before they risk it... as, after all, in this version, the Senshi still have their /own/ antagonists around and they wouldn't want to put people at risk by luring them into a trap.
[23:46] <Winchester> The current story has Venus walk right into a police station in the middle of a press conference, IIRC
[23:47] <Winchester> Why are we downgrading the Senshi? I basically want to keep everyone as is, and figure out a way to challenge them despite their powers
[23:48] <Angry_Desu> I think Gam, and another example of timing issues, had it happen practically the next day - even at full power that's way too soon
[23:48] <EarthScorpion> Because taking them from end-of-series causes a lot of problems, both power-wise, and narrative-wise. Not only do you seal off a lot of their plot threads by taking them from the end, but you lose the chance to mix things up in their own storylines /and/ lose access to their villains.
[23:49] <Winchester> Hmnm.
[23:49] <EarthScorpion> And the Senshi, as heavy hitters, /really/ need to be taken from an earlier bit, when you probably just have the core 5 around, rather than 9 (or 10) combat monsters.
[23:49] <Winchester> But using adult versions gives us some veterans who can act as team moms
[23:49] <EarthScorpion> Then use adult versions of lower-power ones who don't come in large groups.
[23:49] <Angry_Desu> I kind of would like the outers around - even if they're not necessarily in with the inners yet.
[23:50] <Winchester> Without having to rely on the TSAB
[23:50] <Angry_Desu> Simply because Michiru is one of those perfect to use if going with a 'concert' starting setup as she could easily be there as a performer.
[23:50] <EarthScorpion> Yes, they are around. Indeed, having them separate means they... well, they probably try to go it alone, because they're them, but they might at least investigate it.
[23:51] <Angry_Desu> Which could potentially put the outers (well, Michiru and Haruka at least) at near ground zero for the initial Akiko event.
[23:51] <Winchester> I'd go with post-series senshi, and the Outers are on a world tour and thus well away from the action to start with
[23:51] * Golden (cgiirc@79C987A4.4D9AE06F.3F9E6704.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[23:51] <EarthScorpion> Why? Post-series keeps all the problems of them being post-series.
[23:51] <Winchester> Minako wanted to be an idol, she can be the first Senshi responder
[23:52] <EarthScorpion> The /issue/ is that you need to stop them from overshadowing people, and as a large cast of heavy-hitters, that is a /problem/
[23:52] <Winchester> What problems? I see opportunity?
[23:52] <EarthScorpion> Look at the issues being raised at the moment about "oh, you can't hurt Usagi, they'll all explode as a group".
[23:52] <Winchester> That's me
[23:52] <Golden> You can't KILL Usagi
[23:52] <Angry_Desu> ugh. The most annoying thing about having outers around is that puts almost all the chibi-usa stuff in the past
[23:53] <EarthScorpion> It's a problem. The central cast of them are 9 heavy-hitters.
[23:53] <Angry_Desu> And as ES says it'd be nice to see Chibi-usa from the BF future instead.
[23:53] <Golden> Which we will
[23:53] <EarthScorpion> 9 people, all high power, all from the same series, all with the experience you're giving them.
[23:53] <Golden> And if you didn't notice, that meant shit to Venus
[23:54] <Golden> Though she won, she still got exposed.
[23:54] <Golden> And Uranus/Neptune didn't get off easy either.
[23:54] <Winchester> 9 people, high power but way out of practice, and being the adults will have responsibilities keeping them out of the field
[23:54] <EarthScorpion> You are trying to make a magical girl alliance thing, not a Sailor Moon focussed thing. That means that SM has to make compromises too, just like every other series, and as a high powered one you shouldn't be putting them in at their highest power.
[23:55] <Golden> We aren't.
[23:55] <Golden> It's a hybrid of Manga/Anime
[23:55] <EarthScorpion> Within that rationalised universe, they are at their highest power.
[23:55] <EarthScorpion> They are already a high power universe, with resurrection and time resetting. Both things are problems for a story.
[23:56] <Golden> In their Eternal forms yes
[23:56] <Angry_Desu> I... would be willing to go anime only, but with advice to go look at 'Sleeping with the Girls'
[23:56] <Quine> Man, there are a lot of weird decisions in this project's history.
[23:56] <Golden> But they've been nerfed.
[23:56] <Golden> We aren't letting them leap into the atmosphere for example.
[23:56] <Angry_Desu> Since that, for all it's flaws, did raise the quite important point that there is no way the Senshi could be as incompetant as they're portrayed in the anime and still be alive.
[23:56] <Winchester> I'd go with the anime as well. I know that a bit better, though I wouldn't say I'm an expert
[23:57] <Quine> Wasn't the only manga thing their personalities?
[23:57] <Golden> Yeah
[23:57] <Quine> I thought everything else was supposed to be anime.
[23:57] <Golden> But they're still strong even in the Anime
[23:57] <Quine> Still, that's a lot of power.
[23:57] <Angry_Desu> It was meant to be manga competance, anime power/everything else
[23:57] <Winchester> Yes. Manga *skills*, Anime power
[23:57] <EarthScorpion> Sigh. You're apparently consciously ignoring my point. Let me make it clear. They are /high power/ characters, even in the anime one. But the effects of them being a set of 9, experienced, heavy-hitters, with wide-range affecting powers, has a warping effect on the narrative.
[23:57] <EarthScorpion> That is the problem, that there are a lot of them, and they are powerful characters.
[23:58] * Thy-Robocop ( Quit (*.net *.split)
[23:58] <Quine> Gotta agree with you there.
[23:58] <EarthScorpion> The Team Mum role should be filled by fewer people, with lower power.
[23:58] <Angry_Desu> Getting them pre-season 3 drops the number to 5,
[23:58] <Golden> Have to go now
[23:58] <Angry_Desu> while mid season 3 would have the outers but put them fairly against the inners overall.
[23:58] <Winchester> We can take Usagi out pretty well by having her be pregnant with Chibi-usa right now
[23:58] <Golden> But I still think it's not possible according to timeline issues
[23:58] * Thy-Robocop ( has joined #Fantasia
[23:58] <EarthScorpion> Indeed. That's mostly my argument. In addition, pre-season 3 also gets you their own plot-lines to weave into things.
[23:58] <Thy-Robocop> hello again
[23:59] <Golden> Which can't be ignored.
[23:59] <Thy-Robocop> was just reading the past few lines before I got cut out
[23:59] <Thy-Robocop> what did I miss?
[23:59] <Angry_Desu> It'd be nice if, maybe, the jump occurs... mmm... not long after the outers have gained their powers.
[23:59] <EarthScorpion> ... um, yes it can. You just declare that they were born later.
[23:59] <Golden> I have to go now.
[23:59] <Golden> Which wrecks an entire plot that already exists.
[23:59] <EarthScorpion> It's not like you aren't doing that with everyone else.
[23:59] <Golden> We aren't.
Session Time: Wed Feb 15 00:00:00 2012
[00:00] <Golden> For the most part, we've kept faithful to release dates.
[00:00] <Angry_Desu> because it'd be nice to have one of them on reasonable terms earlier on.
[00:00] <Golden> You're asking us to scrap the entire the entire project and start again.
[00:00] <Angry_Desu> ...
[00:00] <Angry_Desu> uh
[00:00] <Angry_Desu> that's kind of what we've been discussing
[00:00] <Winchester> What we're discussing is me writing a new timeline from scratch, to see if we can get something more coherent than what we have in snippets right now. Gamlain's version stacks way too much on top of each other
[00:00] <Golden> ...
[00:01] <Winchester> It's not set in stone that we're restarting, we're discussing what one would look like
[00:01] <EarthScorpion> And the Outers would also be a good example of how, no, not all magical girls are going to jump into the Alliance straight away; you're going to have to win them over, and show how your way is better. Even when they're from the same "native" storyline as you.
[00:01] * DHX ( has joined #Fantasia
[00:01] <Angry_Desu> Actually doing it is another matter, but this is all the kind of stuff we wish we'd done from the start.
[00:02] <Golden> You're taking a horrible risk if you do EarthScorpion of killing the entire project.
[00:02] <Angry_Desu> who's DHX?
[00:02] <Golden> if we do*
[00:02] <Winchester> If the senshi are too powerful, why are we using them at all?
[00:02] <DHX> deathsheadx
[00:02] <Golden> But I have to go anyway
[00:02] <Angry_Desu> Aha, 'kay. Welcome then!
[00:02] <Golden> See ya later
[00:02] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: see ya
[00:02] <DHX> cya golden
[00:02] <Angry_Desu> seeyas
[00:02] <Winchester> o/
[00:03] * Golden (cgiirc@79C987A4.4D9AE06F.3F9E6704.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:03] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, Golden does have a point
[00:03] <Thy-Robocop> same as Gamlain
[00:03] <Thy-Robocop> we can discuss all we want, but first we would have to be sure we can survive it
[00:03] <Thy-Robocop> or, we can just make our own AU
[00:03] <Winchester> See, that's what I'm doing...
[00:04] <Thy-Robocop> and leave Gamlain and Darth to their devices
[00:04] <Angry_Desu> Could be worse! Could be suggesting to use the live action Sailor Moon.
[00:05] <Winchester> ...
[00:05] <Thy-Robocop> that wouldn't kill off the whole project
[00:05] <Thy-Robocop> ...
[00:05] <Angry_Desu> i'm being slow, sorry
[00:05] <DHX> you scare me.
[00:06] <Winchester> OK, just so we all know what's happening here. I'm writing a new timeline. It's not meant to be an official timeline, but I'd like to see if I can come up with something coherent that might be used to write a story from
[00:06] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, answered Darth's latest point
[00:07] <Thy-Robocop> I wonder what he comes up with now
[00:07] <havocfett> Something silly, annoying and that ignores common sense?
[00:07] <DHX> what he said
[00:08] <Thy-Robocop> yeah
[00:08] <Thy-Robocop> is it bad that I am starting to enjoy this?
[00:08] <Angry_Desu> 'this'?
[00:08] <havocfett> Bashing DA in the irc?
[00:08] <Angry_Desu> The discussion, the hating on darth, or something else?
[00:08] <Quine> Did I miss the MA's motivation changing completely (again) or something?
[00:08] <Thy-Robocop> arguing with Darth
[00:08] <havocfett> Nah, that is completely normal
[00:08] <Angry_Desu> It changes every time someone suggest something Darth doesn't like Quine.
[00:08] <Winchester> ES: I want to use the adult senshi in my timeline. Can you please help me come up with ways of doing that instead of nixing the idea?
[00:09] <DHX> i've been ill all day, please tell me DA didn't change it again
[00:09] <havocfett> Man, if you were with the Shadow Cabal, you would have gotten into /so/ many hilarious arguments with him.
[00:09] <havocfett> Darth vs. Basic Morality was awesome.
[00:09] <Angry_Desu> Oh?
[00:09] <Angry_Desu> You're going to have to expand on that one a little.
[00:09] <havocfett> I was in one of the PMMM threads
[00:10] <havocfett> He was bashing on the idea of Incubators as something other than horrifically evil
[00:10] <Angry_Desu> Ah. See, you sum up the situation there by including 'Darth' and 'PMMM' in the same topic.
[00:10] <havocfett> And was supporting Veneficus as an example of a 'light' PMMM fic
[00:10] <havocfett> And also as quality writing
[00:10] <havocfett> The Shadow Cabal was given a link
[00:10] <havocfett> Hilarity ensued.
[00:10] <Angry_Desu> I don't think they can be evil. Misguided, perhaps, unintentionally evil, easily - but they lack the capacity to be intentionally 'evil'.
[00:10] <Thy-Robocop> who's the Shadow Cabal?
[00:11] <Thy-Robocop> Quine: to answer your post, Darth said that reinstating the masquerade was their goal
[00:11] <havocfett> A group of SBers, including me, MJ, Foamy, Squishy, White Rabbit, Merino, Kensai several other prominent members, and quite a few mods
[00:11] <Angry_Desu> Hell... given how much they claim they don't know about how the whole puella system and magic even works? Misguided or Duped are all too easy to apply to Incubators.
[00:12] <Thy-Robocop> Quine: only the only way the have to achieve it is to go from trying to cover it all up to sending Enforcers to kidnap Illya to start a Grail War
[00:12] <Thy-Robocop> Quine: with no middle ground in between
[00:12] <DHX> oh Lord.
[00:13] <Angry_Desu> Darth insists they be baby-raping villains.
[00:13] <EarthScorpion> Winchester: In all honesty, no. The adult Senshi are basically too /big/ a group, and too powerful one, to be used in a megacross like this without warping the narrative around them. You have to understand; if there was just like... 3 of them, it might be workable, although it would still pose problems. But there are /9/ of them, and they have future-foreknowledge of things due to time..
. [00:13] <Angry_Desu> While also insisting they be really fucking stupid.
[00:13] <EarthScorpion> incidents which are now in their own pass, so that removes doubt over whether they /can/ win.
[00:14] <DHX> honestly when the project started i remember the senshi being a bone of contention, as they essentially took over.
[00:14] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: and what does the Shadow Cabal do
[00:14] <Thy-Robocop> ?
[00:14] <EarthScorpion> Be sinister in the shadows.
[00:14] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: apart from arguing against Darth of course
[00:15] <havocfett> Be sinister in the shadows
[00:15] <havocfett> Start up projects like Review CrW
[00:15] <havocfett> Vaguely supervillainish stuff.
[00:15] <havocfett> Start and run Organize CrW.
[00:15] <Angry_Desu> Facepalm at Foamy...
[00:16] <havocfett> Yeah, Foamy fucked stuff up after the first thread.
[00:16] <Winchester> ES: But the Senshi have civilian lives which take up a bunch of their time. I wrote a snippet way back in which they're sitting in a cafe chatting about what they're doing at the moment - Ami is a resident in a hospital, Makoto runs a restaurant, Rei has taken over her granddad's shrine, and Venus is an Idol singer. And Usagi has her hands full with Chibiusa
[00:16] <EarthScorpion> And they're still magical powerhouses, in large numbers, with developed personalties, and none of the plot hooks that in-storyline characters have.
[00:17] <Winchester> They haven't been doing magical girl things in years
[00:17] <EarthScorpion> ... why not?
[00:17] <EarthScorpion> Have they managed to not stumble into /any/ of the horrible things happening in the shadows of the world in that long?
[00:17] <Winchester> Well, except for Minako, I think, who's kept her hand in as Sailor V
[00:17] <DHX> Thy-Robocop i thought DA was the one pushing for PMMM? his latest arguement is weird
[00:18] <Thy-Robocop> oh this is so much fun
[00:18] <Angry_Desu> ooh! Ooh!
[00:18] <Thy-Robocop> why is it fun?
[00:18] <Winchester> They just haven't been made aware of any threats requiring their power in ages. Galaxia was supposed to be the last, right?
[00:18] <Angry_Desu> Point out that the MA canonically /do/ kill everyone who has magic who doesn't join up with them!
[00:18] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: thanks
[00:18] <Angry_Desu> or try to anyway
[00:19] <EarthScorpion> That's the other issue about them being old. Why /haven't/ they got into more stories? Are they just not looking, or are they ignoring other things? The former is negligent, the latter says bad things about them.
[00:19] <EarthScorpion> Considering how many things happened to them in about two years... yeah. "and then nothing supernatural happened for a decade or so" is not a good solution for "what have they been doing"
[00:20] <EarthScorpion> Incidentally, is anyone here familiar with Princess: the Hopeful; the World of Darkness fangame?
[00:20] <Angry_Desu> No?
[00:20] <havocfett> Nope
[00:20] <DHX> nope
[00:20] <Angry_Desu> ENLIGHTEN US OH WISE MAN
[00:20] <EarthScorpion>
[00:20] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: i am familiar with that
[00:21] <EarthScorpion> Oh. I was wondering if you were planning to use anything from it, as it's a good source for inspiration for lower-level stuff.
[00:21] <Angry_Desu> Never played any woD stuff... ahaha...
[00:21] <Angry_Desu> It saddens me that I just realized the bulk of my RP over the past year has been Maid: The Rpg
[00:21] <Winchester> OK, plan B then. How about I skip Sailor Moon entirely, and use only Sailor V
[00:23] <Winchester> I kind of need her for day two, when after seeing the morning news where everyone dismisses the previous night's events as a hoax, V-chan invites herself right into a police press conference and basically announces that any magical girl watching should contact her.
[00:23] <Angry_Desu> except... that's too fast
[00:24] <Angry_Desu> Way too fast.
[00:24] <EarthScorpion> Actually, you know what would make a lot more sense? This was a public thing, yes? Well, the next day you're going to have a bunch of magical girls in their cover identities snooping around the place of the concert. That's actually a good ground for the basis of the MGA; people run into each other there.
[00:24] <Angry_Desu> A lot of my problems with Gam's stuff are how he has shit happen so quickly.
[00:24] <Angry_Desu> No-one would be dismissing it so quickly without an investigation of the site. A lot of magical girls would likely want to actually investigate themselves before they do anything major.
[00:25] <EarthScorpion> So once you have some of them having met, you have a proto-core, who can together realise "holy shit, there are more of us out there! How many more must there be!"
[00:25] <Angry_Desu> Not to mention we want to have more than just the MGLN girls present at the initial jump, so that's a group setting up there.
[00:26] <Angry_Desu> aaaaand there could be Thy's SRW style route splitting perhaps
[00:26] <Angry_Desu> Side A: Girls who met 'at the jump',
[00:26] <Winchester> OK then, how about it the incident is on the news for a few days, but by the end of the week consensus seems to be "hoax", as more and more experts explain how it can be faked etc.
[00:26] <Angry_Desu> Side B: Girls who met investigating the day after
[00:26] <Angry_Desu> Not just limited to those two obviously, but it's a thought
[00:26] <Winchester> Then V-chan, being angry at how the story is being buried, breathes new life into it.
[00:27] <Thy-Robocop> Side C: Girls in different countries who find out
[00:27] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: if Darth questions my reliable source, could you tell him it's you?
[00:27] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: or do you want to stay hidden for now
[00:27] <Thy-Robocop> ?
[00:28] <Angry_Desu> lemme double check nasu wiki first
[00:28] <Winchester> Also, unlike the official version, I'm not going to attempt a multi-arc monstrosity to get everyone who doesn't fit immediately into it
[00:29] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: please let it be true
[00:29] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: that would be very embarrasing if it weren't
[00:29] <Angry_Desu> Essentially Thy: If you're not part of the MA or the Church in nasu, you are pretty much fair game.
[00:30] <Thy-Robocop> good
[00:30] <Angry_Desu> Much, much, much more so if you're suspected of or caught trying to reveal things.
[00:30] <Thy-Robocop> good
[00:30] <Thy-Robocop> page link?
[00:31] <Angry_Desu>'s_Association
[00:31] <Thy-Robocop> good
[00:31] <Angry_Desu> that's the details on the canon nasu MA
[00:31] <Thy-Robocop> where does it say that exactly
[00:31] <Thy-Robocop> also, gotta go to bed soon
[00:32] <Thy-Robocop> I hope Darth replies quickly
[00:32] <Angry_Desu> Honestly most magical girls would end up with sealing designations - which are either 'capture and imprison' or 'kill entirely'
[00:32] <Thy-Robocop> just want to see his reaction
[00:33] <Angry_Desu> The MA, in canon nasu, is VERY much on the whole 'preserving secrecy' thing
[00:33] <Quine> Did you guys decide to go back to using Nasuverse canon MA when I wasn't looking?
[00:33] <Angry_Desu> Honestly i don't know. Darth cherry picks whatever supports his claims best.
[00:34] <Thy-Robocop> and we're cherry picking him back
[00:34] <havocfett> Then we ignore Darth
[00:34] <havocfett> He doesn't write much
[00:34] <havocfett> He isn't much of an editor
[00:34] <havocfett> And he /is/ /not/ project lead.
[00:34] <Thy-Robocop> but I am having so much fun!!!
[00:34] <Quine> ...
[00:34] <Thy-Robocop> seriously though
[00:34] <havocfett> Heh
[00:34] <Thy-Robocop> that was agreed
[00:35] <havocfett> You can try adn convince him, but if he refuses, ignoring him is viable.
[00:35] <Quine> Is the entire argument in the thread just for the sake of arguing with Darth?
[00:35] <Thy-Robocop> it's just the fallout that we are somewhat worried about
[00:35] <Thy-Robocop> Quine: no, it's to make the MA a better threat than currently presented
[00:36] <Thy-Robocop> Quine: somewhere along the line, arguing with Darth has somehow become a fun thing to do
[00:36] <Angry_Desu> Aaand darth is misinterpreting the data again.
[00:37] <EarthScorpion> Look, if I were you, I'd cut out the whole damn Nasuverse. It comes with just /too/ much baggage for anything. Gods, it'd probably be less messy to use the Indexverse... mind you, the open knowledge of psychic powers would put a crimp in things. :D
[00:37] <Angry_Desu> And somehow he seems to think that if they were worried about the girls being a publicity risk they would LEAVE THEM ALONE until later.
[00:37] <Angry_Desu> Inseat of, y'know, kill/capture them all while you have the perfect chance.
[00:37] <EarthScorpion> But Angry_Desu! Don't you know, it's just like Nox!
[00:37] <Angry_Desu> Essentially he is again claiming that stupidity will save them.
[00:37] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: we know that
[00:38] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: I think at this point, we are just arguing for argument's sake
[00:38] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: having fun at that
[00:38] <Thy-Robocop> EarthScorpion: and hopefully make people realize who Darth really is
[00:38] <Angry_Desu> The closest thing to Nox in BF is... er, the Nightmare Factory. Viable thread but their end goal is unknowingly flawed.
[00:38] <Angry_Desu> *threat
[00:39] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: do you want to take over the argument?
[00:40] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: because it's close to bed time for me
[00:40] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: and I need sleep
[00:40] <Angry_Desu> I'll at least take a shot at how he's using MA stupid to validate why they won't do something.
[00:40] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: but I can't just let him win because I can't reply
[00:41] <EarthScorpion> Heh. Actually, this is something that me and friends did as part of an Exalted game, but I feel it's directly relevant here. We were playing as Dragonblooded, who are the weakest kind of Exalt, and we had to kill a Solar (who are the shining champions of the sun, and much killier than us). So we certainly didn't attack them head on. We raised an army of ghosts, sent them to attack her...
[00:41] <EarthScorpion> ...lands, and then when she was exhausted from fighting the ghosts, we hit her with about 15 Dragonblooded and 60 or so bound elementals without giving her time to rest. And killed her, even though she almost managed to kill two characters despite how much we stacked things in our favour.
[00:41] <EarthScorpion> That's the kind of tactic a weaker force uses to take out a much more powerful one.
[00:43] <Thy-Robocop> aye
[00:43] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: I think I will stay around just to wait your post
[00:43] <Thy-Robocop> and then go to bed
[00:44] <Angry_Desu> posted,
[00:45] <Thy-Robocop> let the smackdown begin
[00:45] * oof ( has joined #Fantasia
[00:45] <Thy-Robocop> hello oof
[00:45] <Angry_Desu> Whoever oof is!
[00:45] <Thy-Robocop> whever you are
[00:45] <oof> Firefox is lagging like crazy. This is Quine, switching browsers.
[00:47] <Angry_Desu> ah, right.
[00:47] <Angry_Desu> adding another bit to my post~
[00:48] * Golden ( has joined #Fantasia
[00:48] <Angry_Desu> Yeah... i've picked my side now i guess.
[00:48] <Golden> Update.
[00:48] <Golden> :p
[00:52] <Golden> nd hello
[00:52] * Quine ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:52] <havocfett> Hey'
[00:52] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: hello
[00:52] <Golden> What was being discussed?
[00:52] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: he replied
[00:52] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: many things
[00:52] * oof is now known as Quine
[00:53] <Thy-Robocop> last thing I remember, we were discussing what's the problem with the whole project
[00:53] <Thy-Robocop> attempted to work out how we would reorganize it all
[00:53] <Thy-Robocop> and counterattacking Darth
[00:53] <Angry_Desu> ...
[00:53] <Golden> And I said that was extremely risky
[00:53] <Angry_Desu> darth has a really weird definition of 'competant'
[00:54] <havocfett> He does
[00:54] <Golden> meh
[00:54] <Angry_Desu> given he seems to think 'competant' means 'letting everyone go and hoping they get mindwiped by the barrier when we could just get them /now/'
[00:54] <Golden> That's the idiot ball method.
[00:54] <havocfett> Counterattacking Darth is risky? Yes, it is. But we can't just let him get his way, can we.
[00:55] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: he means a full restart
[00:55] <Golden> Meant reorganizing the project.
[00:55] <Quine> If they don't get mindwiped by the barrier, isn't the masquerade fucked anyway? There'll be all those other magical girls they don't know about who also don't get mindwiped.
[00:55] <Thy-Robocop> which will cut off Darth, but maybe even Gamlain
[00:55] <Golden> Darth I don't mind cutting off that much
[00:55] <Golden> But alienating gamlain will kill the project.
[00:56] <Golden> If AD returned to the pace he had when he started, however, and I might consider it.
[00:56] <Thy-Robocop> it's kind of killing it anyway, in a way
[00:56] <havocfett> ...Could you get other author's interested?
[00:56] <Thy-Robocop> and hey, you have me
[00:56] <DHX> if alienating one person will kill the project?
[00:56] <Golden> Permanently.
[00:56] <Golden> Possibly
[00:56] <Angry_Desu> my pace mostly dropped because of the crap flying about and an inability to tell what the fuck was going on any more.
[00:57] <DHX> if the project relies on one person, you've got problems
[00:57] <Golden> Your pace dropped before all that started.
[00:57] <Golden> We rely on gamlain as a main writer
[00:58] <Golden> It's his work that drives the practical part of the project.
[00:58] <DHX> why?
[00:58] <DHX> why not change that factor
[00:58] <Thy-Robocop> aye, his, and no one elses, practically
[00:58] <Golden> Because most everyone else is either slow as hell (Desu and myself) or focuses on only one part.
[00:59] <Thy-Robocop> this was supposed to be a collaborative project, right?
[00:59] <Golden> We would need more active writers who write at the same pace.
[00:59] <Golden> It is.
[00:59] <Golden> Our ideas are in use.
[00:59] <Golden> But gamlain tends to write the fastest.
[00:59] <Thy-Robocop> it's more a case of quantity vs quality
[01:00] <Golden> Though gamlain also writes quality work.
[01:00] <Thy-Robocop> I am the first to claim that Gamlain's writing is awesome, and quite a lot
[01:00] <Thy-Robocop> the trouble is, it's too much awesomeness in too little time
[01:00] <Golden> I've already thought of a way to fix it.
[01:01] <Golden> Without having to go full restart.
[01:01] <Golden> All we need to do is move much of the military part (the Joes) to the second Arc.
[01:01] <Golden> In the form of flashbacks.
[01:02] <Golden> The Japanese portion ties in to the Diet attack.
[01:02] <Golden> So it can stay.
[01:03] <Golden> Another thing we can do is make sure the NF stay in story.
[01:03] <Golden> There are only two major plotlines, essentially miniarcs, in Arc 1 (Yamigaia and Echidna)
[01:04] <Golden> Other than the NF
[01:04] <Golden> And then there's BRS, Sailor V, and Persona
[01:05] <Golden> The TSAB parts are hints towards the future.
[01:05] <Thy-Robocop> aye, Gamlain has written so much
[01:05] <Golden> Those three are connecting/have connected to the main story already through contact with the NF
[01:05] <Golden> But it's not that bad
[01:06] <Golden> In total, there's only 5-6 major plotlines
[01:06] <Thy-Robocop> the problem is, he has written too much
[01:06] <Golden> He SEEMS to have written too much.
[01:06] <Golden> Unless you mean he's written too much work for the project?
[01:06] <Thy-Robocop> yeah
[01:06] <Golden> Fixable.
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> basically, keeping his stuff and making it canon
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> means other writers will have to obey his storyline
[01:07] <Golden> That's to be expected.
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> with all the groundwork that he has put down
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> groundwork based on stuff being discussed
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> by lurkers of the project
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> who would write all this stuff
[01:08] <Golden> Where did he get the stuff he's written from?
[01:08] <Thy-Robocop> it is collaborative in that you feed gamlain with awesome ideas, and he brings awesome stories
[01:08] <Golden> It's actually a result of Desu bringing in Akiko.
[01:08] <Thy-Robocop> but is it collaborative in that there are writers collaborating to make the project come true?
[01:08] <Golden> He was made main writer for the story at the beginning because none of us knew enough about her to even touch it.
[01:09] <Golden> When he slowed down, it was agreed gamlain would take over,
[01:09] <Golden> Because he was going at the pace we needed to go.
[01:09] <Golden> At the time.
[01:10] <Golden> I personally don't mind if gamlain does the most work for Arc 1.
[01:10] <Thy-Robocop> neither do I, really
[01:10] <Golden> It just means someone else will take over Arc 2.
[01:10] <Thy-Robocop> if because his writing is awesome
[01:10] <Golden> And Arc 3 down the line.
[01:11] <Golden> I have faith in gamlain.
[01:11] <Golden> Until he proves that faith is unwarrented, I will continue to support gamlain.
[01:11] <Thy-Robocop> Problem is, will there be a writer that will take on Arc 2, with the MA bit, the way Darth wants it to be?
[01:12] <Thy-Robocop> because Darth already disagrees with Persona
[01:12] <havocfett> There probably will not
[01:12] <Thy-Robocop> PMMM and MA
[01:12] <Golden> Maybe.
[01:12] <Golden> And I'm doing Arc 3.
[01:12] <Thy-Robocop>
[01:12] <Golden> If I'm still here.
[01:12] <Thy-Robocop> when did that come from?
[01:13] <Golden> Dibs from long ago :p
[01:13] <Quine> I have to say, Darth is making the more sensible points in the thread.
[01:13] <Quine> What's up with that?
[01:14] <Golden> Everyone is being stupid.
[01:14] <Golden> Mostly because we've been going around as if we're dogs chasing our tails.
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop> the thing I have it for me, is that the UK magical girls that I am supposed to write are in the MA's back yard
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop> they are very vocal against the masquerade
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop> and very aware of stupid tactics
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop> and how to counter them
[01:16] * DHX ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:16] * EarthScorpion sighs
[01:16] <Thy-Robocop> they didn't call the main trio the McClane sisters for a reason
[01:16] <EarthScorpion> Gods, why are you even using the Nasuverse at /all/
[01:16] <Golden> For the last time...
[01:16] <Thy-Robocop> and I also can't right stupid characters
[01:16] <Thy-Robocop> wirte
[01:16] <Thy-Robocop> write
[01:16] <Golden> We're only using Prisma Ilya and anything implied as to exist from PI
[01:17] <Golden> For example, Atlas and the Sea of Estay exist because the MA exists in Prisma Ilya
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop> and why are we using Prisma Ilya?
[01:17] <Golden> Magical Girl series
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop> ok, but they are plenty of them
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop> and havocfett said we need to cut on characters
[01:18] <Thy-Robocop> because few writers can handle so many characters
[01:18] <Golden> Also, they're connected with Nanoha through the crossover thing that happened.
[01:18] <Quine> Are any of the PI characters even doing anything besides facilitating the MA's plot?
[01:18] <Golden> Or is still happening
[01:18] <Thy-Robocop> gamlain being one, but can we count on him to write arc 2
[01:18] <Thy-Robocop> ?
[01:18] <Angry_Desu> Well amazingly a certain person claimed he was writing them.
[01:18] <Angry_Desu> Except next to nothing surfaced. At all.
[01:18] <Golden> There was supposed to be a scene where Ruby started screaming about the White Devil.
[01:19] <Golden> And going into 'run for our lives' mode.
[01:19] <Angry_Desu> Originally, yeah, before Darth asked to do the PI stuff.
[01:19] <Angry_Desu> I, at the time, said 'sure' and moved on.
[01:20] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: PS, Darth concedes your point, now he wants you to counter his point of the MGs all hiding when the assassins come
[01:20] * Fenris_Blackwell ( has joined #Fantasia
[01:20] <Thy-Robocop> Fenris_Blackwell: hello
[01:21] <Angry_Desu> I'm not entirely seeing why Darth expects me to counter someone elses argument.
[01:22] <Angry_Desu> I'll try, yeah, but it seems a bit of a dick move to be going 'oh hey you're right, now COUNTER THIS ENTIRELY UNRELATED THING!'
[01:22] <Fenris_Blackwell> @Robocop: Hey. *late*
[01:22] <Golden> very
[01:22] <Golden> Darth is Darth
[01:23] <Fenris_Blackwell> ?
[01:23] <EarthScorpion> So... skim-reading the TVTropes article, it's a self-indulgent thing, full of sickening amounts of "fanservice" with underaged girls, which drags too many things in through Myth Gags. Yeah, it needs to justify itself hard.
[01:23] <Golden> No self-control
[01:23] <Golden> These kinds of crossovers are fan-servicey in nature anyway
[01:24] <Angry_Desu> But... i don't want fan service.
[01:24] <Angry_Desu> I want a decent story.
[01:24] <Golden> fan-servicey
[01:24] <Golden> That means there are elements of it
[01:24] <EarthScorpion> Yes, but there are all those points about things like "narrative value" and "writing a good story" which get in the way.
[01:24] <Golden> For example, "OMG NANOHA!"
[01:24] <Golden> The introduction of characters themselves are the fan-service I was talking about.
[01:25] <Angry_Desu> To an extent, yeah. But there seems to be far too much interest in 'bringing in characters' and not in 'making a coherent story'
[01:26] <Golden> As SRW is the inspiration of BFP, then it should be expected.
[01:26] <EarthScorpion> SRW is also a /game/
[01:26] <Golden> I am aware of this.
[01:26] <EarthScorpion> A game is not a written novel.
[01:26] <Angry_Desu> That's going hand in hand with curbstompy fanservice against people being made both too stupid to fight back properly and being flanderized into unforgivable evils
[01:26] <EarthScorpion> It has entertainment beyond the narrative.
[01:26] <EarthScorpion> The story of a game can be shit, as long as it's fun to play.
[01:26] <Golden> Which will be fixed.
[01:27] <EarthScorpion> Will it?
[01:27] <Angry_Desu> Also SRW tends to follow consistant rules in it's storylines and series use.
[01:27] <Golden> I think you've noticed Desu's on your side.
[01:27] <EarthScorpion> Because, for example, some people are holding on with all their grasp to "adult Senshi", despite the many problems it causes.
[01:27] <Golden> As are most people.
[01:27] <Golden> because "adult Senshi" doesn't cause that many problems if used properly.
[01:28] <Angry_Desu> Normally one or two series have a primary focus at any given time, with often around six as the main ones through the story.
[01:28] <Golden> And so far, that has been the case.
[01:28] <Angry_Desu> Groups like mazinger, getter, early gundams... they're often relegated to simply 'warm bodies' in many, many games.
[01:28] <Golden> To remove something because of what could be is foolish
[01:29] <Angry_Desu> Well, that's overstating it a bit - what i mean is their series plots don't tend to be involved.
[01:29] <Golden> Which is why we made our own plot.
[01:29] <Golden> And we do have a plot.
[01:29] <Golden> Even if it does need to be touched up on.
[01:30] <EarthScorpion> No, Golden, you have not refuted the issues I have bought up
[01:30] <Golden> Not in full.
[01:30] <EarthScorpion> The Adult Senshi pose large narrative problems
[01:30] <EarthScorpion> They are too powerful, there are too many of them, and they have a domineering role
[01:30] <EarthScorpion> If you want a "team mum", they are a bad example
[01:30] <Golden> 1) Read the most recent Sailor V focused snippet
[01:31] <Golden> While she successfully destroyed the Factory, she didn't leave it unscathed.
[01:31] <EarthScorpion> You're not noticing the forest for the trees
[01:31] <EarthScorpion> You can write whatever the fuck you like. I am bringing up these issues at a fundamental setting and worldbuilding level.
[01:32] <Golden> There are only 7 of them active
[01:32] <Golden> At the moment
[01:32] <EarthScorpion> You are putting a cluster of 9, powerful, allied characters together with access to time shennagins and ressurrection, as well as experience, in a megacross that is meant to have lots of series involved
[01:32] <Golden> And the Inner Senshi are the only one seriously focused on
[01:32] <EarthScorpion> They are a domineering, dominant block.
[01:32] <Golden> ones*
[01:33] <Golden> So that's five
[01:33] <EarthScorpion> In addition, you have to fill in years of their missing timeline, so your choice to do that was to say... nothing much had happened.
[01:33] <EarthScorpion> That is bad setting development.
[01:33] <EarthScorpion> This may be your pet.
[01:33] <Golden> The Senshi aren't my pet.
[01:33] <EarthScorpion> But this is a thing which overall weakens the project, and locks down too many things.
[01:34] <EarthScorpion> They are a /bad/ choice for older characters.
[01:34] <Golden> They're a bad choice when executed poorly
[01:34] <Golden> Which they could be.
[01:34] <Golden> Where I acknowledge it.
[01:35] <Golden> However, that's like saying...
[01:35] <EarthScorpion> No, they're a bad choice. A good writer can work around this problem, but the fact stands that they are not a good decision
[01:35] <EarthScorpion> You can walk on a broken ankle if it's in a cast and you have crutches, but it would be better not to break it at all.
[01:35] <Thy-Robocop> right guys
[01:35] <Thy-Robocop> I really need to go off to bed
[01:35] <Golden> If it's a broken ankle
[01:36] <Golden> ok Thy-Robocop
[01:36] <Golden> night
[01:36] <Thy-Robocop> as much as I am really enjoying this discussion
[01:36] <Fenris_Blackwell> Nigt
[01:36] <Golden> Thereare potential problems with everything EarthScorpion
[01:36] <Golden> There are
[01:36] <Golden> How can we fit this with this?
[01:36] <Golden> How can we fit that with that?
[01:36] <Thy-Robocop> but really, at this point, I kind of believe it's a bit too late to save the project in this form
[01:37] <EarthScorpion> But you continually refuse to confront the main issue, that they have more problems than most. It was a /bad decision/ early in the project to age them up.
[01:37] <Thy-Robocop> too much has already been done to try and rein it in now
[01:37] <EarthScorpion> You can waffle about all sorts of things having problems, but they are rather more flawed than other things.
[01:37] <Golden> All ages, unless a date was given, reflect the release dates.
[01:37] <EarthScorpion> Terrible idea
[01:38] <EarthScorpion> That's meta-level fanservice rather than choice for a good story
[01:38] <EarthScorpion> Already off on a bad foot
[01:38] <Golden> That's being pragmatic.
[01:38] <EarthScorpion> No, it's not.
[01:38] <EarthScorpion> That's being smugly meta
[01:38] <EarthScorpion> Being pragmatic would be fudging dates to make the story work as well as it could.
[01:38] <Golden> When you have different shows in different time periods.
[01:38] <Golden> Does the Internet exist in Sailor Moon?
[01:38] <EarthScorpion> ... you see which ones you can easily move.
[01:39] <Thy-Robocop> Darth did have a point on IRC chats
[01:39] <EarthScorpion> Does it change things if it does? Yes, Ami can access the internet on her Computer. I doubt that changes things
[01:39] <Thy-Robocop> they are very time consuming
[01:40] <EarthScorpion> Certainly, it changes far less for the actual story you are writing than dropping 9 adult high power experienced magical girls into the setting.
[01:40] <Thy-Robocop> if I leave this chat, will you please keep me updated on anything that happens?
[01:40] <Golden> Winchester can
[01:40] <Thy-Robocop> like, any attempt to start an AU or something?
[01:40] <Golden> If he's aware of anything
[01:41] <Golden> :p
[01:41] <Thy-Robocop> or anything else
[01:41] <Thy-Robocop> please keep me in the loop
[01:41] <Thy-Robocop> see ya all
[01:41] <Thy-Robocop> bye
[01:41] <Golden> Will do our best.
[01:43] <EarthScorpion> Well, I'm off too.
[01:43] * Fenris_Blackwell ( Quit (Quit: Rizon webchat:
[01:43] * EarthScorpion ( has left #Fantasia
[01:45] * Thy-Robocop ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[01:50] <Golden> You there Angry_Desu?
[01:50] <Angry_Desu> Yeah,
[01:50] <Angry_Desu> Pondering how to end this snip bit
[01:50] <Golden> Do you agree with ES about the Senshi?
[01:50] <Angry_Desu> Eh... partially yes, partially no.
[01:51] <Angry_Desu> I can see it working either way, and I do really like the idea of having vets and/or retired girls around
[01:51] <Golden> He's too worried about the power playing a role.
[01:51] <Angry_Desu> but on the other hand I can see where he's coming from with the Senshi being one hell of a power bloc.
[01:51] <Golden> And that's solved by not having all of them around at one time.
[01:52] <Golden> Right now, only 4 are actually prepared for active duty.
[01:52] <havocfett> The resurrection and time travel problems aren't.
[01:52] <Angry_Desu> I fully agree that killing Usagi is a /terrible/ idea, since the consequences of such would wreck the setting.
[01:52] <Golden> That's actually not emphasized.
[01:53] <Angry_Desu> Injuring, yeah fine. Killing would just put the rest of the senshi on a warpath... which would be where their power levels become a major problem.
[01:53] <havocfett> Options: Deal with the people who can negate bad things happening
[01:53] <Golden> The time travel bit probably won't have effect at all until Homura shows up.
[01:53] <havocfett> Make them unable to do so
[01:53] <Golden> Plus, Pluto won't let them
[01:53] <havocfett> Concuss them repeatedly in order to make them to stupid to abuse it and ruin dramatic tension
[01:53] <Golden> Even for a good cause.
[01:53] <Golden> Unless it was absolutely necessary.
[01:53] <Angry_Desu> I'm quite happy to see Usagi put out of action via injury, but there's too many heal-things floating around to make that stick (saturn comes to mind as one)
[01:54] <Golden> As for resurrection?
[01:54] <Angry_Desu> Never quite got how ressurection even worked for them,
[01:54] <Angry_Desu> since shouldn't they reincarnate as soon as they die?
[01:54] <Golden> The Silver Crystal is able to grant one's wishes.
[01:54] <Angry_Desu> essentially to ressurect a senshi one has to kill a baby.
[01:55] <Angry_Desu> aaand that's a line i never expected to say
[01:55] <Golden> Plus, Hotaru has the potential the live forever.
[01:55] <Golden> to
[01:55] <Golden> Mostly because of the nature of her reincarnation.
[01:56] <Angry_Desu> I so need to find a way to use that baby thing somewhere now. Not here i think, but somewhere.
[01:58] <havocfett> These do not sound like solutions Golden, they sound like excuses to keep them at current power levels
[01:59] <Golden> Or we could have them deaged in story for the most part.
[02:00] <Golden> So Pluto, who in canon only let through the Inner Senshi because Chibi-Usa was there and they could solve the future problems, would simply let them use the Time Gate at their own whims?
[02:00] <havocfett> Note: I have not watched Sailor Moon
[02:00] <Golden> The time travel isn't a serious problem
[02:01] <havocfett> But bringing in /absurdly/ /powerful/ characters in large numbers is a bad idea
[02:01] <Golden> And has already been fixed in the only snippet Pluto has appeared in.
[02:01] <havocfett> Like ES said
[02:01] <havocfett> And I know that time travel ahs been suggested already, so I'm assuming that author's are assuming that it is on the table.
[02:01] <Golden> It's possible
[02:02] <Golden> But we've pretty much agreed only Arc 3 is going to deal with it on the basis of Homura
[02:02] <Golden> Maybe there might be side stories, but it's not going to be a major part of Battle Fantasia
[02:02] <Golden> There were two reasons why Sailor Moon was brought in as we did.
[02:03] <Golden> 1) To be the experienced voice to the younger generation.
[02:03] <Golden> At this point, they're like their Crystal Tokyo selves
[02:04] <Golden> While they are personally strong, they're not going to go fight every battle.
[02:04] <Golden> They're more like the badasses who will step if they have to.
[02:04] <Golden> step in*
[02:05] <Golden> Through the story so far, we've kept it so that not all nine are together at once.
[02:05] <Golden> Pluto's dealing with the consequences of Akiko's jump at the Time Gates
[02:05] <Golden> And the other Outers until recently have been going abroad.
[02:06] <Golden> While Uranus/Neptune have come back (totally exhausted I might add), Saturn still isn't back.
[02:06] <havocfett> As Earthscorpion pointed out, it's better to use a less powerful series as the experienced voice
[02:06] <Angry_Desu> wait.
[02:06] <havocfett> So that they just don't Deus Ex Machina away real threats.
[02:06] <Golden> That was rejected already
[02:06] <Angry_Desu> actually, never mind, i'm starting to get too tired to form coherent arguments.
[02:07] <Golden> Most people here wouldn't allow it.
[02:07] <Golden> Except maybe once.
[02:07] <Golden> With the caveat of it never happening again due to the consequences to Usagi.
[02:07] <havocfett> Not /even/ once.
[02:08] <havocfett> Fuck the caveat's.
[02:08] <Golden> Maybe is the key term to that statement
[02:08] <Golden> That means it'll probably not happen
[02:08] <Golden> The Deus ex Machina is a threat to happen, no matter how we structure Sailor Moon.
[02:08] <Golden> No matter where they come in at.
[02:09] <havocfett> Yes, but using them from early series minimizes that threat
[02:09] <havocfett> And makes things a /challenge/ for them.
[02:09] <havocfett> As opposed to 'things get bad? They're going to be stomping most enemies.' Earthscorpion pointed this out better than I
[02:09] <Quine> Why let the possibility always hang around in the background, sapping tension?
[02:09] <havocfett> And none of his points were actually refuted.
[02:09] <havocfett> Exactly
[02:10] <Golden> There's another reason why they were brought in.
[02:10] <havocfett> What?
[02:10] <Golden> What MG series is the most iconic?
[02:11] <havocfett> ...why age them up?
[02:11] <havocfett> Why?
[02:11] <havocfett> Use them when young, near the beginning of the series.
[02:11] <Golden> Because the setting of Sailor Moon is early 90s
[02:11] <Golden> If we were using BDSM, then it could work.
[02:11] <Golden> As that was meant to be restructured.
[02:12] <havocfett> ....Nothing important changes if you push it forward!
[02:12] <Golden> Character aspects change.
[02:12] <havocfett> It's not like there was a major plot point about the lack of a cell phone or the bloody internet!
[02:12] <havocfett> Not really.
[02:12] <havocfett> Take teh characters
[02:12] <havocfett> Give them modern tech
[02:12] <havocfett> done.
[02:12] <Golden> Like it was argued for Strike Witches
[02:12] <havocfett> Nothing about their personality has to change.
[02:13] <Golden> To counter that as we planned it
[02:13] <havocfett> To counter what as we planned it?
[02:14] <Golden> Yesterday, Winchester was arguing that we shouldn't use character from Strike Witches
[02:14] <Golden> Plus, we're using Manga competency
[02:14] * Quine ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:15] <Golden> So even going back to the beginning is still risky.
[02:16] * havocfett ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:16] <Golden> Even when inexperience Angry_Desu, there's still the power factor.
[02:16] <Angry_Desu> Hm?
[02:17] <Angry_Desu> Ah, sorry. Was trying to get this snippy bit done
[02:17] <Golden> Arguing about the Adult Senshi thing
[02:17] <Golden> Can't wait to read it
[02:18] <Winchester> I just posted the beginnings of my AU timeline in its own thread. I'm going offline now, though, so please direct your comments to the thread for now. :)
[02:18] <Golden> Already read
[02:19] <Golden> :D
[02:19] <Winchester> Golden: Yesterday was yesterday. We managed to bash the SW plot into something I could agree with
[02:19] <Golden> Yeah
[02:19] <Golden> I know
[02:19] <Golden> And the other reason they're adults is a reflection of the generation shift in MGs.
[02:20] <Golden> Which I never did say to havocfett or EarthScorpion
[02:20] <Winchester> I really can't stay up much longer, dad'll threw a fit this morning when I was still up when he woke
[02:20] <Golden> Then go to bed
[02:21] <Winchester> <-perv: Gelbooru first. Then bed. :)
[02:21] <Golden> lol
[02:23] <Golden> I'll be back at some point
[02:23] * Golden ( has left #Fantasia
[02:25] <Angry_Desu> I await the shitstorm.
[02:25] <Angry_Desu> SO. MUCH.
[02:25] <Angry_Desu> Wait. No.
[02:25] <Angry_Desu> I shall purchase an umbrella, then await it.
[02:25] <Winchester> Over what, me or something that happened in the main thread?
[02:26] <Angry_Desu> I still think concert works better than ticket line - simply because it can get at least three/four groups in without running on 'oh they just all happened to be there at the same time'
[02:26] <Angry_Desu> Which makes the save a multi-girl affair.
[02:26] <Angry_Desu> Over you - i expect darth at least to come in and bitch.
[02:27] <Winchester> Let him.
[02:27] <Angry_Desu> leaving a trench does sound more fun than a crater though...
[02:28] <Winchester> The ticket line is so that the girls will be in a position to hear the news. At a concert, there won't be newscasts, and they wouldn't be using video from a helicopter on the big screens, I think
[02:28] <Angry_Desu> Well, i was thinking of running with Dan's suggestion of Black Devil Girl.
[02:28] <Angry_Desu> Essentially the first girl to notice akiko, and try to talk her out of what she thinks is just a normal suicide attempt, is one that looks to Akiko like a nightmare.
[02:29] <Winchester> Problem: BDG is essentially an OC, one with a powerset that's a little over the top
[02:29] <Angry_Desu> So the attention is garnered when akiko transforms and trys to blow the fuck out of said girl.
[02:30] <Angry_Desu> Ehh... we can argue that point
[02:30] <Winchester> Did you come to a conclusion regarding adult senshi while I was typing up my piece?
[02:30] <Angry_Desu> anyway - Akiko freaks, cameras move to see WTF is going on... my only problem is how to make people hear her rant since i never really thought about the logistics of that originally
[02:31] <Angry_Desu> Akiko throws herself off the edge - some go to help, at least one goes to see what made her jump.
[02:31] <Angry_Desu> not... really. I can see pros and cons of both early or adult senshi.
[02:32] <Angry_Desu> Problem is some people are dead set on one over the other and don't seem to listen to the arguments.
[02:32] <Winchester> I needed at least one veteran magical girl to go up and take some initiative, and V was the only one I could really come up with.
[02:33] <Winchester> Since V had her own manga prior to Sailor Moon, I could toss the latter manga and only use her, and it kind of works.
[02:33] <Angry_Desu> What could have been neat, kind of, is if the 'concert' version occurs just around the start of SM season 3.
[02:33] <Angry_Desu> because wouldn't it so derail things if Michiru got outed as a Senshi from the start?
[02:34] <Winchester> Maybe. Another spot for a concert would be beginning of StarS
[02:34] <Angry_Desu> Huge amounts of conflict in that season were down to the outers not knowing who each other were, and not being willing to talk to the inners.
[02:34] * InfestedNexus ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[02:35] <Angry_Desu> The only problem is the pharoh90/mistress 9 thing. they're kind of... mass level villains.
[02:35] <Angry_Desu> I forget who comes after them - was it galaxia or someone else?
[02:35] <Angry_Desu> *someone else first
[02:36] <Winchester> There's a filler arc at the start of SuperS, and then Nehelenia and the Phantom Mirror, which doesn't actually end until a few episodes into Stars
[02:37] <Angry_Desu> it occurs to me that i can't even remember exactly what 9 was trying to even do
[02:37] <Angry_Desu> oh wait, 9 was opening the way to 90
[02:38] <Winchester> Mistress 9 and the Witches 5 were trying to bring Pharao90 into this world
[02:38] <Winchester> So he could eat it, basically
[02:38] <Angry_Desu> That seems really... kind of poor actually.
[02:39] <Angry_Desu> in the manga it was part of Chaos wasn't it? Which kind of makes more sense
[02:39] <Winchester> All the Sailor Moon plots are really silly. That's kind of why I want them to be backstory...
[02:40] <Angry_Desu> the death busters stuff would work better if Pharoh 90 was more... defined.
[02:40] <Winchester> Everything was part of chaos, according to Galaxia's spiel at the end of the series
[02:40] <Winchester> From Metallia to Nehelenia, Chaos was the spark for all of it
[02:42] <Winchester> ...why is my thread looking like I'm the only one who's looked at it? :( It has one view...
[02:42] <Angry_Desu> give it time
[02:43] <Angry_Desu> I see the point with how silly the SM stuff is - it's /really/ badly hung together when you think about it.
[02:44] <Winchester> The villains, as portrayed in the anime, aren't even interesting - they're charicatures at best of their manga versions.
[02:45] <Winchester> And the manga villains don't hang around very long, they get horribly killed a few chapters after they show up, no exceptions
[02:45] <Angry_Desu> Yeah. The manga is much more 'shojou story' than 'magical girl story' really.
[02:46] <Angry_Desu> More romance and princess than beating evil.
[02:46] * havocfett ( has joined #Fantasia
[02:46] <Winchester> And the anime is mustach-twirling cartoony evil
[02:46] <havocfett> ?
[02:46] <Angry_Desu> Sailor Moon,
[02:47] <Angry_Desu> we're sort of discussing the problems in using younger versions. A lot of the SM plotlines are...
[02:47] <Angry_Desu> really terrible when you look at them
[02:47] <Winchester> Bitching about how bad sailor moon is, and why we want to use the post-series versions
[02:48] <Angry_Desu> I'm still not set either way honestly. I can see plenty of interesting stuff to do with earlier versions, but i can't see how to deal with their plot beyond the third season without it getting /really/ stupid.
[02:48] <Winchester> Really, the power level of the anime senshi is an informed ability for the most part. It only seems to come up at the end of each arc
[02:49] * Golden ( has joined #Fantasia
[02:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Golden
[02:49] <Angry_Desu> I mean... season 3 isn't too bad. Villains working to bring planet devourer kind of thing to earth.
[02:49] <@Golden> Back
[02:49] <Angry_Desu> I can work with that.
[02:49] <@Golden> Still discussing Sailor Moon?
[02:49] <Winchester> except the villains are so cartoony...
[02:49] <Angry_Desu> Then stuff after gets weird.
[02:49] <Winchester> Which one was it that got absorbed into a TV set?
[02:49] <Angry_Desu> Cartoony can be dealt with by simply playing them a bit more seriously than their canon portrayals.
[02:49] <@Golden> Another problem with that is the villains
[02:49] <Angry_Desu> Mimette wasn't it?
[02:50] <Winchester> and then had the plug pulled by a colleague
[02:50] <Angry_Desu> Yeah, it was Mimette
[02:51] <@Golden> After Pharoah 90, think about who's next.
[02:51] <Winchester> I can't actually watch more than a couple of episodes of SM before going \o/
[02:51] <@Golden> Nehellenia and then Galaxia
[02:52] <Angry_Desu> the galaxia plot is the one that breaks everything since it's just... too absurdly big.
[02:52] <@Golden> It's also why we moved it post-series
[02:53] <Angry_Desu> ...
[02:53] <@Golden> Galaxia is just too damn strong.
[02:53] <@Golden> For one thing
[02:53] <Angry_Desu> Dead moon circus would be too damn hilarious to put in though.
[02:53] <Angry_Desu> Akiko killed one circus with minimal powers! SHE CAN DO IT AGAIN!
[02:54] <@Golden> That would be funny.
[02:54] <Winchester> Akiko vs circus post nightmare-power upgrade (if we give her one). ¨
[02:54] <@Golden> Though in the depressing way
[02:54] <@Golden> But after that, we have the Galaxia hurdle
[02:55] <@Golden> And Glaxia wouldn't waste time getting rid of the Alliance.
[02:55] <@Golden> Galaxia
[02:55] <Winchester> What happens if we just pretend the Galaxia arc doesn't exist. Sailor Moon ended with Nehellenia
[02:55] <@Golden> Then no Galaxy Cauldron
[02:55] <Angry_Desu> Aw. But Akiko can teach new-version Chibiusa how to rig a circus tent to explode! Clearly broadening her education in ways her mother would probably not approve of.
[02:56] <Winchester> What do we need the Galaxy Cauldron for?
[02:56] <havocfett> What does the Galaxy Cauldron add, exactly?
[02:56] <@Golden> Incubators
[02:56] <havocfett> Wat
[02:56] <havocfett> ?
[02:56] <Angry_Desu> No, the Cauldron technically renders the universe immune to heat death.
[02:56] <@Golden> Without the Galaxy Cauldron, then the Incubators are right about heat death
[02:56] <havocfett> Explain
[02:56] <havocfett> Well then, no galaxy cauldron
[02:56] <havocfett> They'll have to find a different way around it
[02:57] <havocfett> You know have /more/ /plot/.
[02:57] <havocfett> Tada.
[02:57] <Angry_Desu> Not that the incubators can't be solved - they admit they know so little that it's easy to see them being duped in some way.
[02:57] <Winchester> Madoka sucks at making wishes by the way
[02:57] <@Golden> But then we carve out SM canon
[02:57] <havocfett> Why does Madoka suck at making wishes, Winchester?
[02:58] <Winchester> "I wish Puella Magi weren't needed!
[02:58] <havocfett> Ah
[02:58] <Angry_Desu> Actually... SM canon doesn't have to be broken,
[02:58] <Angry_Desu> but it /could/ be delayed.
[02:59] <@Golden> What could possibly delay Galaxia?
[02:59] <havocfett> Heat Death of the universe?
[02:59] <@Golden> Galaxia won't give a shit because Chaos is influencing her.
[02:59] <Winchester> Other wars taking more time.
[02:59] <@Golden> And Chaos is the 'mother' of the other forces in SM.
[03:00] <Angry_Desu> Assume chaos is more spread out - it can likely be linked to a lot of forces in other shows - so simply works slower on galaxia, she's able to hold it back longer.
[03:00] <Winchester> Stick Galaxia and the Bokurano aliens in one universe and seal it.
[03:01] <@Golden> While we could do that, didn't we agree not to because we didn't want SM to have pre-eminence?
[03:01] <Angry_Desu> Plus the chaos thing as mother of the other monsters is kind of tenuous, in the manga it is but the anime pretty much abandoned that idea entirely.
[03:01] <@Golden> Not really
[03:01] <@Golden> Chaos was implied to be the source of all bad things in the anime.
[03:02] <Angry_Desu> Pretty much. In the anime it comes up... once? During a spiel by galaxia.
[03:02] <Angry_Desu> Prior to that everything evil pretty much stood alone as their own entities.
[03:02] <@Golden> So it's still accurate to say that the other forces came from Chaos
[03:03] <@Golden> Metallia, Death Phantom and Pharoah 90 at least
[03:03] <Winchester> Ah, 16 pageviews. Much better. Replies would be better still, though.
[03:03] <Angry_Desu> Thing is, if you take chaos out of the equation all three of those don't suddenly not make sense.
[03:03] <@Golden> Nehellenia's backstory was changed the most, so she's most like Galaxia, Chaos tainted
[03:04] <Angry_Desu> Pharoah 90 until the chaos connection was assumed to be a monster from another galaxy, Metallia stands alone as an evil goddess anyway if you remove the chaos angle, and Death Phantom can probably work too.
[03:04] <Angry_Desu> The chaos thing is just... iunno. In anime continuity it feels terribly 'after the fact'-y
[03:05] <Angry_Desu> Like some scriptwriter/adapter suddenly went 'shit wait, they're all connected? fuck! we have to mention this!'
[03:05] <Winchester> night, everyone. someone find me a place to post the logs as files, I can't get the wiki to accept them. PM me if you figure it out. :/
[03:05] <@Golden> Manga explains it battle
[03:05] <@Golden> :D
[03:05] * Winchester ( Quit
[03:06] <Angry_Desu> I would happily use just the anime, with a 'Sleeping with the Girls' bent.
[03:06] <@Golden> But much of the animeverse implies certain things
[03:06] <@Golden> Like with Pluto
[03:06] <Angry_Desu> Lit: the can not possible be as stupid/incompetant as portrayed and still be alive.
[03:06] <Angry_Desu> *they
[03:06] <@Golden> better*
[03:07] <@Golden> I'd like everyone to put the Arc 2 discussion on hold, crack open the wiki, and help me with the much more immediately-relevant task of deciding what snippets go where. Gamlain writes most of his stuff in chronological order but these are his earliest writings and some of the stuff in them doesn't quite fit; the V for Vendetta snippets for instance involve Ve
[03:07] <@Golden> From Darth
[03:07] * Zeruel ( has joined #Fantasia
[03:08] <Angry_Desu> Ah...
[03:08] <Angry_Desu> so, now would be a bad time to say 'i'm off to bed'
[03:08] <@Golden> Isn't it a bit early for you?
[03:08] <@Golden> It's 8 in the evening
[03:08] <@Golden> Wait sky
[03:08] <Angry_Desu> er, it's 2am where i am.
[03:08] <@Golden> You're british aren't you?
[03:08] <@Golden> :p
[03:10] <Angry_Desu> Yes. i am foul EUROPEAN
[03:10] <@Golden> heh
[03:10] <@Golden> Don't really care about that.
[03:12] * Zeruel ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[03:12] <@Golden> So we're the only ones here havocfett
[03:12] <havocfett> Hmm
[03:12] <havocfett> I guess
[03:13] * Angry_Desu ( Quit
[03:14] <@Golden> So I'll be reading the snippets for the most part.
[03:14] <havocfett> OK
[03:17] * Zeruel ( has joined #Fantasia
[03:17] * Zeruel is now known as Guest6288
[03:25] <@Golden> One, you are not sixteen anymore with an excuse to do crazy things for no reason at all, two that cut didn't heal as nicely as you wanted me to think,
[03:25] <havocfett> ?
[03:25] <@Golden> From Sailor V snippets
[03:25] <havocfett> OK
[03:25] <@Golden> And it was Venus who got hurt
[03:26] <@Golden> The power thing isn't an issue as they aren't insanely strong in our verse.
[03:27] <@Golden> Sure they wield raw power but the gap between them and the next strongest group (the Pretty Cures) isn't that great.
[03:30] <havocfett> Can I get a link to the /entire/ snippet?
[03:30] * Guest6288 is now known as Zeruel
[03:30] <@Golden>
[03:32] <havocfett> I do not see that proving what you want it to prove.
[03:32] <@Golden> Thought process
[03:33] <havocfett> Gah, all of Gamlains normal writing problems rear their ugly heads in that snippet.
[03:33] <@Golden> Plus it shows that the Senshi aren't as untouchable as people think.
[03:33] <@Golden> These are the unedited snippets.
[03:34] <@Golden> If we have them getting hurt by mooks.
[03:34] * Zeruel ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[03:34] <havocfett> Can I get /that/ snippet as well?
[03:35] <@Golden> It's on March 10th on the Wiki
[03:35] <@Golden> Very first snippets
[03:35] <@Golden> Can't miss them
[03:36] <havocfett> OK
[03:36] <havocfett> I'll read that then
[03:36] <@Golden> Then read how they've been portrayed in battle
[03:37] <@Golden> Except for the parts where they are first introduced in battle (and Jupiter in general), they haven't had it easy.
[03:38] <havocfett> What is the snippet /called/?
[03:38] <@Golden> Echidna and the Crimson Tears for the main battle with multiple Senshi
[03:38] <@Golden> Sailor V for Vendetta covers Venus
[03:39] <@Golden> And one of the Arrow of Love snippets cover Jupiter's dismantling of a Factory.
[03:39] <havocfett> That's the /title/?
[03:39] <@Golden> Yes
[03:39] * Zeruel ( has joined #Fantasia
[03:39] <havocfett> Oh, found it
[03:39] <@Golden> Demonic Diet has Mars go crazy with the fire.
[03:39] <@Golden> But the demons there weren't particularly strong
[03:40] <@Golden> Like the opponents V fought.
[03:40] <@Golden> In the first snippets.
[03:40] * Zeruel is now known as Guest9248
[03:40] <havocfett> Oh /god/ it has all of hte normal Gamlain combat problems.
[03:40] <havocfett> The things I go through for you guys.
[03:40] <havocfett> :(
[03:41] <@Golden> I'm probably the best combat writer.
[03:41] <@Golden> In the project.
[03:41] <havocfett> Gamlain can do character development and interaction
[03:41] <havocfett> But for the love of god, do not let him write combat as anything but an outline
[03:41] <havocfett> And have someone describe places for him.
[03:42] <@Golden> havocfett:
[03:42] <@Golden> There's a reason I don't say anything about it.
[03:42] <@Golden> Look at how people respond to nearly everything he writes.
[03:43] <havocfett> Oh my god
[03:43] <havocfett> I think that large portions of BFP may be /surgically/ /attached/ to his penis.
[03:43] <havocfett> :(
[03:43] <@Golden> His writing skill is at the point where most people, especially those who will read the story, won't notice.
[03:44] <@Golden> :p
[03:44] <@Golden> Look at the responses in BF:U
[03:44] <@Golden> With the older work.
[03:45] <@Golden> Most people don't notice the things we do.
[03:45] <@Golden> It's a part of fanfiction.
[03:46] <@Golden> The majority of readers don't really care about story structure unless it's extremely jarring
[03:47] <havocfett> Yeah
[03:47] <@Golden> It's one of the major complaints of fanfiction
[03:47] <havocfett> It's kind of disappointing
[03:47] <@Golden> Can't help it.
[03:48] <havocfett> Yes
[03:48] <@Golden> That's why all we really need to do is do some touching up.
[03:49] <@Golden> The story itself isn't at all terrible.
[03:49] <@Golden> When everything is read together for the Reaction subarc, it's actually quite good once you realize something
[03:50] <@Golden> The point of the multiple viewpoints and seemingly separate storylines is to create an environment of disunity
[03:50] <@Golden> As the story enters the Convergence subarc, the stoylines converge as events keep intersecting.
[03:51] <@Golden> Starting the natural destruction of the Masquerade.
[03:52] <@Golden> gamlain's work is to be treated like an organism.
[03:52] <@Golden> Not a machine
[03:53] <@Golden> Once that is understood, then gamlain's snippets make total sense.
[03:57] <@Golden> Do you understand what I'm saying havocfett?
[04:01] <havocfett> Yes
[04:07] <@Golden> Plus, for the Magical Girl homegrown mentors, there aren't that many choices.
[04:08] <@Golden> Or den-mothers
[04:10] <@Golden> As the combat based part of MGs didn't come to be seriously until Sailor Moon
[04:11] <@Golden>
[04:15] <@Golden> Before the 90s, the MG genre was completely different.
[04:18] <@Golden> There aren't enough choices to go around.
[04:22] * LurkingGoblin ( has joined #Fantasia
[04:22] <LurkingGoblin> hello
[04:22] <@Golden> Hey LurkingGoblin
[04:22] <@Golden> I'm explaining why we have the Senshi as adults
[04:22] <LurkingGoblin> did I miss anything?
[04:23] <LurkingGoblin> ahh kk
[04:23] <@Golden> Not really
[04:23] <@Golden> Though the project almost got restarted.
[04:23] <@Golden> :p
[04:23] <LurkingGoblin> errr, we almost did the rewrite thing or restarted as in throw everything out and start over?
[04:24] <@Golden> The second
[04:24] <@Golden> Over the Senshi being adults
[04:24] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[04:24] <LurkingGoblin> WHAT!
[04:24] <LurkingGoblin> Why!!?
[04:24] <DarthArtemis> WHO!
[04:24] <DarthArtemis> WHERE!
[04:24] <@Golden> EarthScorpion says they're thematically bad for their roles
[04:25] <@Golden> To which I call bullshit
[04:25] <@Golden> Somewhat
[04:25] <@Golden> Though he does make a point.
[04:25] <DarthArtemis> who's bad for what roles?
[04:25] <@Golden> The Senshi as adults.
[04:25] <LurkingGoblin> I agree, wth? older senshi is not a bad thing
[04:25] <@Golden> He cited their insane power, resurrection and time travel
[04:26] <havocfett> I'll get the logs
[04:26] <@Golden> Crushed the third
[04:26] <@Golden> :p
[04:26] <havocfett> So, you know, people don't misrepresent the arguments at hand.
[04:26] <DarthArtemis> oh, you mean he doesn't like them having grown up bodies?
[04:26] <@Golden> No
[04:26] <@Golden> More like them being too old.
[04:26] <LurkingGoblin> @Havoc. thanks, that's helpful
[04:26] <@Golden> He thinks it would be better if they weren't post-series
[04:27] <DarthArtemis> okay, 'cause I was about to say they do get age-locked sometime before crystal tokyo
[04:27] <@Golden> Though I wasn't here for all of it
[04:27] <havocfett> He pointed out that at the end of their arcs, they are far more powerful than the rest of the girls
[04:27] <LurkingGoblin> i knew we let you stick around for more then your good looks
[04:27] <@Golden> And as you saw in gamlain's snippets, that isn't exactly the case.
[04:27] <@Golden> They are more powerful than the rest of the girls true
[04:27] <havocfett> And that a less powerful group would be better for the 'matron mentor' role
[04:27] <@Golden> But they're not THAT FAR ahead
[04:28] <@Golden> The Pretty Cures are the closest.
[04:28] <havocfett> Gah, my logger is horribly programmed
[04:28] <DarthArtemis> Himei is older than the Senshi are, IIRC
[04:29] <@Golden> The only thing I can't really refute is the resurrection thing.
[04:29] <@Golden> Except to say we probably won't use it.
[04:29] <@Golden> Just mention it.
[04:30] <DarthArtemis> we already have, the Senshi went and fetched their bodies from D-Point in gamlain's stuff
[04:31] <havocfett> This is going to need several points
[04:31] <havocfett>
[04:31] <havocfett> Several posts
[04:32] <havocfett> Sorry
[04:32] <havocfett> Pastes
[04:32] <havocfett> Fuck am I sleepy
[04:32] <@Golden> Don't worry
[04:32] <@Golden> I already countered ES anyway
[04:32] <@Golden> Though he isn't here
[04:32] <@Golden>
[04:33] <havocfett>
[04:33] <havocfett> You /didn't/
[04:33] <@Golden> Read the list
[04:33] <havocfett> You made a decent argument.
[04:33] <@Golden> And I add one more: even if it's all true, we don't have much choice in the matter.
[04:33] <havocfett> What does that have to do with his argument?
[04:33] <havocfett> Why not?
[04:34] <@Golden> Because before Sailor Moon, there isn't any group
[04:34] <@Golden> And after Sailor Moon, there is no group except for a few.
[04:34] <havocfett> ?
[04:34] <@Golden> Sailor Moon revolutionized the Magical Girl genre.
[04:35] <havocfett> Yes
[04:35] <havocfett> So why do we have to take them from the end of the series
[04:35] <havocfett> Instead of midway through
[04:35] <@Golden> They were the first group that actually found monsters.
[04:35] <havocfett> Or in the beginning?
[04:35] <havocfett> Yes, I know
[04:35] <havocfett> I don't see what that has to do with anything.
[04:35] <@Golden> Because I don't trust Usagi at that age.
[04:35] <@Golden> She's not full leadership material at that age.
[04:36] <@Golden> You have to realize Sailor Moon takes place within a condensced timeframe.
[04:36] <LurkingGoblin> They will eventually tier up, so what's the point of moving their timeline up?
[04:36] <havocfett> And so she develops into it over the course of the story
[04:36] <havocfett> Tada: Character development
[04:36] <@Golden> Plus the enemies issue.
[04:36] <LurkingGoblin> yes but why do we need to move them back at all?
[04:37] <havocfett> See the logs
[04:37] <@Golden> Even ignoring Galaxia, Nehellenia almost defeated the Senshi in the anime.
[04:37] <DarthArtemis> fett, if we follow that suggestion we'll be demolishing the foundations and starting from scratch. i'm not willing to waste a year's worth of world-building because of one guy's arguments, no matter how much other people respect that person
[04:37] <LurkingGoblin> *goes to look at logs*
[04:38] <@Golden> And this was in their Super forms
[04:38] <havocfett> Yes, which is a valid argument against it.
[04:38] <havocfett> DA
[04:39] <DarthArtemis> speaking of the foundations
[04:39] <DarthArtemis> i'm in the middle of getting an outline of chapter 6 ready and i need some suggestions
[04:40] <havocfett> Check it for redundancy on the first pass through.
[04:41] <@Golden> You should watch the first bit of Stars
[04:41] <@Golden> Sailor Stars
[04:41] <DarthArtemis> already done a bit of that. Desu has an infodump of the NF's ranks and leadership in chapter 5 which is handled WAY better in the board meeting snippet
[04:41] <@Golden> There's a reason I'm against deaging them other than nostalgia's sake.
[04:41] <havocfett> Cool
[04:42] <DarthArtemis> only thing it's missing is a description of Euz, which I don't feel is necessary because he's a viewpoint character for all of one scene before the boss kills him
[04:42] <DarthArtemis> it's tentatively been deleted from the first draft of chapter 5
[04:43] <DarthArtemis> i'm thinking of tacking on Desu's latest snippets to the end of this one and then ending with the board meeting snippet
[04:44] <@Golden> Desu said he was rewritting it a bit.
[04:44] <DarthArtemis> but what goes in chapter 6? the V for Vendetta snippets happen in the evening and Sailor Nothing doesn't start until sometime the next day
[04:44] <DarthArtemis> something like a 12 hour gap there
[04:45] <@Golden> Aftermath of course.
[04:45] <DarthArtemis> right, i remember now
[04:45] <DarthArtemis> there was something about Akiko sneaking out the back and tripping over arf
[04:45] <@Golden> And we haven't added the Home Front snippets yet
[04:46] <@Golden> *idea*
[04:46] <@Golden> We use it for when Fate tries to speak with Nanoha
[04:46] <@Golden> Our first flashback.
[04:47] <DarthArtemis> when's that again?
[04:49] <@Golden> Same day
[04:49] <@Golden> You completely missed it
[04:49] <@Golden> And I agree with Thy-Robocop about the post-series thing
[04:49] <@Golden> We don't have to cover in exact detail what they've done.
[04:50] <DarthArtemis> *checks wiki*
[04:50] <@Golden> People won't really care all that much
[04:50] <DarthArtemis> okay wait
[04:51] <DarthArtemis> the home front snippets are in the first chapter or two
[04:51] <@Golden> No
[04:51] <LurkingGoblin> I'm still reading the log, but I have caught up on the thread. While I have no one particular thing that is displeasing me as I read the log I find myself getting progressively more displeased
[04:51] <@Golden> Fate speaking with Akiko isn't there
[04:51] <@Golden> So it's not there
[04:52] <LurkingGoblin> Also I feel like the Thread has been hit with an idiot stick. called Arc 2
[04:52] <DarthArtemis> oh SON OF A BITCH
[04:52] <DarthArtemis> HOW THE FUCK DID I MISS THAT?!
[04:52] <@Golden> because you are a dumbass sometimes
[04:53] * DarthArtemis sits in the corner wearing a dunce cap
[04:53] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[04:53] <DarthArtemis> okay
[04:53] <DarthArtemis> well
[04:53] <DarthArtemis> fuck
[04:54] <DarthArtemis> well those chapters were due for some renovation anyways, they need the scene break lines to replace the BATTLE FANTASIA scene break
[04:55] <LurkingGoblin> finished the log
[04:55] <@Golden> The first paste was when I got on
[04:55] <@Golden> And said no
[04:55] <LurkingGoblin> I have this to say.
[04:55] <LurkingGoblin> Damn it ES, STOP MAKING SENSE!
[04:56] <@Golden> He makes sense
[04:56] <DarthArtemis> at this point i'd almost be willing to drop the whole Mage's Association thing if only someone would come up with an alternative. and I don't mean "let's use a different organization", I mean let's use Mai-HIME or something as a base series
[04:56] <@Golden> But that doesn't mean he's right
[04:56] <@Golden> Making sense does not equal right
[04:56] <LurkingGoblin> I don't want to deage the SM crew, but he has some strong points
[04:56] <@Golden> Of course
[04:57] <@Golden> I acknowledged those points, even thinking about some of them
[04:57] <DarthArtemis> i don't like where this is going
[04:57] <@Golden> But in the end, gamlain destroyed his argument
[04:57] <@Golden> His snippets about the Senshi.
[04:58] <@Golden> We've gotten around the narrative problem
[04:58] <@Golden> For the most part.
[04:58] <LurkingGoblin> kk
[04:59] <@Golden> And the power problem is overblown.
[04:59] <havocfett> Also: someone /please/ rewrite Gamlains battle scenes.
[04:59] <LurkingGoblin> as for the MA, it's not so much that it's a bad idea, it's that we aren't going to agree over it
[04:59] <LurkingGoblin> ever
[04:59] <DarthArtemis> what was gamlain's argument? I can't find it in those links
[04:59] <@Golden> He didn't make it with words
[04:59] <@Golden> He made it with his snippets
[05:00] <havocfett> Battle provided links to Gamlains 'v for vendetta' stories
[05:00] <havocfett> And claims that they disprove the argument
[05:00] <@Golden> Not completely
[05:00] <@Golden> That problem is always going to be there potentially.
[05:00] <havocfett> If my eyes weren't bleeding each time the character interaction stopped and the battles started, I would be reading them more closely.
[05:01] <@Golden> But the positives of having them in the position overweigh the negatives.
[05:01] <LurkingGoblin> I'm actually with Havoc here, Gamlains fight scenes are rather...sub par
[05:01] <@Golden> Same
[05:02] <DarthArtemis> better than desu's
[05:02] <@Golden> I just didn't say anything because most people won't notice.
[05:02] <@Golden> Going by Desu's part of the story.
[05:02] <havocfett> But he isn't going to improve if you don't tell him
[05:02] <havocfett> And he ignores my criticism
[05:03] <@Golden> It's more like this: I'm not here to be overly serious.
[05:03] <@Golden> I'm here to write a story that I can have fun writing.
[05:03] <LurkingGoblin> As I have said before this is SRW, yes written and not a game, but the SRW series(well the second one) WAS AWESOME. We need that "Holy batshit that was the most amazing fight ever!" reaction to maybe not all battles, but a chunk of them
[05:03] <havocfett> That's what Climaxes are for
[05:03] <DarthArtemis> LG, what did I tell you before?
[05:03] <@Golden> And Desu's battle with the first DarkNanoha fits that.
[05:03] <DarthArtemis> Awesome can only flow from good writing
[05:03] <@Golden> That was pretty good.
[05:03] <havocfett> Other than that, it can't be inserted artificially
[05:03] <DarthArtemis> inserting things just for awesomeness doesn't work
[05:04] <@Golden> In the analytic way
[05:04] <havocfett> You have good writing
[05:04] <havocfett> And awesome happens
[05:04] <LurkingGoblin> Yes I know but Gamlains fights are lacking in the awesomeness
[05:04] <havocfett> Or tragedy happens, depending on the characters.
[05:04] <DarthArtemis> LG...
[05:04] <DarthArtemis> just for comparison purposes, because I'm trying to get a feel for what awesomeness is to you
[05:05] <DarthArtemis> did you find my Godoka vs the Saint's Cradle microsnippet to be awesome or somewhere near it?
[05:05] <LurkingGoblin> I think I missed that one
[05:05] <LurkingGoblin> I'm rather far behind
[05:05] <@Golden> My Sayaka battle was awesome battle and well-written
[05:05] <LurkingGoblin> I read through a chunk of Gamlains earlier though
[05:06] <@Golden> :p
[05:06] <LurkingGoblin> Gamlain's are good they just seem sub par to what they should be, to match the rest of his stuff
[05:07] <@Golden> I can touch it up.
[05:09] <@Golden> It won't take much effort to do so.
[05:10] <@Golden> Plus, I suck at making my own descriptions
[05:10] <@Golden> Give me someone else's work and I can make it better.
[05:13] <@Golden> The problem with this though would be mangling his voice.
[05:15] * Guest9248 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[05:15] <@Golden> You had something to say havocfett?
[05:17] <havocfett> ?
[05:17] <havocfett> I'm not totally sure
[05:17] <havocfett> Working on Essay between glimpses, sorry.
[05:18] <DarthArtemis> essay for us or something else?
[05:18] <LurkingGoblin> an essay...for SCIENCE!
[05:18] <LurkingGoblin> ?
[05:19] <DarthArtemis> don't forget the obligatory doodles of glados in the corner
[05:19] * Guest9248 ( has joined #Fantasia
[05:19] <LurkingGoblin> and a rocket ship
[05:19] <LurkingGoblin> I used to cover my papers in rocketships and tanks
[05:20] <LurkingGoblin> the occasional battleship
[05:22] <LurkingGoblin> Oh! That's what was bugging me about ES's stuff and the thread in general! I figured it out
[05:22] <@Golden> Would anyone like to help me with BFR now?
[05:23] <LurkingGoblin> I would but I know nothing of Rayearth except that they are MGs with mecha
[05:23] <LurkingGoblin> that I intend to watch eventually
[05:23] <@Golden> The Earth Arc doesn't have much to do with MKR itself
[05:24] <@Golden> Other than Umi being the central character.
[05:24] <@Golden> And that's where I need help with.
[05:24] <DarthArtemis> not sure i can help either, but let's hear it
[05:24] <LurkingGoblin> hmmmm, maybe I could help, I'm mostly a world builder, character backstory, character designer, etc. I suck at writing events
[05:25] <LurkingGoblin> as evidenced by my snips
[05:25] <LurkingGoblin> which are painful when I go back and read them
[05:26] <@Golden> The main point of the Earth Arc is that I'm following the Manga end where the girls lost their powers.
[05:26] <@Golden> Because the Gods left.
[05:27] <@Golden> The three moved on with their lives, helping with the new Cephiro as much as they could.
[05:27] <@Golden> But over time, the three began drifting towards living in Cephiro permanently.
[05:28] <@Golden> Hikaru lives in Cephiro permanently and, by this point, has already married
[05:29] <@Golden> Still haven't decided who exactly
[05:30] <DarthArtemis> OT3! OT3!
[05:30] <DarthArtemis> don't lantis and eagle come from different worlds as well?
[05:30] <DarthArtemis> i haven't read the manga in ages, never finished it either. all I remember is the first half of the story
[05:35] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[05:35] * LurkingGoblin ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[09:45] * Zeruel is now known as Sayaka_Miki
[09:46] * Sayaka_Miki is now known as Mami_Tomoe
[09:47] <havocfett> Who is Infested Nexus?
[09:47] * havocfett is now known as SayakaMimi
[09:47] * SayakaMimi is now known as havocfett
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[10:24] <Mami_Tomoe> (^-^) /)
[10:25] <Winchester> Good morning
[10:25] <havocfett> Yo
[10:27] <Mami_Tomoe> (=w=)b *
[10:32] * Mami_Tomoe ( Quit (Quit: It is only by my might and will that I even allowed you to speak to me.)
[10:32] * Mami_Tomoe ( has joined #Fantasia
[10:33] <Winchester> :cries: No one has botherd to comment on my thread. Was it *that* bad?
[10:33] <Mami_Tomoe> No.
[10:33] <Mami_Tomoe> It was okay.
[10:34] <Mami_Tomoe> Nicely condensed, and with some points of contention either withheld or just removed.
[10:34] <havocfett> What thread?
[10:34] <Winchester> Thanks. Makes me feel a little better
[10:34] <havocfett> Link?
[10:34] <havocfett> Tl:DR version?
[10:34] <Winchester>
[10:34] <Mami_Tomoe> Basically, Winchester wrote his own idea on how the BFP should have gone.
[10:35] <Mami_Tomoe> Would have been interesting.
[10:36] <Mami_Tomoe> (^-')*
[10:36] <Winchester> The main things I removed were Sailor Moon (but I kept Sailor V) and BRS - because I'm not comfortable with dan-heron's versions.
[10:36] <havocfett> That is pretty promising, actually
[10:37] <Winchester> I can't write dialogue for shit, though
[10:37] <Mami_Tomoe> -/)(+3+)(\
[10:38] <Mami_Tomoe> I have my own plans for my own Battle Fantasia.
[10:38] <Winchester> IIRC, Desu and Battle liked it too.
[10:38] <Mami_Tomoe> You're not the only one whose cut out a cloth from that weave.
[10:38] <Winchester> BTW, Mami, who are you on the forum?
[10:38] <havocfett> Ah
[10:38] * Mami_Tomoe is now known as Zeruel
[10:38] <Winchester> Thanks
[10:39] * Zeruel is now known as Jomasten
[10:39] * Jomasten is now known as Mami_Tomoe
[10:39] <Mami_Tomoe> Haven't been contributing omakes much for the project lately.
[10:39] <Mami_Tomoe> But, then again, look at what's currently happening.
[10:40] <Mami_Tomoe> I don't know if I can contribute anything, with the project as disorganized and argumentative.
[10:40] <Mami_Tomoe> At first, I had not been able to post my Phantasmoon snippets cause I was not sure on one scene.
[10:41] <Mami_Tomoe> But now, with the risk of the Mage Association being cut out or revamped.
[10:41] <Mami_Tomoe> I liked the Phantasmoon snippets, too.
[10:41] <Mami_Tomoe> As much as I liked the Magical Girl Balalaika snippets from back then.
[10:42] <Winchester> MG Balalaika was pure crack. :D
[10:42] <Mami_Tomoe> Semi-serious crack, thank you very much.
[10:43] <Mami_Tomoe> I originally wrote it in pseudo-noir style.
[10:43] <Mami_Tomoe> Except not really.
[10:43] <Mami_Tomoe> I was just trying to write the snips in a tone one would have expected from Black Lagoon.
[10:43] <Mami_Tomoe> Except with Magical Girls.
[10:44] <Mami_Tomoe> I still enjoyed writing it.
[10:45] <Mami_Tomoe> I dunno.
[10:45] <Mami_Tomoe> With all the shit's that's gone down in the project proper, I dunno what to do anymore.
[10:45] <Winchester> I was defining crack as "something so unlikely that it transcends stupid and becomes brilliant)
[10:46] <Mami_Tomoe> (`<`) Srsly?
[10:46] <Mami_Tomoe> Okay.
[10:46] <Mami_Tomoe> I'll take it as a sorta-compliment then.
[10:47] <Mami_Tomoe> I still wanted to write Magical Girl Radical Revy.
[10:47] <Winchester> Then there's bad crack, which doesn't make it into "brilliant", and is just stupid. That happens too.
[10:48] <Mami_Tomoe> And Magical Girl Maid Roberta.
[10:48] <Mami_Tomoe> Except the last one was the non-brilliant kind of crack.
[10:48] <Mami_Tomoe> Revy would have been fun.
[10:48] <Winchester> What was Balalaika, "Musical Balalaika" or something?
[10:49] <Mami_Tomoe> ?
[10:49] <Mami_Tomoe> Oh.
[10:49] <Mami_Tomoe> No.
[10:49] <Winchester> Radical Revy, Maid Roberta, ??? Balalaika
[10:49] <Mami_Tomoe> Originally, I was making her into a typical Magical Girl, frilly skirt and all.
[10:49] <Mami_Tomoe> Oh.
[10:49] <Mami_Tomoe> That.
[10:49] <Mami_Tomoe> ...I dunno.
[10:50] <Mami_Tomoe> Just Balalaika, I guess.
[10:50] <Mami_Tomoe> She's her own Adjective.
[10:50] <Winchester> Heh
[10:50] <Mami_Tomoe> I know me and Gafgar had a discussion on her name.
[10:50] <Mami_Tomoe> Lemme see if I can bring up the PMs.
[10:51] <Winchester> Well, I haven't seen Black Lagoon (shame on me) but I've read enough about it. Revy as a wild MG wielding dual pistols FTW
[10:51] <Mami_Tomoe> Its canon.
[10:51] <Mami_Tomoe> The manga, then the anime, had an omake about it.
[10:52] <Winchester> Omakes aren't canon, but whatever. The orignal author came up with the idea, is what you mean.
[10:52] <Mami_Tomoe> I guess, yeah.
[10:53] <Mami_Tomoe> Found it.
[10:53] <Mami_Tomoe> Lol.
[10:53] <Mami_Tomoe> Krasnaya Strelets Devushka
[10:54] <Mami_Tomoe> Red Shooter Girl, from what Gafgar translated.
[10:54] <Mami_Tomoe> Sounds like a Paradox name, actually.
[10:54] <Winchester> does.
[10:55] <Winchester> Put in a red star between K and S, and it fits right in. But she'd need to be drawn in the proper style too...
[10:55] <Mami_Tomoe> Red Shooter * Girl?
[10:56] <Winchester> Red * Shooter Girl
[10:56] <Mami_Tomoe> Red*Shooter Girl
[10:56] <Winchester> Like Black*Rock Shooter
[10:56] <Mami_Tomoe> And this is purple, bitch.
[10:57] <Winchester> I have no idea how to do that.
[10:57] <Mami_Tomoe> Do what?
[10:57] <Mami_Tomoe> Colors?
[10:57] <Winchester> But Purple*Bitch sounds like an awesome name too
[10:57] <Winchester> Yesm,
[10:57] <Winchester> Colors
[10:57] <Mami_Tomoe> What chat-thingy to do use?
[10:58] <Winchester> MIRC
[10:58] <Mami_Tomoe> Oh.
[10:58] <Mami_Tomoe> Its CTRL+K
[10:58] <Mami_Tomoe> Then the number
[10:58] <Winchester>
[10:58] <Winchester> OK
[10:59] <Mami_Tomoe> So, let's say 'Ctrl+K 4' will give us Red.
[10:59] <Mami_Tomoe> There's a block thingy that comes out.
[10:59] <Mami_Tomoe> The number goes beside that.
[10:59] <Mami_Tomoe> And the message after.
[11:00] <Mami_Tomoe> Give it a try, now!
[11:00] <Winchester> I've tried it. Didn't feel the need to change colors though. Basic black is good enough for me.
[11:00] <Mami_Tomoe> :/
[11:00] <Mami_Tomoe> :V FOR FUCK'S SAKE DU EET NAO!
[11:00] <Winchester>
[11:01] <Winchester> This is purple, right? <-not too good with colors
[11:01] <Mami_Tomoe> Can't see it.
[11:01] <Winchester> *Sigh
[11:01] <Mami_Tomoe> No spaces between the blockthingy and the number.
[11:01] <Winchester> This is purple?
[11:01] <Mami_Tomoe> Good
[11:01] <Mami_Tomoe> Yep.
[11:02] <Winchester> I have defective color vision, sometimes I can't tell the difference between blue and purple
[11:03] <Winchester> It's not terribad, just annoying in that it shuts me out of a bunch of jobs I'd have liked to work at
[11:04] <Mami_Tomoe> That sucks.
[11:06] <Mami_Tomoe> Got to go.
[11:06] <Winchester> Then there was the time I was looking at a Hibiscus and couldn't find all the flowers. They just didn't jump out at me, the way everyone said they were supposed to
[11:06] <Mami_Tomoe> Lol.
[11:06] <Mami_Tomoe> Being color blind sounds like it sucks.
[11:06] <Winchester> Most of the time I can tell the difference. Plants are orange, for example.
[11:06] <Winchester> :)
[11:08] <Mami_Tomoe> Okay time to go.
[11:08] <Winchester> Me too. Need to go hand in some papers, so I'll get my next paycheck
[11:08] <Mami_Tomoe> Laterz.
[11:08] * Mami_Tomoe ( Quit (Quit: It is only by my might and will that I even allowed you to speak to me.)
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[14:03] * UniES ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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[16:07] * Angry_Desu ( has joined #Fantasia
[16:08] <Winchester> Welcome to nowheresville
[16:08] <Angry_Desu> G'day
[16:09] <Winchester> ...burnt out today
[16:09] <Angry_Desu> I'm... looking at minecraft stuff.
[16:10] <Angry_Desu> Thinking 'this is so awesome!'
[16:10] <Angry_Desu> then i remember how shit i am at building awesome things and cry.
[16:11] <Winchester> I don't do minecraft, but I do some other stuff like 3D modeling. Everyone tells me my stuff is awesome, but to me it still looks like crap compared to the stuff I *want* to make.
[16:12] <Angry_Desu> I liked making transforming mecha...
[16:12] <Angry_Desu> er, in 3d modelling i mean.
[16:12] <Winchester> :-)
[16:12] * InfestedNexus ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[16:13] <Winchester> I'd like to make one as well, but it's *really* complicated. I'd rather make them in plastic.
[16:14] <Winchester> ...I just wish the Macross F models weren't so stupidly expensive.
[16:14] <Angry_Desu> Well, the key thing to remember with transforming mecha in 3d is to have multiple models.
[16:15] <Angry_Desu> the actual /transformation/ model is usually goign to be distinct from the models of either form - generally because you'll end up with annoying animation weirdness otherwise.
[16:21] <Winchester> I know one mecha I'd really like to have - The Battle Frontier..
[16:21] <Angry_Desu> Heh
[16:24] <Winchester> For some reason, they've never made a model or even a toy of that, only the Quarter
[16:27] <Winchester> ...I wonder how many they managed to sell of these:
[16:34] <Angry_Desu> pff.
[16:34] <Angry_Desu> You should see, uh, the fully transformable all-forms Getter Robo
[16:35] <Angry_Desu>
[16:36] <Angry_Desu> Also, big monies don't scare me as much... my friend used to collect dollfies. Limited edition ones.
[16:36] <Angry_Desu> Those things were $1000 /minimum/ and he had about five.
[16:36] <Winchester> Heh
[16:47] <Angry_Desu> hm. Catching up on Goblins webcomic. It's good.
[16:49] <Angry_Desu> Minmax is the best... and a perfect example of character growth - he begins as a stereotypical thug, an idiot, a minmaxing player character basically.
[16:49] <Angry_Desu> But as things go on he starts picking up some serious morality and turns from a 2d 'player thug' into a really awesome character.
[16:55] <Angry_Desu> and then you learn he did shit like 'trade his ability to dress himself for +1 to hit'
[16:55] <Winchester> The only webcomics I'm following at the moment are Girl Genius and Misfile. And I'm two weeks behind on Misfile
[16:55] <Angry_Desu> Oh minmax. "Did you just paradoxially copy oblivion?" "Uh... no?"
[16:59] <Winchester> BTW, do you think anyone caught the reference in my thread title? :D
[17:00] <Angry_Desu> Bigger, Better and uncut! in reverse.
[17:01] <Winchester> IIRC it was "Bigger, Longer and Uncut!"
[17:01] <Angry_Desu> Ah, right.
[17:02] <Winchester> Need to go for a bit, helping dad in the garage...
[17:02] <Angry_Desu> 'kay seeya
[17:23] * LurkingGoblin ( has joined #Fantasia
[17:23] <LurkingGoblin> hello
[17:23] <Angry_Desu> G'day
[17:27] * InfestedNexus ( has joined #Fantasia
[17:42] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[17:42] <DarthArtemis> dammit LG, stop having IRC meetings without telling people in advance. what have i missed this time?
[17:43] <LurkingGoblin> Nothing, which is why I wanted everyone in here
[17:43] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[17:43] <Angry_Desu> Him going 'hello' and me going 'g'day' basically.
[17:43] * DarthArtemis whacks LG
[17:43] <Angry_Desu> On which note: G'day
[17:44] <LurkingGoblin> it's just that the IRC seems to be doing more good then the thread
[17:44] <DarthArtemis> if this is going to be a long-term thing we need to have pre-designated meeting times so everyone knows when discussion is happening
[17:48] <LurkingGoblin> that's actually a good idea, the problem though is time zones
[17:49] <LurkingGoblin> atm I'm open most of the day, but soon I won't be, so i can't really say when I will be available
[17:49] <LurkingGoblin> I think the best option is to just hop on the IRC when you intend to post
[17:50] <LurkingGoblin> s'what I already do, whenever I log into SB I log in here
[17:50] <DarthArtemis> so all hours of the day, basically
[17:50] <DarthArtemis> lol
[17:50] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[17:50] <LurkingGoblin> yes exactly!
[17:51] <LurkingGoblin> anyway, I fully support dropping the MA for an alliance of DK's
[17:51] <LurkingGoblin> for the reasons stated in my last post in thread
[17:52] <Angry_Desu> Every time someone says 'DK' i keep thinking 'Donkey Kong'
[17:52] <Angry_Desu> GIRLS VS MONKEYS.
[17:52] <LurkingGoblin> and also the whole "We will never agree on how to use the MA"
[17:52] <LurkingGoblin> also lol
[17:52] <LurkingGoblin> that's amusing
[17:53] <DarthArtemis> Tuxedo Mask, the monkey has taken your wife to the top of the skyscraper! hurry and jump over barrels and climb ladders for 5 levels!
[17:53] <Angry_Desu> ... Fund it.
[17:53] <Angry_Desu> instead of the hammer item, a bunch of roses to throw at barrels.
[17:54] <LurkingGoblin> Nanoha: Then I will make you understand me with my devi-IEEEEEEEE YOU JUST THREW A BARREL AT ME-ACK! STOP THAT! Starlight BREAKER!!!
[17:54] <Angry_Desu> Nah. not a barrel.
[17:54] <Angry_Desu> Banana skin. Right in the face.
[17:54] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[17:54] <Angry_Desu> So she's just standing there stunned, mid-speech, a banana skin slowly sliding down her face.
[17:55] <DarthArtemis> golden banana or regular banana?
[17:57] <DarthArtemis> so LG
[17:57] <DarthArtemis> say we use the alliance of lesser dark kingdoms idea
[17:57] <DarthArtemis> where are all these DKs coming from? I already pointed out the problems of making OC factions, they'd just be cardboard cutouts for the Alliance to knock down
[17:58] <DarthArtemis> Echidna and the Mythlands had that problem even with Gamlain running the show. Jasper is better but only because she's had most of an arc focusing on her
[17:58] * Quine ( has joined #Fantasia
[17:58] <DarthArtemis> hiya quine
[17:59] <Quine> Hello.
[18:01] <LurkingGoblin> @Darth: The DK alliance would likely be remnants of any post series DKs from what we have got, plus a lot of OCs to fill out their ranks, maybe one or two OC factions that we actually focus on, and then we need to hunt down a good canon DK to use as the main
[18:01] <LurkingGoblin> something not SM, preferably
[18:01] <DarthArtemis> "a lot of OCs" is unworkable when we already have a huge cast of heroes
[18:02] <LurkingGoblin> I'm aware, but we have no choice, not having them is a gaping plot hole
[18:02] <LurkingGoblin> who exactly have all our OC MGs been fighting?
[18:03] <LurkingGoblin> considering they will be far and again the bulk of the MGs running around
[18:03] * InfestedNexus ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[18:03] <DarthArtemis> OC MGs are for the side stories
[18:04] <Quine> If we use a massive DK alliance for an Arc 2 villain, that seems to risk an awful lot of closure.
[18:04] <Quine> The DKs are gone, or most of them, at least. Why have an MGA?
[18:04] <DarthArtemis> because there are always new villains coming to Earth to try their luck
[18:05] <DarthArtemis> they've been doing that since the fall of the Silver Millennium
[18:05] <DarthArtemis> think of it this way
[18:06] <Quine> It still seems to leave Earth dangerously devoid of background DKs for a while.
[18:06] <DarthArtemis> only as long as it takes for new villains to rush in to fill the power vacuum
[18:07] * dan-heron (cgiirc@62B0410A.ABB20E07.18A8FAFF.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[18:07] <DarthArtemis> Dark Fall's presence on Earth is probably scaring off a lot of villains who would otherwise be having a go at Earth right now
[18:07] <dan-heron> hey people
[18:07] <Winchester> 'llo everone
[18:08] <Quine> The Masquerade hid him. He couldn't scare people off.
[18:08] <Quine> Hey dan.
[18:08] <dan-heron> so, what are we on now?
[18:08] * Filraen (cgiirc@9C5D5597.D370A1A5.A0E2E3E.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[18:08] <Angry_Desu> Girls vs Monkeys.
[18:08] <Winchester> typing while holding a burger is kind of difficult...
[18:08] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[18:09] <LurkingGoblin> only typing with one hand win? naughty naughty
[18:09] <Winchester> :D
[18:09] <dan-heron> Girls vs Monkeys... so, a team of magical girls vs a Monkey King themed dark kingdom?
[18:09] <DarthArtemis> topic of discussion right now is what DKs do we have available for the arc 2 "Dark Alliance/Dark Empire" storyline
[18:10] <Winchester> They call me Anonymous. The most dangerous keyboard-jockey on the net
[18:10] <Quine> (connection might be dropping for a bit)
[18:10] <LurkingGoblin> actually it was a joke about Donkey Kong and DK's but that gave me an idea
[18:10] <LurkingGoblin> one sec everyone hold your thoughts!
[18:10] <LurkingGoblin> I need to fetch something!
[18:11] <Winchester> but they're skippery, gob
[18:11] <LurkingGoblin> *runs off in puff of smoke*
[18:11] <Winchester> *slippery. And wriggly.
[18:12] <Angry_Desu> Slimy.
[18:12] <Angry_Desu> And this metaphor is going to terrible places.
[18:12] <Winchester> no, just wet
[18:12] <Angry_Desu> That's just making it worse!
[18:13] <LurkingGoblin>
[18:13] <LurkingGoblin> as a DK general?
[18:13] * Winchester is now known as Pervert
[18:13] <DarthArtemis> ...
[18:13] * Pervert is now known as Winchester
[18:13] <DarthArtemis> oh god
[18:13] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[18:13] <LurkingGoblin> XD
[18:13] <DarthArtemis> are we going to pierce the heavens sometime in this arc, lg?
[18:14] <dan-heron> so, I missed most of yesterday's talk. I was only present when we were deciding for a new place for the reveal and people who could be in the area. What else happened here?
[18:14] <LurkingGoblin> No of course not, but Akiko is!
[18:14] <LurkingGoblin> WITH HER EMOTIONS!
[18:15] <LurkingGoblin> and god does Gurren Lagann work with Akiko
[18:15] <LurkingGoblin> XD
[18:15] <Winchester> Dan: I had some ideas for an arc end to Akiko that doesn't bus her
[18:15] <LurkingGoblin> but yes I'm suggesting we use expys for the OC DK's to make things easier
[18:15] <DarthArtemis> down boy. you lot rejected my GaoGaiGar magical boy port IIRC
[18:15] <LurkingGoblin> they did?
[18:15] <Angry_Desu> Why would akiko use a drill? or her emotions?
[18:16] <Angry_Desu> THIS IS THE 20TH CENTURY
[18:16] <Angry_Desu> Mining is done with high explosives.
[18:16] <DarthArtemis> use a pile driver
[18:16] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[18:16] <Angry_Desu> magical wrestling moves go.
[18:16] <LurkingGoblin> XD
[18:16] <Winchester> where did I see that spiral-ribbed vibrating dildo...
[18:17] <LurkingGoblin> damn it Win, 90% of our cast isn't even 12
[18:17] <Winchester> Yes, but some of them are way older.
[18:17] <LurkingGoblin> I'm a loli fan, not a pedo! *shakes vist*
[18:17] <LurkingGoblin> fist*
[18:18] <LurkingGoblin> also who is Filraen?
[18:18] <Filraen> me
[18:18] <Filraen> I go for the same handle in the forums, but I don't post much
[18:18] * Quine ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:18] <LurkingGoblin> ahhh ok
[18:19] <Winchester> Oh gods, I remember a rec.arts.anime poster who's catchphrase was *shakes fist*.
[18:19] <dan-heron> he's been active these last couple days over the forum
[18:19] <Winchester> He had an obsession with catgirls, too.
[18:19] <DarthArtemis> this kind of pile driver, desu
[18:19] <DarthArtemis>
[18:19] <Winchester> Anyway, I should get my mind out of the gutter.
[18:20] <Winchester> And close the gelbooru window.
[18:20] <LurkingGoblin> yes you should
[18:20] <Winchester> ...gelbooru is evil and will rot your brain
[18:20] <DarthArtemis> so is SB. when has that ever stopped you?
[18:21] <LurkingGoblin> it's a wonderful rot though
[18:21] <Angry_Desu> Silly Darth!
[18:21] <Angry_Desu> That's a Pile Bunker.
[18:21] <Filraen> Darth: Point
[18:21] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[18:21] <DarthArtemis> same difference
[18:21] <dan-heron> SB is more of silly than evil
[18:21] <DarthArtemis> not shut up and listen to Back Alley Space Boy
[18:22] <dan-heron> SB is more of the chihuahua barking to the dobberman
[18:22] <DarthArtemis> *now
[18:22] <Angry_Desu> But Darth, I have the complete series of Dai Guard. I have that song all but memorized.
[18:22] <Winchester> Drat, I'm out of burger
[18:22] <DarthArtemis> doesn't matter! listen to it again!
[18:22] <Angry_Desu> And honestly everyone knows the Knot Punisher is better! With the Great Knot Punisher being even more so!
[18:23] <dan-heron> just post it Darth XD
[18:23] <DarthArtemis> but i can't find any videos of GKP!
[18:23] * DarthArtemis has a sadface
[18:23] <Angry_Desu> ... unless parachutes are involved. Then it goes HORRIBLY WRONG.
[18:23] <DarthArtemis> and i need to go to class
[18:23] <DarthArtemis> don't burn down the IRC while I'm gone you crazy kids
[18:24] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:24] <Angry_Desu> GKP only appears in the last dai-guard mission anyway IIRC
[18:24] <Angry_Desu>
[18:24] <Angry_Desu> AND HERE IT IS
[18:24] <Angry_Desu> oh. too late.
[18:25] <Winchester> */help
[18:25] <Winchester> bah, the IRC commands I used to know don't seem to be workign
[18:25] <Filraen> Hey! Mission!
[18:27] <Angry_Desu> best thing about SRW games is when you recognize the scene playing out from the show...
[18:27] <Angry_Desu> Well. No.
[18:27] * Golden ( has joined #Fantasia
[18:28] <Angry_Desu> Best thing about SRW games is Alpha 3 and SHINJI IKARI telling someoen to MAN THE FUCK UP.
[18:28] <LurkingGoblin> Can we make an expy MG of this girl?
[18:28] <Golden> hello
[18:28] <Golden> hola
[18:28] <dan-heron> hey Golden
[18:28] <LurkingGoblin> hey battle
[18:28] <Angry_Desu> Yo, showers.
[18:28] <Winchester> Hi
[18:28] <Winchester> You just missed Darth
[18:29] <LurkingGoblin> I'm throwing Expy ideas around today
[18:29] <dan-heron> Lurking, we will need to fill a few spaces when we have an around the world situation
[18:29] <LurkingGoblin> I'm on a kick
[18:29] <Filraen> hola
[18:30] <Winchester> Don't we like have way too many people who are there just because "wouldn't it be cool" already?
[18:30] <Filraen> dan-heron: "spaces", like qhat?
[18:30] <Filraen> what?
[18:31] <LurkingGoblin> No we need more, we have 10,000 MGs and an entire world to cover
[18:31] <LurkingGoblin> also on the SRW note...
[18:31] <LurkingGoblin> XD
[18:31] <dan-heron> it's not of bringing them into the story as characters to develop within the narration, Winchester
[18:31] <dan-heron> it's more of making the impression that yeah, the world is full of magic and there are small teams all over the world
[18:31] <Winchester> KK
[18:32] * Quine ( has joined #Fantasia
[18:33] <Winchester> I know a bunch of others have already invented magical girls for their home towns and such. I'm trying to figure out what kind of magical girl (and monsters) would pop up here, in Malmö Sweden
[18:34] <dan-heron> that one sounds tough
[18:35] <Winchester> Malmö is kind of a melting-pot town, first stop for all the immigrants we receive and a lot of them stay here.
[18:35] <Winchester> It's not tiny, per se - but 250k people isn't very big compared to some of the other places
[18:35] <Golden> Valkyres
[18:35] <Golden> :p
[18:36] <Winchester> lololol
[18:36] <Filraen> some folk stories which could be worked to MG/DK?
[18:37] <Winchester> Actually, we might have several teams in this town due to all our imported citizens. And some of them really don't like each other.
[18:37] <Golden> Civil War!
[18:37] <Golden> :p
[18:37] <Filraen> they know each other?
[18:38] <Winchester> There aren't all that many rooftops to stand on, here...
[18:38] <Filraen> if they are a team, they formed in Malmö or they became a team before?
[18:38] <Winchester> Downtown isn't huge.
[18:39] <Filraen> in case of teams, they formed in Malmö or they became a team before?
[18:40] <Winchester> I don't know if whole teams moved here. They may have had teams in their hometowns that broke up due to the mundane wars
[18:40] <Angry_Desu> WAIT WHAT THE MONKEY FUCK
[18:40] <LurkingGoblin> ??
[18:40] <Angry_Desu> new SRW Z game promo?
[18:40] <Winchester> ...meh, console games.
[18:40] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[18:40] <Filraen> ah (continues)
[18:41] <Filraen> if they formed in other place they might carry the baggage of their original place
[18:41] <Angry_Desu> Z3, basically
[18:41] <LurkingGoblin> Oh
[18:41] <LurkingGoblin> LINK NOW!
[18:41] <Angry_Desu> or Z2 'second part' might be more accurate
[18:41] <Angry_Desu>
[18:41] <Winchester> Yeah, Serbian magical girl goes scouting her new hometown, runs into a Kosovo-albanian magical girl. Sparks fly.
[18:41] <LurkingGoblin> *Froth's at mouth* LIIIIIINNKKKKK!!!!!!
[18:41] <LurkingGoblin> *Explodes*
[18:41] <dan-heron> sounds like fun, Winchester XD
[18:42] <Golden> Albanian-Kosovar sounds better
[18:42] <Winchester> Probably.
[18:42] <dan-heron> Some girls have a mid of season episode to get over their mutual differences. Sounds like yours would have that as their opening episode
[18:43] <Winchester> Anyway, the two of them are shouting insults at each other in broken Swedish from opposite rooftops, and one of the homegrown girls stands on a third rooftop and facepalms.
[18:44] <Angry_Desu> oooh... second movie Gurren Lagann stuff
[18:44] <dan-heron> that's an scene that needs to be written, Winchester
[18:44] <Winchester> Anti-spirals as final enemy?
[18:45] <Angry_Desu> That means CG-GL and TT-GL. My god.
[18:45] <Angry_Desu> MACROSS 7 IS BACK!
[18:45] <Winchester> Anyway, they only go looking in the first place due to the Reveal
[18:45] <LurkingGoblin> *squees like a little girl* SO AWESOME!
[18:45] <Angry_Desu> ...
[18:45] <Angry_Desu> TETSUJIN 28!
[18:46] <LurkingGoblin> I wish we could have SRW Z in america
[18:46] <LurkingGoblin> stupid copyright laws
[18:46] <dan-heron> Desu, stop fangasming. Winchester is trying to flesh an idea here
[18:46] <Filraen> Winchester: 1 or 3 MG, enemy wants their transformation trinkets for some sort of ritual; possible restriction (if they are 3): they need to get together (the trinkets) to transform, as the separation is a safety measure (that would mean whoever is their enemy would follow them wherever they travel but make they travel together)
[18:47] <Filraen> 2-3 MG team, enemy wants their transformation trinkets for some sort of ritual; possible restriction (if they are 3): they need to get together (the trinkets) to transform, as the separation is a safety measure (that would mean whoever is their enemy would follow them wherever they travel but make they travel together)
[18:51] <Winchester> ...forget serbs and kosovars, wrong timeframe anyway
[18:52] <Golden> It's never the wrong timeframe.
[18:52] <Golden> At least for that
[18:52] <dan-heron> indeed
[18:53] <Winchester> One of our elusive Middle-eastern magical girls, from Bhagdad (City of mysteries!) moves here after the start of the Iraq war, since her hometown was trashed by insurgents.
[18:54] <Filraen> OK. now, what motives would allow a MG to move to another country if she's fighting a DK?
[18:54] <Winchester> Similarly, an African MG, from someplace like Darfour, ends up in town as well. Other people may come from other places, but since their teams are broken up they're laying low, and since their enemies stayed home they're not patrolling
[18:55] <Winchester> It's kind of hard to stay if your family decides to move...
[18:55] <dan-heron> and like in typical magical girl story, the DK probably needs something from the MG team to actually do something
[18:55] <Angry_Desu> Someone questioned if one of Akiko's 'should have been allies' might have moved away from Japan before they met. I forget who asked.
[18:55] <dan-heron> so the DK is currently unable to do their thing
[18:55] <Winchester> Maybe the war trashed the enemy too.
[18:56] <dan-heron> that too
[18:56] <Angry_Desu> which reminds me, Dan - as the BRS expert - on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is taking a normal person into an otherworld?
[18:56] <Filraen> bad in which sense?
[18:56] <Winchester> Anyway, several girls from different backgrounds and different dissolved teams live in this town, unknowing that there are other girls and dark forces out there
[18:56] <Angry_Desu> 'liable to go horribly wrong'
[18:57] <Angry_Desu> Just want a rough idea of how bad shit would need to be to make doing such seem a good idea.
[18:57] <Winchester> Then the reveal comes, and many of them go "what if there are some in this town", so they go looking, and start running into each other.
[18:58] <dan-heron> Sounds like a good start, Winchester
[18:58] <dan-heron> Desu, it depends if the person is taken into a Paradox's domain, or into the local Otherworld.
[18:58] <Winchester> Some of them are from opposite sides of whatever war caused them to have to move, so they have reason to dislike each other
[18:58] <Filraen> Which would each MG/team would conflict with each other?
[18:59] <Winchester> Meanwhile, the local girl is having trouble getting everyone to work together against *her* enemy
[18:59] <Winchester> And, with the girls going active again, the remnants of their enemies may start looking for them again
[19:00] <Filraen> so, for this story to work we need at least 3 MG /teams
[19:00] <dan-heron> there can be teams as big as 2 girls, Filraen
[19:00] <Winchester> Malmö isn't big enough in itself for more than one solo girl
[19:01] <Winchester> At least not more than one homegrown girl
[19:01] <Filraen> MG/teams meaning MG or teams
[19:01] <Angry_Desu> mmm... I'm assuming into a paradox's domain is safer?
[19:01] <dan-heron> it could be a grand total of 5 girls for the final group, Filraen
[19:02] <dan-heron> Yep, Desu. Remember that their domains is where the Paradoxes can chill, so it's relatively safe, and won't be infected with the embodiments of ideas, fears, etc
[19:03] <Angry_Desu> Hokay.
[19:03] <Filraen> what does the enemy of the local MG(T) want?
[19:03] <Golden> It's Sweden
[19:03] <dan-heron> For example, in Japan's Otherworld, you could very likely find a Kuchisake-onna
[19:03] <Golden> So likely there's going to be a Norse theme.
[19:03] <dan-heron> one capable of doing everything the urban legends say she can do
[19:04] <Winchester> We're actually not all that much into vikings here
[19:04] <dan-heron> So imagine a Kuchisake-onna that can move faster than the speed of sound and who can tear you apart if you say the wrong thing
[19:04] <Golden> Talking about historical themes
[19:05] <Angry_Desu> Hmmm.
[19:05] <Winchester> But sure, the local MG could be an expy of Astrid from How To Tame Your Dragon
[19:05] <Golden> Though Malmo isn't that old.
[19:05] <Winchester> Even the name is Swedish...
[19:05] <dan-heron> Still, remember that Deadmaster's domain is a series of religious temples held over a black hole, a bit unstable too
[19:06] <dan-heron> Strength's full of desert, lakes and just open areas without limit on sight. A person could lose themselves there and die of starvation or by heat
[19:06] <Golden> Malmo is known for being a hub.
[19:06] <Angry_Desu> What's Black Devil Girl's?
[19:06] <Golden> For the region.
[19:06] <dan-heron> Devil's is Nothing until she makes it something
[19:06] <Angry_Desu> Hokiedokie.
[19:06] <dan-heron> usually a little house where she can chill
[19:07] <Winchester> ...trying to figure out which part of this discussion is which is tiresome...
[19:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Golden
[19:07] * Golden changes topic to 'Battle Fantasia Project - - Topic of Conversation: Swedish MGs'
[19:08] <dan-heron> Desu, in Devil's case, there's no sensorial input at all until she makes it be. There's no wind, no light, no ground, no up or down, unless she creates a point of reference
[19:10] <dan-heron> Desu, there's also places like Chariot's domain where there's nothing dangerous unless Chariot is actively trying to make it dangerous
[19:10] <Winchester> OK, so the homegrown Swedish magical girl is named Astrid, the Valkyrie. She's viking themed , so she wears (magical) chainmail, a conical helmet, and a round shield. She may be using an axe or a sword, not sure at the moment.
[19:10] <LurkingGoblin> damn it that topic name just makes me think of this
[19:10] <dan-heron> Winchester, at some point one of the girls must ask her why she doesn't have horns. Then Astrid just gives them a flat look
[19:10] <Filraen> *facepalms*
[19:11] <Winchester> Oh yes.
[19:11] <Winchester> Astrid is good at those.
[19:11] <Filraen> a snark atreak? +1 in my book
[19:11] <Filraen> streak
[19:12] <Winchester> Also, "I thought breastplates were supposed to have, well, breasts" is going to go over really well
[19:13] <Winchester> Anyway, Astrids enemies are trolls.
[19:13] <LurkingGoblin> Lenneth.jpg
[19:13] <LurkingGoblin> that could be what she looks like
[19:13] <LurkingGoblin> MGish
[19:13] <LurkingGoblin> might need more frills though
[19:13] <dan-heron> instead of metal, cloth?
[19:13] <Winchester>
[19:14] <dan-heron> What type of trolls, Winchester?
[19:14] <LurkingGoblin> remember she has to look at least somewhat MGish
[19:14] <Winchester> This is astrid. Astrid_Hofferson.png
[19:15] <LurkingGoblin> Yes, but she needs to look a bit MGish
[19:15] <Winchester> Does she? BRS looks very little like an MG
[19:15] <LurkingGoblin> true, but they also look animeish, and thus can just barely sneak past
[19:15] <dan-heron> Indeed Goblin
[19:16] <Quine> I keep feeling like we're always talking about machine guns.
[19:16] <dan-heron> it's magical girl because she uses magic and is a girl :3
[19:16] <LurkingGoblin> everyone else in verse thus far looks like MGs
[19:16] <dan-heron> only when there are Striket Witches involved
[19:16] <Winchester> Astrid is a very no nonsense girl, and she fights trolls, with magical weapons which she forms at will. But they're always viking themed
[19:17] <Quine> "This machine gun needs more frills." "My machine gun's enemies are a group of..." "The Machine Gun Alliance is still very loose and informal."
[19:17] <dan-heron> ohs! yeah Quine, can get a bit confusing. Especially if there are boys involved
[19:17] <Winchester> Trolls are made from rock, and can hide by melding with any solid rock. Some forms of concrete are good enough, bridge abuttments and the like.
[19:17] <LurkingGoblin> I still think my pic is good, it's MGish while still being more practical then most, give her chainmail pants and shirt under that armor and she could fit what you want, while still being an MG enough to fit here
[19:18] <Quine> It's like when you use a word too much and suddenly it doesn't look like a word any more.
[19:18] * DirkBastion ( has joined #Fantasia
[19:19] <dan-heron> Winchester, how about asphalt?
[19:19] * DirkBastion is now known as Rhaka
[19:19] <dan-heron> hey Rhaka
[19:19] <LurkingGoblin> also wow is it hard to find art/pictures of women in armor that is at all close to practical
[19:19] <Rhaka> Hi
[19:19] <Rhaka> How are things?
[19:19] <Winchester> Asphalt is crushed rock held together by tar, more or less - they can't meld with that.
[19:20] <Winchester> We're trying to construct a Swedish Magical girl
[19:20] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[19:20] <LurkingGoblin> Why do none of these women have pants but they have platemail on their chests!!?? wtf man.
[19:20] <Winchester> WB Darth
[19:20] <DarthArtemis> yo
[19:20] <dan-heron> don't look for "fantasy" pics then, Goblin
[19:20] <Winchester> We're trying to construct a Swedish magical girl.
[19:21] <dan-heron> a bit slow, Rhaka
[19:21] <Angry_Desu> Darth:
[19:21] <DarthArtemis> oh cool, i'm swedish
[19:21] <DarthArtemis> kinda
[19:21] <LurkingGoblin> I just looked for valkyrie
[19:21] <DarthArtemis> sorta
[19:21] <Angry_Desu> One great knot punisher vid for you, found it *just* as you left
[19:21] <Winchester> My idea is to expy Astrid from HTTYD, but everyone else seems to want to use high fantasy princess themes..
[19:22] <Winchester> And since I'm the Swede, it's my MG...
[19:22] <@Golden> hello DarthArtemis
[19:22] <@Golden> I don't mind that idea Winchester
[19:22] <Quine> Knot punisher?
[19:22] <LurkingGoblin> I think she should look like this, only with chainmail pants under the skirt and a chainmail shirt under her breastplate. Lenneth.jpg
[19:22] <DarthArtemis> watch the video, quine
[19:23] <LurkingGoblin> because it matches the theme better Winchester
[19:23] <Winchester> But it doesn't match *Sweden*
[19:23] <LurkingGoblin> plus look at her sword, look at it!
[19:24] <DarthArtemis> for a princess classic sure, but i thought we wanted DIFFERENT magical girls?
[19:24] <DarthArtemis> wasn't it YOU, goblin, who keeps railing at the MA idea because they act like "cookie-cutter" villains?
[19:24] <Filraen> I agree with you Winchester, also adding frills to the image... I don't see it
[19:24] <Quine> That is a pretty cool attack.
[19:24] <DarthArtemis> a magical girl based on a valkyrie is an awesome idea and we should totallyuse it
[19:24] <@Golden> Not for Viking appearance.
[19:25] <@Golden> This Astrid is supposed to be an expy.
[19:25] <LurkingGoblin> ohh fine I still think it doesn't fit
[19:25] <Winchester> Idea number two, would be Karolin - she shoots a musket, and has a uniform based on the ones used during the 18th century wars
[19:25] <LurkingGoblin> what I suggested was half way between the two
[19:25] <DarthArtemis> so she's a mami knockoff?
[19:25] <Winchester> She's based in Stockholm, though
[19:26] <Winchester> Different uniform, only one musket.
[19:26] <LurkingGoblin> she looks halfway between MG and practical
[19:26] <DarthArtemis> people will still make that connection, though
[19:26] <LurkingGoblin> which is why I suggested her
[19:27] <LurkingGoblin> plus that sword is awesome
[19:27] <Winchester> Musket and cavalry sabre?
[19:27] <Angry_Desu> People should take good long looks at obscure or weirdass powerbases and how to make them something credible. That's always fun.
[19:27] <LurkingGoblin> If you don't use that Pic I will
[19:27] <Winchester> Do that...
[19:27] <Angry_Desu> Win: Use a long musket type thing, add a bayonet to the end, make her use it like a spear/staff that just happens to be able to shoot people.
[19:28] <dan-heron> I like that idea for a gun
[19:28] <DarthArtemis> didn't the original real-life gunblade originate in sweden?
[19:28] <dan-heron> specially a magic gun
[19:28] <Winchester> That has possibilities.
[19:28] <Angry_Desu> Darth, dude... sweden had Gun HAMMERS and AXES.
[19:28] <Angry_Desu> They got weird as hell with their guns once upon a time
[19:29] <DarthArtemis> i sense opportunities for aweseom
[19:29] <DarthArtemis> *awesome
[19:29] <dan-heron> this talk of guns won't help Quine :3
[19:29] <Winchester> Sweden, once upon a time, had more guns per soldier than anyone else.
[19:29] <Angry_Desu>
[19:29] <Angry_Desu> something like that for gun-axe.
[19:29] <DarthArtemis> hgfdsakjhgfdsakjhgfdsajhgf
[19:29] <LurkingGoblin> lol, that's awesome
[19:29] <dan-heron> doesn't the Gun Hammer have 4 barrels?
[19:30] <DarthArtemis> that is too badass to exist in real life
[19:30] <DarthArtemis> i call shenanignas
[19:30] <dan-heron> wait, it would be more of Pistol Sword, right?
[19:30] <Angry_Desu> That particular one is probably a fake, the real ones were more... ugly.
[19:30] <LurkingGoblin> I'm considering making my MMG team use those now
[19:31] <Winchester> here's a pic of the actual uniform
[19:31] <Angry_Desu> germans went one better
[19:31] <LurkingGoblin> MMG=Male Magical Girl, encase you were wondering, because magical boys don't exist
[19:31] <Angry_Desu>
[19:32] <Angry_Desu> MUSKET AXE
[19:32] <Winchester> Magical Girl Carolin would wear something like that, but shorter and with a skirt. The three corner hat is mandatory
[19:32] <Angry_Desu> Too detailed to be an actual 'for use' piece though, but i doubt they'd make fancy onces if they didn't also make working ones.
[19:33] <dan-heron> Winchester, that outfit would get frillier, or stay much like that?
[19:33] <Angry_Desu> Even the indians got in on it!
[19:33] <Angry_Desu>
[19:33] <Winchester> Maybe some lace sticking out under the coat and skirt
[19:34] <dan-heron> don't forget a bit ass ribbon for her chest
[19:34] <Angry_Desu> Hell. We even have shield guns
[19:34] <Angry_Desu>
[19:35] <Winchester> Irritated: Quit it with the weird guns, please?
[19:35] <Angry_Desu> aw.
[19:35] <LurkingGoblin> also at something DarthArtemis said earlier, my complain about the MA being cookiecutter was that the reason we brought them in was to be different from a DK, and nothing we had them doing was something a DK wouldn't have done, hence cookie cutter
[19:35] <Winchester> She's supposed to look like an 18th century Swedish Army soldier, with a long gun and a bayonet.
[19:37] <Angry_Desu> ...
[19:37] <Winchester> Shorter coat and a skirt instead, though
[19:37] <Winchester> And very obviously a girl...
[19:39] <@Golden> duh
[19:39] <Winchester> Blue coat with yellow lining, a blue or white skirt, white tights, and a three-corner hat.
[19:40] <Winchester> And white ribbons.
[19:41] <LurkingGoblin> now as thrilling as this convo is, I just noticed two of my shows are uploaded and on the web that I have not seen, I must now go turn into a girl for 90 minutes or so while I watch two show that have no right to be as entertaining as they are
[19:41] <Winchester> That, and a really long gun (actually normal sized, but since she's kind of short) with bayonet on top
[19:41] <Winchester> That she uses as a spear more than a gun.
[19:41] <Winchester> That is Magical Girl Carolina
[19:42] <dan-heron> using the gun is obviously for her finisher
[19:42] <Winchester> Yep, stab it with the bayonet and pull the trigger
[19:42] <LurkingGoblin> I shall return at some point later, *waves*
[19:42] <Rhaka> cya
[19:43] * LurkingGoblin ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:43] <Winchester> She's wild in a fight, but rather prim afterwards, sticking her hair back under her three-corner hat with red cheeks if anyone sees her.
[19:45] <Winchester> Magical Valkyrie Astrid's theme on the other hand is iron - she uses iron weapons which are too big for her, wears iron chainmail and a bronze or iron shield. And a conical helmet.
[19:45] <Winchester> And she gets a new dent in her shield everytime someone wonders where the breast plate is.
[19:45] <Filraen> who is the trolls' "boss"? yo mentioned the trolls are "made" so someone must be making them
[19:46] <Winchester> Err, not made. Trolls are natural, but they consist of rock
[19:46] <Winchester> Mostly natural anyway.
[19:47] <Winchester> Astrids enemies are solid, tangible ones. Carolina fights more spiritual enemies, that only take solid shape to fight.
[19:47] <Filraen> why is Astrid against the trolls?
[19:47] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:47] <Winchester> Because trolls grab and eat people.
[19:48] <dan-heron> that's what Trolls usually do in folklore
[19:48] <Winchester> Trolls hide in bridge abutments under viaducts, and grab people who pass underneath in the dark
[19:50] <Winchester> Malmö has a lot of places where they've built tunnels under the road instead of surface crossings, those are favorite hunting grounds whenever a troll gets into town.
[19:51] <Filraen> has it been an increase of troll attacks lately in Malmo or Astrid is just trying to take the chance to get a better ground against the trolls?
[19:53] <Winchester> A slow increase, since the town keeps getting bigger and more places where trolls like to hunt are added.
[19:54] <Filraen> I mean, comparison pre/post Jump.
[19:54] <Winchester> Also, Astrid has to cover a really huge area, because there's no active magical girl within ten kilometers and there's a lot of old stone construction
[19:55] <Winchester> Not really. The trolls don't care for news.
[19:55] <Winchester> They're not very smart, just cunning.
[19:55] <Winchester> They've really loved the idea of bridges you're supposed to walk under, with concrete abutments.
[19:56] <@Golden> I'm just assuming whatever native Dark Kingdoms that once existed there are already dead.
[19:56] <Winchester> The food practically walks in...
[19:56] <Winchester> Sweden has a bunch of folklore, but nothing that's really a "dark kingdom" per se.
[19:56] <dan-heron> just pest control that they can't really afford letting out of control?
[19:57] <Winchester> Yes
[19:57] <Winchester> different pests in different areas, with different methods needed for control
[19:58] <Winchester> Malmö and the surrounding province is one big limestone slab. Limestone is soft, and wears fast, so the trolls here need more to eat than elsewhere.
[19:59] <Winchester> Northern trolls are granite and other hard rocks, and they're not so hungry and make do with wildlife.
[20:00] <Winchester> Magical Carolina has to fight ghosts - Stockholm has a very bloody history, on one occasion they held three hundred or so beheadings in a single day, back in the 16th century.
[20:01] <Winchester> Most of the other pests don't like to tangle with ghosts, so they stay out.
[20:02] * dan-heron (cgiirc@62B0410A.ABB20E07.18A8FAFF.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[20:03] <Filraen> is Carolina "equipped" to fight trolls? (I mean, Astrid's idea is getting help)
[20:03] <Filraen> (sorry if it was answered before)
[20:06] <Winchester> Nah, Astrid and Carolina are separated by about 600 km - the help Astrid was going to get would be from "refugee" magical girls, ones who've immigrated to Sweden due to mundane wars etc.
[20:06] <Filraen> oh, I thought Carolina was one of those refugee MGs
[20:07] <Winchester> Nah, Carolina is a native of Stockholm, she's just an example of a completely different Swedish magical girl.
[20:07] <Filraen> ok
[20:08] <Winchester> She'd get in touch with the others when they go public, which would be a while after the reveal
[20:09] <Winchester> Maybe they both contact the Alliance, and the MGA put them in touch with each other.
[20:09] * Fenris_Blackwell ( has joined #Fantasia
[20:10] <Winchester> There's be a few worries about whether the other location also had the same type of troubles and no one knew about it (for examples, if there are trolls in Stockholm that Carolina never knew about, or evil ghosts in Malmö that Astrid never noticed.)
[20:15] <Filraen> in that case there are two parts on the story: first arc is dealing with the foreign MG in Malmö (it doesn't look like Astrid is looking for urgent help, just "Hi, I'm a MG too." for now; otherwise, the Alliance doesn't exist per se completely so they don't make the contact between Astrid and Carolina yet-- it isn't high in their priorities)
[20:16] <Angry_Desu> Hm
[20:16] <Filraen> how Astrid gets in contact with Caroline and cross kind of troubles (trolls in Stockholm, ghosts in Malmö) would be the second arc
[20:18] <Winchester> yes, more or less. There'll probably be other magical girls in other parts of the country - Stockholm is the largest city, Malmö is the third largest (by population in both cases) - the second largest is Gothenburg, on the west coast.
[20:18] <Filraen> mostly because I don't believe Astrid and Caroline would get in contact with each other so soon, but Astrid would find the refugee MGs in her town quickly
[20:18] <Winchester> Yes. Carolina was mostly just to show that there are different kinds of MGs in Sweden.
[20:19] <Winchester> I don't have much of an idea of what to do with her yet
[20:19] <Filraen> I don't either, I just try to ask the correct questions XD
[20:25] <@Golden> So people died?
[20:26] <Filraen> when?
[20:26] <@Golden> Now
[20:26] <@Golden> :p
[20:26] <Filraen> -_-'
[20:27] <Fenris_Blackwell> ?
[20:27] <Filraen> back on track, what about the MG from Baghdad? you mentioned it as a part of a team whose enemy wasn't defeated yet but it's weakened from the war on Iraq
[20:27] <Rhaka> No, but I feel sick still.
[20:28] <Rhaka> Could someone post a list of all MG bases?
[20:28] <Rhaka> I know they have one in London and one in the hills arond Cairo.
[20:28] <Winchester> Sorry, was writing up a forum post on this.
[20:28] <Filraen> ok
[20:28] <Rhaka> We fluffed one in Avignon and Novgorod.
[20:28] <@Golden> You mean MA?
[20:28] <Rhaka> Right, sorry.
[20:29] <Rhaka> I was pretty sick yesterday, I'm still not 100% sound. Guess it shows.
[20:29] <Winchester> The Baghdad girl is Hashashin themed, in my head.
[20:29] <Filraen> MG bases in current conversation: Malmö and Stockholm (of course not all of them)
[20:29] <Filraen> ... and Baghdad
[20:29] <Winchester> She wears all black, full body cover, and only her eyes are visible.
[20:31] <Winchester> Her enemies are some kind of elemental spirits - Djinni, efreets, etc
[20:31] <Rhaka> Nice
[20:33] <Winchester> Some of them are the wish granting variety - only they grant wishes as they please, twisting things around to suit their own agenda
[20:34] <Winchester> Some of them are plain old spirits of destruction - these are generally less powerful, but more immediately disruptive and easier to find.
[20:34] <Rhaka> Sometimes I wonder if BFP wouldn't be better off if they were all OCs.
[20:34] <Winchester> Hehe.
[20:35] <Winchester> I'm just brainstorming here. And I'm so sucky with dialogue this will probably never go anywhere
[20:36] <Filraen> the trouble is that with OCs you need to invest (reading) time to get to know them, something what you don't need with canon characters
[20:36] <Rhaka> Yes
[20:44] <Winchester> I'm getting another idea for one of the immigrant girls - an eastern european vampire huntress
[20:45] <Winchester> Sort of a cross between a BTVS slayer, and Integra Hellsing
[20:46] <Winchester> A bookish romanian girl, who carries a stake in her bookbag and knows everything there is to know about vampires.
[20:48] <Winchester> (I had a romanian girl in class in 6th-9th grade, one of the two most prim girls in class most of the time, but with a funny sense of humor when she decided to join in. She also had the closest we got in class to perfect grades).
[20:48] <Filraen> ... (to get out of Idlers and to note I'm reading this)
[20:48] <Rhaka> Should I dust off my German OCs, we might as well get a European side story going.
[20:49] <Winchester> :D
[20:49] <Rhaka> Because, Tokyo or not, Japan is still halfway across the world.
[20:50] <Winchester> Besides Astrid, there might be other viking-themed girls who fight folkloric monsters around Sweden, without knowing about each other since it's passed down through family lines that have been separated for a very long time
[20:50] <Filraen> and both of them are half a world from my place
[20:50] <Winchester> You're in the america?
[20:50] <Winchester> Americas?
[20:51] <Filraen> no
[20:51] <Filraen> yes
[20:51] <Angry_Desu> Clearly he lives on th moon.
[20:52] <Rhaka> Sounds awfully plausible
[20:52] <Winchester> ...I have an online friend from Belgium who lives in Santiago, Chile since a few years back
[20:52] <Filraen> ...!
[20:52] * havocfett ( has joined #Fantasia
[20:53] <Winchester> Hi Havok
[20:53] <Filraen> (it isn't me, by the way)
[20:53] <Winchester> We're discussing Swedish magical girls, homegrown and imports, at the moment
[20:54] <Angry_Desu> Damn mooninites. Coming to our planet and stealing out womenfolk.
[20:54] <Rhaka> Hey
[20:54] <Winchester> So far I've come up with Astrid from Malmö, viking-themed troll hunter; and Carolina from Stockholm, Carolingian-themed musket-wielding ghost buster
[20:54] <Filraen> XD (but that's where I live, Winchester)
[20:55] <Filraen> Angry_Desu: XD (but that's where I live, Winchester)
[20:56] <Winchester> Heh. He says Chile is kind of nice, but he could do without the earthquakes. (the one a couple of years ago really tore his place up)
[20:57] * havocfett ( Quit
[20:57] <Winchester> As for imports, there's Jasmine (not really), the hashashin-themed girl who deals with elemental spirits like djinni and efreets; and now Reka, the bookish Romanian vampire huntress
[20:58] <Filraen> yeah, I was at 25 miles /40 km of the epicenter of that one... they had to go wake me up XD
[20:59] <Winchester> (I wonder if the Reka I knew in school would be upset with me for turning her into a vampire hunter?
[21:00] <Quine> Why is it that the Japanese get the bright frilly outfits and generic monsters and the proposals for everywhere else are all extremely "I am from this culture and my enemies are too"?
[21:00] <Rhaka> Because the "generic" monsters are generically japanese-created.
[21:00] <Winchester> Because Japanese magical girls all wear school-uniform themed costumes
[21:01] <Angry_Desu> Sakura, the precures, Fate, the Wolks...
[21:01] <Fenris_Blackwell> ... *Fenris used courage* This ghost-hunting MG talk I missed... would any of them take to using a camera?
[21:01] <Angry_Desu> quite a few would disagree with the 'school uniform theme' thing
[21:02] <Winchester> Sakura got different costumes every time because her biggest fan and only friend in the know was a costume designer
[21:03] <Winchester> Fate didn't have a school uniform to pattern her costume on when she got it; and the Knights aren't traditional magical girls by any stretch.
[21:03] <Winchester> Nor are Fate and the Knights Japanese - they're not even earthlings
[21:04] <Angry_Desu> You're kind of stretching there.
[21:04] <Winchester> Sailor Moon, Nanoha, I think several of the Cure teams, and quite a few others have costumes suspiciously similar to their school uniforms, though.
[21:05] <Rhaka> A camera?
[21:05] <Fenris_Blackwell> @Rhaka : Fatal Frame flashbacks.
[21:05] <Rhaka> Fatal Frame? D:
[21:06] <Fenris_Blackwell> Irrelevant nightmare fuel. Forget it.
[21:08] <Rhaka> Is there an LP?
[21:14] <Filraen> back on Astrid and her troll hunt with the help of immigrant/refugee MGs, I'd find interesting if the powers of the other MGs aren't well suited to fight trolls, or at least not directly
[21:14] * Fenris_Blackwell ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:15] <Winchester> Mm. Bladed weapons like Hashashin-girl would use, and stakes and swords like Reka uses, would work very poorly on trolls.
[21:16] <Winchester> They'd need to use their heads - it's a good thing they're good at that.
[21:17] <Filraen> I imagine the Hashashin girl must be good at that, vampires must be hard to hunt.
[21:17] * Fenris_Blackwell_2 ( has joined #Fantasia
[21:17] <Winchester> Hashashin-girl's strong suite is negotiations, many of the powerful spirits must be properly bargained with
[21:18] <Filraen> does she get on "deals" with vampires?
[21:19] <Winchester> Vampire Hunter Reka is a tactician, good at planning and laying traps - she's not very strong physically, her main powers are being immune to any form of charm attack
[21:19] <Winchester> You've got the girls mixed up
[21:19] <Filraen> ok
[21:23] <Filraen> souds like Hashashin-girl must be a good help with Carolina (I'm thinking on Carolina's mission is helping dead spirits to move on afterlife, and you can't use force with them always, it's not like you can kill them)
[21:23] <Winchester> Something like that.
[21:24] * Fenris_Blackwell_2 ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:24] <Winchester> What she can do also is invite a powerful spirit to stay, which will scare away other monsters
[21:25] <Winchester> If an elemental rock spirit lays claim to a place, the hide-in-the-rock trick won't work for trolls, for example.
[21:25] * Fenris_Blackwell ( has joined #Fantasia
[21:25] <Angry_Desu> Here is a handy tip for OCs.
[21:25] <Angry_Desu> Imagine them in their own series, a series in which BF never happened.
[21:26] <Rhaka> I do.
[21:26] <Fenris_Blackwell> Connection is having a fit for some reason. Stalk you later.
[21:27] * Quine ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[21:27] <@Golden> So you're done Angry_Desu?
[21:27] * Fenris_Blackwell ( Quit
[21:27] <Angry_Desu> I believe that is, officially, the raid over and done with entirely.
[21:27] <Angry_Desu> Or should be.
[21:27] <Winchester> Ok, Astrid's story is pretty straight forward. She's a bit like Yoko Mano, she got her transformation trinket from her grandmother
[21:28] <Angry_Desu> Don't see much point in writing Vita going home, or in essentially retelling everything we read during the actual raid.
[21:28] <Winchester> She's been hunting trolls day to day - they're not common, but she needs to make the rounds
[21:29] <Filraen> Actually, I'm more curious on... Angry_Desu, what do you think we're doing wrong? </sincere>
[21:29] <Winchester> The villain of her story would be a smart troll, who forms a clan and makes plans - suddenly, things happen in multiple places at the same time, and Astrid can't be everywhere.
[21:29] <Angry_Desu> wrong in what sense?
[21:30] <Filraen> I just had that idea from your advice.
[21:30] <Winchester> What are we missing?
[21:30] <Filraen> Maybe I'm just reading too much between the lines, though.
[21:30] <Angry_Desu> it was just advice - if your OCs can't work as their own series then they'll seem incomplete.
[21:31] <Rhaka> True
[21:31] <Winchester> Hmm. Hashashin-girl's enemies aren't the spirits themselves, but wizards who bind them and force them to do things
[21:31] <Winchester> The spirits, once they're beaten and freed from their service, become friends
[21:32] <Filraen> Nanoha style befriending! XD
[21:32] <Filraen> *ahem* continue
[21:33] <Winchester> She has no power over them per se, but many of them think they owe her a favor. Also, the free spirits sometimes have other things they need help with
[21:34] <Winchester> The spirits have a hard time communicating with each other across the elemental barriers, so sometimes a spirit will ask her to negotiate a deal with a spirit of a different element.
[21:35] <@Golden> So like the Abhorsen in Ireland?
[21:35] <Angry_Desu> wheee. Now to go look at Noble Heart again
[21:35] <Winchester> I don't know anything about them, nor really about middle-eastern mythology, I'm just making things up right now
[21:36] <Angry_Desu> If in doubt, slap some gears on it and call it steampunk.
[21:36] <Rhaka> I'm gonna go be sick offline. Cya and good luck!
[21:36] * Rhaka ( Quit (Quit: <Spelferal> i dont wish to be boring right now, but i like to fantasize about being boring to ladies in a bar. | <Les_Rosbif> I have to admit, I was pisse)
[21:36] <Angry_Desu> Not terribly applicable, but you get the idea - slap a tentacle on it and call it evil!
[21:46] * LurkingGoblin ( has joined #Fantasia
[21:46] <LurkingGoblin> hello
[21:46] <LurkingGoblin> I is back
[21:46] <Filraen> *cricket chirp*
[21:46] <LurkingGoblin> that was fun
[21:46] <Filraen> mostly because there hasn't been conversation for the last 10 minutes
[21:46] <LurkingGoblin> ahhh
[21:47] <LurkingGoblin> that's because without me, nothing happens!
[21:47] <LurkingGoblin> I is an engine of creation!
[21:47] <@Golden> If Winchester is done, maybe I can keep talking about BFR?
[21:47] <@Golden> As I did last night?
[21:48] <Winchester> sure. I'm posting a summary of sorts to the forum now
[21:48] <@Golden> Winchester
[21:48] <Filraen> ok ringmaster LG, what do we must do now?
[21:48] <@Golden> The log from that time please?
[21:49] <Winchester> The log from when?
[21:49] <Winchester> I have a very big log... XD
[21:50] <@Golden> *calculating Swedish time*
[21:50] <Angry_Desu> Eleven'o'bork
[21:50] <Winchester> Don't, the timestamps are in US time. Don't remember off hand if eastern or pacific, though
[21:51] <@Golden> ok
[21:51] <@Golden> It's 11:30-45 Eastern time
[21:51] <Winchester> What were we discussing, may be easier to find with a keyword
[21:53] <Angry_Desu> keyword... keeeyword
[21:53] <@Golden> Try Hikaru
[21:54] <Angry_Desu> that reminds me of W, which reminds me of Fourze, which reminds me of an idea someone suggested (not for BF) a while back... hm
[21:56] <Filraen> use the city name, or "handle" (I used it in my second line, answering who am I to LG)
[21:56] <LurkingGoblin> can't be 11:45 on the east coast, it's only 12:45 here on the west
[21:56] <LurkingGoblin> we are 2-3 hours apart
[21:56] <Winchester> we're searching for a log timestamp
[21:56] <LurkingGoblin> ahhh
[21:56] <Winchester> I think I've found it, and it was in Swedish time after all
[21:56] <@Golden> When you all died
[21:56] <@Golden> Rizon works that way
[21:57] <LurkingGoblin> it says 12:56 for me atm
[21:57] <LurkingGoblin> so I think it's subjectively using our timezones rather then server time
[21:58] <@Golden> exactly
[21:58] <Winchester> I found something that started at about 0648 CET, which would be 0048 Eastern
[21:58] <Winchester> I think.
[21:59] <Winchester> Your e-mail, so I can send you a copy of the relevant bit?
[21:59] <Filraen> now change all the timestamps from the logs! XD
[22:00] <@Golden> PM me the link in Forums
[22:01] <Winchester> I can't post them anywhere, need to e-mail them or the formatting breaks. I don't know why
[22:02] <@Golden> Do you have Word or an equivilent?
[22:02] <Winchester> I'll try wordpad
[22:03] <Winchester> Where to post it online?
[22:04] <@Golden> Through the PM system
[22:04] <@Golden> Format it so that you can
[22:06] <Winchester> OK, cutting and pasting straight to the PM box actually worked.
[22:07] <Winchester> Let me know if there was more after the bit I sent you.
[22:07] <@Golden> yay
[22:08] <Winchester> Every time I try to post one of these to the wiki, it claims it got stuck in the spam filter, that's why I don't post them myself.
[22:08] <Filraen> did you log in?
[22:09] <Winchester> And opening an attached log file makes all the linebreaks go away.
[22:09] <Winchester> Yes
[22:09] <Winchester> I can create and edit pages just fine, but cut-and-pasting the logs makes the system hate me
[22:10] <Winchester> But pasting the log into an e-mail rather than attaching it worked just fine, and Rhaka could post them after that.
[22:10] <Winchester> And apparently pasting into a PM box works as well, and comes out with proper formatting
[22:11] <Winchester> I guess it's some kind of weird encoding issue
[22:11] <@Golden> Likely
[22:13] <@Golden> Wrong section
[22:13] <@Golden> Darth and LurkingGoblin were both online when I was beginning to explain where I was going.
[22:14] <Winchester> OK. it's not in that particular log file then.
[22:15] <LurkingGoblin> on a random side note has everyone listened to the 7(well 8, counting the omake) songs I put in the OP for our soundtrack?
[22:17] <Winchester> Found a short bit timestamped 0522 to 0530, only a dozen or so lines
[22:18] <@Golden> Does it mention Umi, Fuu and Hikaru?
[22:18] <Winchester> No.
[22:19] <Winchester> Going to look in yet another file
[22:20] <Winchester> I don't have what you're looking for, apparently
[22:21] <@Golden> ...great...
[22:21] <@Golden> Your logkeep was here
[22:21] <@Golden> And it didn't record while you were gone
[22:21] <Winchester> Yeah, it's strange
[22:23] <@Golden> You found it
[22:23] <@Golden> It was log excert 2
[22:23] <@Golden> Angry_Desu LurkingGoblin Filraen
[22:24] <Winchester> OK
[22:24] <Winchester> It was really short, after that there's a 20 minute jump or so until the next entry
[22:24] <@Golden>
[22:24] <@Golden> I had written more.
[22:25] <LurkingGoblin> added
[22:25] <LurkingGoblin> to the ST
[22:25] <@Golden> When I explained that Lantis and Eagle Vision were from the same world.
[22:26] <@Golden> For what LurkingGoblin?
[22:27] <LurkingGoblin> the NF combat theme
[22:27] <LurkingGoblin> that music+weaponised mindfuck= awesome
[22:27] <Angry_Desu> Alice~
[22:28] <Winchester> After timestamp 05:30 there's a long section of time-outs and login messages, but the next actual posting isn't until nearly five hours later
[22:28] <@Golden> Ah
[22:29] <@Golden> So it didn't collect my explaination about the three at all.
[22:30] <Winchester> This is why it's good to have a real IRC client, so you can keep your own log of what you saw and wrote.. :)
[22:30] <Winchester> I'm sorry. As I said, everyone's connection goes up and down a few times after that, and then the next actual post is in the morning.
[22:31] <@Golden> understood
[22:31] <Winchester> It's kept track of other discussions I wasn't there for just fine, though.
[22:32] <Winchester> It may be that the server I'm connected to had connection trouble with the rest of Rizon, or something.
[22:32] <Winchester> That would explain the look of some of these readouts.
[22:32] <LurkingGoblin> eh' it's alright, that we are lucky to have any of these convos saved, missing one isn't to bad
[22:33] <Winchester> The saved log of just those things I've been personally there for is half a megabyte now
[22:33] <@Golden> Annoyed
[22:33] <@Golden> Now I have to summarize.
[22:33] <@Golden> To a degree
[22:33] <@Golden> In short...
[22:34] <@Golden> The three continued to go to Cephiro but over time started living there
[22:34] <Winchester> It's always good to write a summary for the thread after an IRC discussion...
[22:34] <@Golden> We didn't get far
[22:34] <@Golden> Certain people decided not to speak much
[22:34] * @Golden stares at LurkingGoblin
[22:35] <@Golden> Hikaru lives full time and is married to Lantis; but due to a law gap is also engaged to Eagle Vision.
[22:36] <@Golden> She is in Autozam at the time of the Reveal
[22:36] <@Golden> Fuu is on Earth at the time but splits her time between the two places; she's married to Ferio.
[22:37] * Thy-Robocop ( has joined #Fantasia
[22:37] <Thy-Robocop> hello all
[22:37] <Filraen> didn't Eagle Vision dead?
[22:37] <Thy-Robocop> how's things going
[22:37] <@Golden> Not in Manga
[22:37] <Filraen> hi
[22:37] <@Golden> Which is what I'm using
[22:37] <@Golden> Mostly
[22:39] <Thy-Robocop> so
[22:39] <Thy-Robocop> anything happened today?
[22:39] <@Golden> We began fleshing out Winchester's Swedish MGs
[22:40] <Winchester> And we discovered that my logs aren't complete
[22:40] <Winchester> Has everyone seen the version I posted to the forum?
[22:40] <@Golden> I have
[22:40] <Filraen> me too
[22:43] <Thy-Robocop> just reading it now
[22:44] <LurkingGoblin> I've been thinking about something, we have modern MG's covered pretty well, 90s and up, but what about the first MGs? 60s, 70s, and 80s era MGs?
[22:44] <Winchester> I still need to come up with some decent "enemy" magical girls (the ones who fight each other all the time due to their home countries being/having been at war...
[22:44] <@Golden> I already brought in Himitsu no Akko-chan
[22:44] <@Golden> And Sally the Witch is on the edge
[22:45] <LurkingGoblin> kk, that's good
[22:45] <Winchester> Does Cutey Honey fit? (Don't know anything about her except...Go Nagai.)
[22:45] <@Golden> No
[22:45] <LurkingGoblin> just wanted to make sure we didn't forget the originals
[22:45] <@Golden> An expy might
[22:45] <Winchester> Btw...Kekko Kamen?
[22:45] <Winchester> :D
[22:45] <LurkingGoblin> also amuses me to no end that BFP wouldn't exist without Bewitched having existed
[22:46] <LurkingGoblin> thank you twichy nosed witch, you gave up Akiko getting mindfucked and PMMM
[22:46] <LurkingGoblin> XD
[22:46] <Filraen> yes, and? =)
[22:47] <Filraen> oh, well... I have to go now, bye everyone
[22:47] <LurkingGoblin> heh, to bad magic is open in Kiki, would be awesome to have her delivering packages for the alliance
[22:47] <Winchester> Again, how about Kekko Kamen? :D
[22:48] <@Golden> Kiki could be brought in through porting
[22:48] <LurkingGoblin> omg wait... we could have Kiki's timeline start AFTER the reveal, and have her as a magical messenger for the alliance....
[22:48] <LurkingGoblin> *explodes*
[22:48] * Filraen (cgiirc@9C5D5597.D370A1A5.A0E2E3E.IP) has left #Fantasia
[22:48] <Winchester> Lol
[22:48] <LurkingGoblin> As of now Kiki is the Alliances errand girl
[22:49] <LurkingGoblin> XD
[22:49] <Angry_Desu> So... Coffee-runner?
[22:50] <Winchester> She delivers delicious cake.
[22:50] <LurkingGoblin> well more delivering magical packages from one base to another
[22:50] <LurkingGoblin> and cake of course
[22:50] <Angry_Desu> "Yes, my work is invaluable. Have you /seen/ what commander Yagami is like without her coffee?" *shudders* "I keep everyone who works under her alive."
[22:50] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[22:51] <Winchester> Yami hears the above: I must have stronger coffee than Yagami!
[22:51] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[22:51] <Angry_Desu> Oh god.
[22:51] <Winchester> Thus sparking the coffee wars, which end after their followers on both sides tie them into a bed to detox them from caffeine overdoses.
[22:52] <@Golden> *reads up on Kekko Kamen*
[22:52] <Angry_Desu> "We don't speak about the coffee contest. It ended with them on massive caffeine rushes - damn near everyone within several miles was spontaniously ruined for marriage."
[22:52] <LurkingGoblin> also at Winchester: NAUGHTY kekko kamen is teh hentai!!!
[22:52] <Winchester> :D
[22:52] <@Golden> Actually it's shonen
[22:52] <@Golden> :p
[22:52] <LurkingGoblin> bs that's hentai, did you image search it?
[22:53] <Winchester> Definite fodder for the "we aren't including this ever", right?
[22:53] <LurkingGoblin> oh god I think it got a live action!
[22:53] <@Golden> Of course and it did
[22:53] <@Golden> It's actually a shonen series
[22:53] <@Golden> Miraculous I know
[22:54] <Winchester> It's not actual hentai, it's just full of nudity. Lower body anime anatomy etc
[22:54] <LurkingGoblin>
[22:54] <Winchester> And I was actually looking for something else when I found this, I was just misremembering the name
[22:54] <LurkingGoblin> HENTAI
[22:54] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[22:55] <LurkingGoblin> also that's nsfw
[22:55] <LurkingGoblin> I should have mentioned that first
[22:55] <LurkingGoblin> =P
[22:55] <Winchester> IRC is NSFW
[22:55] <LurkingGoblin> lol
[22:56] <Winchester> Chatting while you should be working? Hand in your keys, go home, we'll send a box with your things.
[22:56] <Winchester> Doesn't even need to be raunchy.
[22:57] <LurkingGoblin> true
[22:57] <@Golden> We might be able to fit Cutey Honey
[22:57] <LurkingGoblin> though some jobs allow for down time
[22:58] <Winchester> The list of things that are NSFW is way larger than the one of NSFK things (Not Safe for Kids)
[22:58] <LurkingGoblin> as for CH, eh' I would say no, but we have plenty of "fighty" MGs running around so yeah I can see it
[22:59] <LurkingGoblin> I just haven't watched it/have no interest in doing so
[22:59] <@Golden> It's just hard considering she's an android
[22:59] <LurkingGoblin> oh
[22:59] <Winchester> Another oddball idea: Kamen no Maid Guy
[22:59] <LurkingGoblin> well that makes it easier to say no to it
[23:00] <LurkingGoblin> also nix on Kamen, as amusing as it is
[23:00] <LurkingGoblin> once we go there we dive to far into "crack"
[23:00] <LurkingGoblin> we kinda want to avoid that
[23:00] <LurkingGoblin> we have enough as it is
[23:01] <LurkingGoblin> especially later on
[23:01] <LurkingGoblin> But Yami is comic relief after the NF, Paradoxs, and PMMM stuff
[23:01] <Winchester> Also, not serious at all this time, I remember a forum avatar I saw some place with an anime dude wearing a speedo-like thingy (except the sides went over the shoulders!) and a mask. Does anyone have a clue who that was?
[23:02] <Winchester> The character, that is?
[23:02] * havocfett ( has joined #Fantasia
[23:02] <@Golden> no
[23:03] <@Golden> But we have two versions of Cutie Honey we can use.
[23:03] <@Golden>
[23:03] <@Golden> THis is the second.
[23:04] <LurkingGoblin> also just found this on what we were talking about a second ago
[23:04] <LurkingGoblin>
[23:04] <LurkingGoblin> =P
[23:06] <Winchester> I'm considering adding an entry for it on the list of "things not included in BFP"
[23:06] <LurkingGoblin> that broke all your minds didn't it?
[23:06] <@Golden> no
[23:06] <@Golden> Already exists in the Master List.
[23:07] <LurkingGoblin> it does?
[23:07] <@Golden> No
[23:07] <@Golden> The things we're not using.
[23:07] * havocfett ( Quit
[23:08] <Winchester> There's a section for that somewhere, but it lists only Ranma, Negima, and I don't remember the third thing
[23:09] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: like your idea on the Swedish girls
[23:09] <Winchester> Thanks
[23:09] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: somehow, Astrid makes me think of the Astrid in Skyrim
[23:09] <Thy-Robocop> no particular reason
[23:10] <Thy-Robocop> just name resemblance I guess
[23:10] <@Golden> And there's this...
[23:10] <@Golden>
[23:10] <LurkingGoblin> huh, when did we ban Shugo Chara and Princess Tutu?
[23:10] <@Golden> If we can't use the regular Cuite Honey
[23:10] <@Golden> Princess Tutu was banned because it couldn't be fit as was.
[23:10] <LurkingGoblin>
[23:12] <@Golden>!
[23:12] <@Golden> Or this
[23:12] <Winchester> How come that isn't linked on the front page?
[23:12] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, I should really post my ideas for the UK magical girls somewhere
[23:12] <@Golden> It's in the favorites list.
[23:12] <Thy-Robocop> I was going to post it sooner
[23:13] <Thy-Robocop> but then getting stuck here and arguing with Darth is rather time consuming
[23:13] <Thy-Robocop> speaking of which, what is the current status with Arc 2?
[23:14] <Winchester> Unwritten!
[23:14] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: aye, thanks Captain Obvious
[23:14] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: and who are the other guys who have created MG's in their home enviroment?
[23:14] <Winchester> We're never going to agree on what it will look like until someone starts pumping out snippets. :D
[23:15] <Thy-Robocop> apart from me obviously
[23:15] <Thy-Robocop> let's hope Rhaka does a good job for it, then
[23:16] <Thy-Robocop> and I hope Gamlain gets back to me with his feedback on my story
[23:16] <Winchester> There's one OC american with a military dad somewhere in the thread, and someone was writing stuff set in germany
[23:17] <Thy-Robocop> so that I can fix the ending of the story at least
[23:17] <Thy-Robocop> Winchester: I remember them
[23:17] <@Golden> I have a way to solve our Arc 2 issues
[23:17] <Angry_Desu> But murder is illegal!
[23:18] <@Golden> NO
[23:18] <Winchester> ...end the story after arc 1?
[23:18] <Winchester> :D
[23:18] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: what?
[23:18] <Thy-Robocop> I mean, of course it's illegal
[23:19] <Thy-Robocop> but what's the context?
[23:19] <Angry_Desu> fixing arc 2.
[23:19] <Winchester> AD was implying that we were going to murder everyone who disagreed with us
[23:19] <Angry_Desu> It's a tried and tested method that has defined humanity throughout it's life!
[23:19] <Thy-Robocop> wait, were we really planning on murdering someone?
[23:20] <Thy-Robocop> ...
[23:20] <Angry_Desu> No.
[23:20] <@Golden> I figured out a way to make the story worl.
[23:20] <LurkingGoblin> *kills everyone else, has the MA as a non combat side threat while some DKs pose the combat threat*
[23:20] <@Golden> work
[23:20] <LurkingGoblin> *eats cake*
[23:20] <@Golden> We were discussing Cutie Honey as a possibility to include
[23:20] <@Golden> It's the most famous show of the 70s
[23:20] <@Golden> Problem is the original series doesn't fit.
[23:20] <@Golden> For obvious reasons
[23:21] <@Golden> But one of the reboots from the last decade does.
[23:21] <@Golden>!
[23:23] <Winchester> Looks at author credits: Oh My!
[23:23] <@Golden> It also has the advantage of being incomplete so we can mold the story how we wish it.
[23:24] <Winchester> was written by Go Nagai and Anno Hideaki...
[23:25] <Winchester> My brain, it is on fire!
[23:27] <@Golden> Does anyone else have any comments?
[23:28] <Winchester> Is Honey still an android in this one?
[23:29] <@Golden> Yeah
[23:29] <@Golden> Some Honey elements aren't going to change
[23:29] <@Golden> But the main issue with the original Cutie Honey is timeframe
[23:30] <@Golden> How androids were perceived to be in the 70s is different than it is now
[23:30] <@Golden> It would be incompatible with BFP.
[23:31] <LurkingGoblin> eh' idk. what do we get out of it besides an even more sexist then most MG who is physical based?
[23:31] <@Golden> We get Panther Claw
[23:32] <LurkingGoblin> *eyebrow*
[23:32] <@Golden> The main enemy of Cutie Honey
[23:33] <LurkingGoblin> ok, well, what makes them awesome?
[23:34] <@Golden> Keep in mind Cutie Honey is a somewhat dark MG series.
[23:34] <@Golden> Though the anime makes it seem very campy, it's actually very creepy.
[23:35] <@Golden> Panther Claw kills Honey's father and wants to take over the world.
[23:36] <@Golden> And, in the original series, they have a primordial evil named Panther Zora
[23:37] <@Golden> They're pretty much greedy fucks who would be a solid part of the DK alliance in Arc 2.
[23:38] <@Golden> And Cutie also holds the love/justice theme of traditional MGs
[23:39] <Thy-Robocop> hmm
[23:40] <@Golden> The main problem and reason she hasn't been banned from the project is because we simply had no place to put her at the time.
[23:41] <@Golden> Plus, we get another group not connected to Chaos.
[23:43] <LurkingGoblin> I guess we could add her
[23:43] <@Golden> And there's going to be a live-action Akko-chan film it seems.
[23:44] <LurkingGoblin> That amused me
[23:44] <LurkingGoblin> I intend to watch it
[23:44] <LurkingGoblin> hope it's as good an adaption as SB:Yamato or Blood
[23:45] <LurkingGoblin> I <3 SB: Yamato and Blood
[23:46] <Thy-Robocop> hmm
[23:47] <@Golden> They literally take decades to do work for that show.
[23:47] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[23:47] <Thy-Robocop> DarthArtemis: hello
[23:47] <DarthArtemis> sup
[23:48] <Winchester> my postcount.
[23:48] <@Golden> DarthArtemis: What do you think of adding Cutie Honey to BFP?
[23:48] <DarthArtemis> let me check that one
[23:49] <LurkingGoblin> hey darth, and what show are you referring to battle? what show took decades to work on?
[23:49] <@Golden> Himitsu no Akko-chan
[23:49] <LurkingGoblin> ahhh
[23:50] <@Golden> This is the first movie ever made in 40 years of its existance.
[23:51] <DarthArtemis> doesn't CH use science to fight monsters?
[23:51] <@Golden> It's also a MG series
[23:51] <@Golden> The science is so advanced that it can be considered magic.
[23:51] <DarthArtemis> <_<
[23:51] <@Golden> The problem was we couldn't use the original series
[23:52] <@Golden> Obvious reasons
[23:52] <@Golden> Mostly there was no real place for her.
[23:52] <DarthArtemis> well i haven't seen CH so I can't really comment on it, but magical energy is required to hurt monsters in our present setup
[23:53] <DarthArtemis> "sufficiently advanced technology" wouldn't work unless it had an explicitly magical component, like devices or Striker Units
[23:53] <Angry_Desu> daaarth. more snip happened
[23:53] <Angry_Desu> Gosh knows how.
[23:53] <@Golden> Her opponents aren't really a Dark Kingdom though
[23:53] <@Golden> They are Panther Claw
[23:53] <Angry_Desu> I blame beer.
[23:54] <DarthArtemis> i saw desu, good work
[23:54] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: I am liking this new style
[23:54] <DarthArtemis> I think I'm going to dump the Home Front snippets into the start of chapter 5 and end with the demolition of the factory
[23:54] <@Golden> And she can hurt them
[23:54] <@Golden> GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!
[23:54] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: less wordy and more to the point
[23:54] <@Golden> WE GET gamlain AWESOME TODAY!
[23:55] <DarthArtemis> yaaaaaaaay
[23:55] <LurkingGoblin> eh' I say we nix CH. I'm not seeing anything in it we need really
[23:55] <Thy-Robocop> Angry_Desu: less wordy
[23:55] <Thy-Robocop> LurkingGoblin: yeah, that's my feeling too
[23:55] <@Golden> Adding to the DK alliance thing we're planning for Arc 2.
[23:56] <DarthArtemis> i could possibly see a use for her when Jail becomes an issue
[23:56] <LurkingGoblin> also i watched this film, we need to have a fight scene like the final one in BFP somewhere
[23:56] <LurkingGoblin>
[23:56] <Thy-Robocop> LurkingGoblin: the last shitstorm started off because havocfett said we had too many characters in that arc
[23:57] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: how do you know we are getting gamlain awesome today?
[23:57] <Angry_Desu> Clearly he has gam at gunpoint.
[23:57] <@Golden> Because I have gamlain on my Yahoo
[23:57] <DarthArtemis> CH's powers work as experimental magitech if we want to go that direction, but it's best to hold off on the tech for a few more arcs
[23:58] <LurkingGoblin> eh' we have enough of that with SW, Stratos and my abandoned because I left Gunslinger girl stuff
[23:58] <LurkingGoblin> don't really need more
[23:59] <@Golden> You'd be surprised how often people go on different tangents
Session Time: Thu Feb 16 00:00:00 2012
[00:00] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: oh right
[00:00] <Angry_Desu> pfff. You missed Girls vs Monkeys and Nanoha with banana in the face.
[00:00] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: has he said anything about my story by any chance?
[00:00] <@Golden> no
[00:00] <@Golden> He's been too busy
[00:01] <Thy-Robocop> understandable
[00:01] <DarthArtemis> who, gam? or fett?
[00:02] <@Golden> gam
[00:04] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, I really should start putting up more of my ideas onto the thread
[00:04] <Thy-Robocop> I just need time to write them down
[00:09] <LurkingGoblin> did we ever figure out what we were doing with the whole first couple chapters and if we were gonna change them or not?
[00:09] <@Golden> To a degree
[00:09] <@Golden> The first chapter is going to be heavily revised while the second is going to be lightly touched on
[00:10] <LurkingGoblin> I think my net crashed during that convo yesterday and I missed it
[00:10] <LurkingGoblin> ahhh alright
[00:10] <LurkingGoblin> did we decide what characters were going to be added?
[00:10] <Winchester> Hmm. New chapter of the BRS: Innocent Soul manga
[00:10] <Thy-Robocop> ok, got to do a few things here
[00:10] <Thy-Robocop> but I will be right back
[00:11] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: can you set up that private chat thinghy? I want to continue that discussion
[00:11] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: as much as I can fit in before I go to sleep
[00:15] <DarthArtemis> i just posted an outline of chapter 6
[00:15] <LurkingGoblin> allright well I'm gonna go, gots stuff to do sadly. will see y'all later
[00:16] <LurkingGoblin> *waves*
[00:16] <DarthArtemis> give it a quick look-see, i need to go back to class in about 10 minutes
[00:18] <LurkingGoblin> it looks solid
[00:18] <Angry_Desu> I think the 'morning talk' might be the better idea for the next bit of my snips
[00:18] <LurkingGoblin> well i'm out, *waves for reals this time*
[00:18] * LurkingGoblin ( has left #Fantasia
[00:18] <DarthArtemis> yeah, lead off with that bit about Akiko trying to sneak out and tripping over arf, then have everyone wake up and get a briefing over breakfast
[00:19] <Angry_Desu> Nanoha acts uncomfortable around Fate, Lindy and Chrono observe, Amy reveals what she's got from device logs so far - then suggests taking Akiko up to the Athra for a full medical.
[00:19] <Angry_Desu> Well, part medical part 'more proof of what we can do to help'
[00:19] * DarthArtemis snaps fingers
[00:19] <DarthArtemis> and then we get Akiko's panic attack
[00:20] <@Golden> Which you still haven't finished Desu
[00:20] <Angry_Desu> I like the idea of Akiko tripping over arf... i could see Arf being stationed outside the door to that room.
[00:20] <DarthArtemis> i was wondering if that was still canon or not
[00:20] <@Golden> *glares*
[00:20] <Angry_Desu> So was I!
[00:20] * @Golden takes the hammer to Angry_Desu
[00:20] <Angry_Desu> Now we have a lead-in, it can be! ... so i better finish it, huh
[00:21] <DarthArtemis> this works well for us because Gamlain's work on Sailor Nothing has nobody else doing anything for most of a day or two. We need stuff to plug in to that space in the meantime
[00:21] <DarthArtemis> some snippets of the Senshi dealing with crank calls from the news stunt
[00:22] <DarthArtemis> some of the police clean-up of the V for Vendetta fight
[00:22] <Angry_Desu> ooh, yeah. panic snips as they stand have shamal mentioned as going up too.
[00:23] <Angry_Desu> ... HAH
[00:23] <Angry_Desu> I have pre-empted myself it seems, since Lindy in the latest bit mentions calling shamal over for the next morning.
[00:23] <DarthArtemis> and desu, make sure the morning debriefing snippet makes mention of nobody wanting to take any more action against the Factory until they have more information. that should hold down the fort at the Harlaown house until the Crimson Tears arc goes into full swing
[00:24] <Angry_Desu> Okay. So akiko tries to sneak out, trips over arf, wakes others.
[00:24] <Winchester> For once, I'm about to fall asleep at a decent hour (20 minutes past midnight local), so I'll be going now. Don't burn the house down...
[00:24] <@Golden> At least until the NF counterattacks
[00:24] <Angry_Desu> Breakfast ensues, with awkward Nanoha. and then a briefing in which Lindy declares it too dangerous to go after them again - not without a proper plan and backup.
[00:24] <DarthArtemis> cue the backup
[00:25] <Angry_Desu> Nanoha and Fate... would they have school?
[00:25] <@Golden> No
[00:25] <@Golden> If I remember right, it's almost summer vacation
[00:25] <Angry_Desu> I'm just wondering what they do that day while Amy and Akiko (and Shamal) are in Spaaaaaaaaace
[00:25] <Winchester> Good night?
[00:25] <DarthArtemis> their parents can call in for them if need be
[00:25] <DarthArtemis> night win
[00:25] <Angry_Desu> g'night win
[00:25] <@Golden> Or their equivilents
[00:25] <@Golden> night winchester
[00:26] <DarthArtemis> i gotta go too, catch y'all later
[00:26] * DarthArtemis (cgiirc@D83A2C77.13A6EE6B.508AFB4E.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[00:26] * Winchester ( Quit
[00:34] <@Golden> Angry_Desu: Do you remember my First NDC and Mara snippets?
[00:35] <Angry_Desu> Mara you had smushing some faceless minions right?
[00:35] <Angry_Desu> NDC i also remember, but it doesn't stick in my mind as much
[00:35] <@Golden> And looking for the cause of the anamoly
[00:38] <@Golden> Well I'll be going away for a bit too.
[00:38] <@Golden> See ya later
[00:38] * @Golden ( has left #Fantasia
[00:42] <Angry_Desu> Sooooo
[00:42] <Angry_Desu> Watching some twat try to defend Argentina on tv.
[00:42] <Angry_Desu> Cannot facepalm hard enough.
[00:45] <Angry_Desu> The anti-argentina guy just makes the pro-one look... really stupid.
[00:48] <Thy-Robocop> eh?
[00:48] <Angry_Desu> pro-argentina guy: "The rest of the world backs argentina on this"
[00:49] <Thy-Robocop> on what?
[00:49] <Angry_Desu> anti-argentina guy: "I'm sorry to break it to you, but the rest of the world honestly doesn't give a shit."
[00:49] <Angry_Desu> The falklands, ownership of.
[00:50] <Angry_Desu> The pro-argentina guy is basically... the stupidity makes Darth look like frikkin' Stephen Hawking.
[00:50] <Angry_Desu> "we should just give everyone there a million pounds to relocate them to yorkshire in england. Then give the islands to argentina."
[00:50] <Thy-Robocop> ...
[00:51] <Thy-Robocop> meh
[00:51] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, what did you think of the latest discussion
[00:51] <Thy-Robocop> and my comeback?
[00:51] <Angry_Desu> Things seem to be actually, y'know, settling some.
[00:52] * havocfett ( has joined #Fantasia
[00:52] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: hello
[00:52] <Angry_Desu> Darth has been sounding like he's actually /considering/ dropping the MA - which is a massive, massive step forward.
[00:52] <havocfett> Cool
[00:52] <havocfett> Hello Thy
[00:52] <havocfett> I apologize, but I could not resist making fun of the, uh, Trike Dan-Heron posted in the thread.
[00:53] <Thy-Robocop> no need to apologize
[00:53] <Angry_Desu> It is kind of... ridiculous
[00:53] <Thy-Robocop> and I always find it funny people calling me Thy
[00:53] <Thy-Robocop> since, you know, "thy" is old english for "yours"
[00:53] <havocfett> It looks like the bastard offspring of a Motorcycle, a wheelbarrow, and a pikeblock
[00:53] <havocfett> Heh
[00:53] <Angry_Desu> You're one step away from being mr.Thou!
[00:53] <havocfett> I thought Dan-Heron would be in the chatroom.
[00:54] <havocfett> Probably wouldn't have apologized otherwise.
[00:54] <havocfett> How does that thing /turn/?
[00:54] <Angry_Desu> I think the rear wheel is meant to...
[00:55] <Angry_Desu> Looking at it the seat part seems detatched from the rear mudguard, and there seems to be one point of connection and what may be something like hydralic pistons either side.
[00:55] <Angry_Desu> Which would be... plausible? But not very practical.
[00:55] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, I was just talking with Battle about a problem I have in my snippet
[00:56] <Thy-Robocop> hopefully you can help me out here
[00:56] <havocfett> But the seat and some of the side connectors are directly attached to it
[00:56] <havocfett> OK
[00:56] * Golden ( has joined #Fantasia
[00:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Golden
[00:56] <havocfett> What's the problem
[00:56] <havocfett> And/or a link to hte snippet
[00:56] <@Golden> Back
[00:56] <havocfett> Hey Battle
[00:56] <@Golden> What's being discussed now?
[00:56] <Thy-Robocop> but it is really dependand on what's actually decided to go on
[00:56] <Angry_Desu> The seat isn't, no. There's a gap between the seat itself and the rear mudguard which is attached to the wheel.
[00:56] <Thy-Robocop> Golden: just mentioned here the problem I was talking about
[00:57] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: and the snippet has not been published
[00:57] <@Golden> Ah
[00:57] <@Golden> I've read it
[00:57] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: as, well, it's still in first draft
[00:57] <@Golden> It's...unique
[00:57] <Angry_Desu> the side connectors are iffier, but to my eye they have an element of seeming like some kind of pistons which would twist the wheel.
[00:57] <havocfett> Might work.
[00:57] <Angry_Desu> Weird as fuck but maybe workable.
[00:57] <havocfett> So, what's hte problem Thy.
[00:57] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: I can send it by e-mail to you if you're interested
[00:57] <havocfett> It would result in /really/ weird turning circles
[00:57] <havocfett> Pastebin/type with me would be preferred
[00:57] <Angry_Desu> Can't see it working at /speed/, but it you see it more like a one-person light tank kind of thing then perhaps.
[00:58] <@Golden> He doesn't use Mibbit
[00:58] <havocfett> Oh
[00:58] <havocfett> Send it to
[00:58] <@Golden> You can tell by the blue thing next to his name
[00:58] <havocfett> And that is my assigned university email, so try not to screw me over with it.
[00:59] <Angry_Desu> The other option would be the front two wheels turning - but they don't seem to have the space to do so - or the entire front half almost pivots. Which would be stupid/insane more than anything.
[00:59] <Thy-Robocop> as in, not send viruses or NSFW stuff right?
[00:59] <havocfett> Yes
[00:59] <Thy-Robocop> ok
[01:02] <Thy-Robocop> havocfett: sent
[01:02] <@Golden> Be careful havoc
[01:02] <@Golden> It does change fonts halfway through
[01:03] <Thy-Robocop> yeah
[01:03] <Thy-Robocop> problems on keeping it on Dropbox, and using my iPod to type the stuff
[01:03] <havocfett> Haven't recieved it yet
[01:04] <Thy-Robocop> the font change is basically the bit where I typed on the computer rather than on the iPod
[01:04] <Thy-Robocop> and any spelling mistakes I blame on the iPod too
[01:05] <Thy-Robocop> anyway, the problem I have, is with Maddie's enemies
[01:06] <Thy-Robocop> currently, I have an attempt by the English Witness Protection Scheme group (I need a better name for them) to shut her down
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> while she handles the UK magical girl social network
[01:07] <Thy-Robocop> and then Maddie moves to London, tries to get in touch with Gil
[01:08] <Thy-Robocop> and basically walkes into a group of EWPS agents with MA allies who are planning to take out Gil, and mindwipe the royal family
[01:09] <Thy-Robocop> and Maddie stalls them long enough to attract the attention of friendly mages to take them out
[01:12] <Thy-Robocop> the problem I have, is I need to be sure who's actually going to be in that joint operation, if there even is one at this point
[01:12] <Thy-Robocop> and I will need to find out what would make the MA agents more MA
[01:13] <Thy-Robocop> since I don't know much about the series
[01:13] <havocfett> You did send it to, correct?
[01:13] <havocfett> Try resending to
[01:14] * Thy-Robocop ( has left #Fantasia
[01:14] * Thy-Robocop_ ( has joined #Fantasia
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop_> damn
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop_> pressed the wrong button
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop_> did I miss anything?
[01:15] <Thy-Robocop_> after my massive post?
[01:16] <havocfett> I asked you to try to resend it to bighouse@ucdavis
[01:16] <havocfett> .edu
[01:16] <havocfett> Because I'm not recieving it
[01:16] <Thy-Robocop_> ...
[01:16] <Thy-Robocop_> didn't it end in gmail?
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop_> because that was the address you gave me
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop_> ...
[01:17] <havocfett> Yes, I have it set up to shunt all of the stuff that goes to the gmail account to the ucdavis account.
[01:17] <havocfett> But it evidently did not work
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop_> ah
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop_> so I haven't sent it to some random stranger then
[01:17] <Thy-Robocop_> thank goodness for that
[01:17] <havocfett> Yes
[01:19] <Thy-Robocop_> right, sent again
[01:19] <Thy-Robocop_> and speaking of having things fit in
[01:19] <havocfett> Recieved and reading
[01:21] <havocfett> It is very....weirdly written
[01:21] <Angry_Desu> hmm. considering how to describe that trike...
[01:21] <@Golden> It's Second Person
[01:22] <havocfett> The second person thing doesn't really work very well, in my opinion
[01:22] <havocfett> It works better for short pieces
[01:22] <@Golden> Or for dream sequences
[01:22] <havocfett> Yeah
[01:23] <havocfett> This is long enough that it would work better as a first person segment.
[01:23] <Thy-Robocop_> havocfett: well, I only just started experimenting with second person
[01:23] <Thy-Robocop_> havocfett: and I have seen it being pulled off pretty well in a full length novel, which is what inspired me to try
[01:24] <havocfett> Ah
[01:24] <Thy-Robocop_> the novel is "Rule 34" by Charles Stross, in case you are wondering
[01:24] <havocfett> Right
[01:24] <havocfett> Anyways, I gotta go to class
[01:24] <havocfett> I'll try and get you a more complete review shortly.
[01:24] <Thy-Robocop_> ok
[01:24] <Thy-Robocop_> right
[01:25] <Thy-Robocop_> send it by PM or mail or something
[01:25] <Thy-Robocop_> as I probably won't be here
[01:25] <havocfett> OK
[01:25] * havocfett ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[01:26] <Thy-Robocop_> very well
[01:27] <Thy-Robocop_> I need to go to sleep now
[01:27] <Thy-Robocop_> I'm lucky that I don't have a 9.15 start this week
[01:28] * Tatsunohouou ( has joined #Fantasia
[01:28] <Tatsunohouou> Yo
[01:28] <Tatsunohouou> Just currious. who is awake on the thread?
[01:28] <Angry_Desu> you missed... almost everyone!
[01:29] <Tatsunohouou> Lackey. you forgot. This is me. I'm king of bad timing
[01:29] <Tatsunohouou> anyone still awake at all?
[01:29] <@Golden> I am here
[01:29] <Tatsunohouou> hello Golden.
[01:29] <@Golden> Golden = Battle
[01:29] <Thy-Robocop_> I am here for just 3 seconds now
[01:29] <Tatsunohouou> ah! Battle.
[01:30] <Thy-Robocop_> see ya all
[01:30] <Thy-Robocop_> gotta go
[01:30] <Tatsunohouou> later
[01:30] <Tatsunohouou> Its nice to talk to people in real time
[01:30] <Tatsunohouou> btw.... Swedish Magical Girls???
[01:31] <Tatsunohouou> do you mean true neutral or.... nationality
[01:31] <Tatsunohouou> ?
[01:32] <Tatsunohouou> Battle? Angry?
[01:34] * Thy-Robocop_ ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[01:36] <Angry_Desu> Ah, sorry.
[01:36] * gamlain ( has joined #Fantasia
[01:36] <gamlain> wauugh.
[01:36] <Angry_Desu> Making an attempt at describing Rock's ride =P
[01:37] <@Golden> Talking with gamlain
[01:37] <gamlain> It's the love child of a combat motorcycle and a dragon. What else is there to say? :P
[01:38] <Angry_Desu> It's called the 'Trike' because it has three wheels! And that's really the only thing nice anyone can say about it.
[01:38] <Angry_Desu> ...
[01:39] <gamlain> heh
[01:39] <Angry_Desu> It disturbs me that i just realized i seem to imagine a lot of my sarky comments or lines as if they were being read by comedian Dara O'brien.
[01:39] <Tatsunohouou> ...nothing?
[01:39] <Tatsunohouou> oh, and hello Gam, nice to meet ya in real time
[01:39] <Angry_Desu> The worst thing is that i now suspect i'm the only one here who knows who he is.
[01:39] <Tatsunohouou> ^^ lot easier to chat
[01:42] <gamlain> Angry: Certainly I don't, but I can only stand comedy in person.
[01:42] <gamlain> hello there. :)
[01:42] <Angry_Desu>
[01:43] <Angry_Desu> That's him in one of my favorite parts - taling about videogames as a guy who /actually/ plays them.
[01:43] <Tatsunohouou> Gam, can I ask your thoughts on something
[01:44] <gamlain> Anyone can ask something of me. If I have thoughts left after trying to channel the Ancient Prince and Queen, that's questionable. Ask away
[01:44] <Tatsunohouou> Remeber my comments on Mighty Max, and the Kekkaishi cafe?
[01:44] <Tatsunohouou> do we want either included?
[01:46] <Tatsunohouou> I have no idea WHAT the current boards thoughts on either things are
[01:47] <@Golden> Nothing has changed for Kekkaishi
[01:47] <Tatsunohouou> Mighty Max, and the OC Alex, were to be a team based in America considering we originally wanted an american based team made from a possible magical girl series
[01:47] <@Golden> But Mighty Max is considered dead
[01:48] <Tatsunohouou> and the spy cafe is still currently allowed?
[01:48] <Angry_Desu> I liked the spy cafe...
[01:48] <gamlain> For my part...I'm sorry but I could never get over the sheere /campyness/ of MM Kekkaishi looked really cool and I wish there were more of it.
[01:48] <Angry_Desu> I just kind of like the idea of someone playing on the cliche of magical girls /constantly/ meeting up in cake shops and such.
[01:48] <Tatsunohouou> if you recall, we can ignore the universe of Mighty Max, and utilize the characters
[01:49] <Tatsunohouou> (something we REALLLLLLLLY should have been doing)
[01:49] <Tatsunohouou> but anyways. on the Kekkaishi thing. I take it you've read my posts on it?
[01:49] <gamlain> so I really have no opinion at all on MM untill writing is done on it. Because I know that once a writer gets ahold of something and feeds it through the blender what comes out of the other side may be beautifull keish.
[01:50] <Angry_Desu> keish?
[01:50] <gamlain> Tatsu: I need to go back about ten pages and reread stuff. I have read some of the earlier posts on it, but if you did something recent, I haven't actually had time to properly read the thread since sunday.
[01:51] <gamlain> Quiche? Pie maybe? Not cake, because wall know about cake.
[01:51] <Angry_Desu> OH, quiche. right.
[01:52] <Tatsunohouou> was not able to post anything last few weeks
[01:52] <Tatsunohouou> dealing with a capstone class
[01:53] <Tatsunohouou> almost got my AS degree in IT :-p
[01:53] <gamlain> Then almost certainly. I do read it as well as I can keep up
[01:54] <Tatsunohouou> It was basicly following post-series Kekkaishi, with Yoshimori shoe-horned into a ownership-partnership involving MA (or whoever) in order to listen to magic girls discussing and learn weaknesses
[01:55] <Tatsunohouou> Yoshimori's largest weakness being his family and Tokine. (Post series. it hinted he still had his powers)
[01:56] <Tatsunohouou> sound framiliar?
[01:56] <Angry_Desu> It may have been waaaay too far back tats
[01:56] <gamlain> yep.
[01:56] <gamlain> It was, but I have a good memory
[01:57] <Tatsunohouou> Anyone by chance READ Kekkaishi
[01:57] <Angry_Desu> It worked back when the MA was sneaky and political and backstabbing, but notsomuch when they do stupid shit.
[01:57] <gamlain> Actually no, in fact. c.c sorry ^^;;
[01:58] <gamlain> *mutters at my brain, which has been throwing around MA thoughts that are totally counter to everything*
[01:58] <Tatsunohouou> ignore MA, it doesn't exist. Think of a proxy org and play with THAT
[01:58] <Tatsunohouou> ....hence the point of "focus on characters" and kinda let their story make their plot
[01:58] <Tatsunohouou> isn't that SRW?
[01:59] <Tatsunohouou> I mean their universes dont mesh well, and some belong to completely diffrent universes and timelines
[01:59] <Tatsunohouou> BUT. the characters and story were able to appear
[01:59] <Tatsunohouou> heck. look into Super Sentai Gokaiger
[02:00] <gamlain> I don't actually have any problem with it, I just had a thought that keeps bugging me and is totally different in a lot of ways from everything that's been discussed.
[02:00] <Tatsunohouou> example of a crossover done PERFECTLY
[02:00] <Angry_Desu> Not... really. it has many flaws.
[02:00] <Tatsunohouou> which thing?
[02:00] <gamlain> Tatsu: All of them.
[02:01] <Tatsunohouou> Kekkaishi? MA?
[02:01] <Angry_Desu> A better example would be SRW Alpha, when Shinji Ikari of Evangelion gets to tell... It was one of the Gundam SEED main characters, though i forget who, to MAN THE FUCK UP.
[02:01] <Tatsunohouou> Kira.
[02:01] <Tatsunohouou> Kira Yamato apparently the Gundam universe Jesus
[02:01] <gamlain> Oh, MA. Sorry, I don't know Kekkashi well enough to give good comments. It looks interesting and I ought to track it down...I just don't have the reference.
[02:02] <Angry_Desu> The fact that Shinji, through interactions with other cast, has changed to a point where /he/ of all people can tell someone to man up is what makes crossovers work.
[02:02] <Tatsunohouou> Gam, one thing bout Kekkaishi? characters are unique and awesome.
[02:02] <Tatsunohouou> villians suck
[02:02] <gamlain> *cries at the four or five series and nine games I'm not playing right now*
[02:02] <Tatsunohouou> majorly
[02:02] <gamlain> aaah.
[02:02] <Angry_Desu> Too many people tend to want characters to... y'know... be who they are in canon in the crossover. Even though that makes no fucking sense since the situations and relationships are now massively altered which, in turn, will alter their character at least some.
[02:03] <@Golden> In most cases, it doesn't actually change their core characters much
[02:03] <Angry_Desu> This isn't a comment on BF btw, but crossovers in general.
[02:03] <Tatsunohouou> Gam. how many kid characters in ANY series shout out "I'll make you respect my sweatpants!"
[02:03] <gamlain> Tats: ....too damn many, Tats. I have an unfortunate acquaintance with Shonen.
[02:03] <Angry_Desu> that's not really a line which invokes respect.
[02:04] <Tatsunohouou> no. it invokes a shonen protagonist not being overly mature.
[02:04] <Tatsunohouou> which is rare.
[02:04] <Tatsunohouou> they either are overly battle hungry, or overly smart
[02:05] <gamlain> Depends on which shonen series you read. Wish I could remember the terms - there's 'hard' shonen, 'vicious' shonen and 'dork' shonen. There are actually a lot of Dork Shonen.
[02:05] <Angry_Desu> Battle: True, it would be silly to change the core character. Usagi, for example, could never become an evil person simply because of meeting people in a crossover.
[02:06] <Tatsunohouou> Just as a question. How many characters CAN we simply just use as characters
[02:06] <Angry_Desu> However she (at least early Usagi) could fluctuate between being dippy/airheaded and being more dedicated depending on how events and people affect her.
[02:06] <@Golden> Of course.
[02:06] <Tatsunohouou> without adapting their full universe
[02:06] <gamlain> I could list four or five easy, but they're fairly obscure.
[02:07] <Angry_Desu> But extend that chain logically - a more dedicated Usagi, for example, is liable to train herself more. This in turn leads to potentially some easier fights which she otherwise won through luck/deus ex/kamen intervention. Which in turn changes how she's viewed as a threat and how others see her, etc, etc.
[02:08] <Angry_Desu> usagi herself isn't liable to change personality much - but even a small change can affect quite a lot.
[02:08] <Tatsunohouou> Part of what I recall being the issue is we kinda started merging several universe stuff together.
[02:08] <Tatsunohouou> ....and yes. I'm looking at Nasu verse. and then at Cures. alot.
[02:09] <Angry_Desu> I admit BF usagi, being post series, is much less liable to change simply because she's far more set in who she is now. But someone more impressionable could change a bit.
[02:10] <Angry_Desu> Someone (Darth i think) brought up the idea of Yuri from Heartcatch precure becoming a magical girl a bit earlier due to events being felt around. In turn that can drastically change Yuri, who was heavily defined by how alone she had been in canon.
[02:10] <gamlain> Naturally.
[02:11] <Angry_Desu> PMMM-wise consider Mami, also defined heavily by being alone. That would change too.
[02:12] <@Golden> Not seriously.
[02:12] <Angry_Desu> Admittedly not as /much/ since a good chunk of Mami is also defined by her origin and her survival amidst the death of her family. But the effects would be mitigated a bit at least.
[02:12] <Angry_Desu> If only on a level of how 'having someone to talk to' can help begin to ease traumas in real life.
[02:13] <Angry_Desu> *even if only
[02:14] <Tatsunohouou> remind me what you and Battle are chatting on?
[02:14] <Tatsunohouou> *lost*
[02:15] <Angry_Desu> how crossovers can affect character traits and personalities due to altered situations and relationships.
[02:15] <gamlain> Sometime this weekend I want to see if I can go through and post at least a couple o flines about all the characters I'm using so far on the wiki in the char's section. Too late to start that now, I'm afraid...
[02:15] <Angry_Desu> They don't affect /core/ traits (they would be very unlikely to turn a good person into an evil one for example) but they can affect quite a bit.
[02:16] <Tatsunohouou> yeah. Crossovers can alter characters
[02:16] <Tatsunohouou> especially their motivations
[02:17] <Tatsunohouou> For instance, certain girls will feel less likely to 'answer the call' when others are around
[02:17] <Angry_Desu> And it's in such a way that SRW games tend to 'improve' bad ends of series/characters. Either by allowing options that weren't available in canon due to other characters now being around or by altering the choices a character makes due to hwo they've changed.
[02:17] <Tatsunohouou> one thing people often forget is alot of the girls do NOT want to be the defenders. they want to be themselves.
[02:18] <Tatsunohouou> *nod* and yes. this does give oppertunity to help other characters. (No. I'm not leading into the inevitable topic from there) but also change others for not so much the best.
[02:19] <Angry_Desu> Well that's really something later arcs should be looking at - especially when you consider the PMMM situation - the issue of 'Choice'.
[02:19] <Tatsunohouou> Homura goes from being desprate in trying to save the world (yes. its destroyed after Madoka transforms) and messes with time itself constantly
[02:20] <Angry_Desu> It was thrown about a bit that maybe Sayaka wouldn't necessarily become a puella because she now had other options she could consider trying before the Puella option even came up.
[02:20] <Tatsunohouou> If this were SRW, this would be an event quest. Where the count down is to protect Madoka and make SURE she doesn't go be a Magical Girl.
[02:20] <Angry_Desu> I don't know if that's a good idea or not honestly, but that sort of thing is how the cross can affect those who chose to be magical girls in return for something.
[02:21] <Angry_Desu> Or are guilted (kind of) into it by being 'the only ones who can'. That kind of falls flat when the girl can point at, say, BRS and go 'yeah, but she just killed the monster while you were talking to me'.
[02:21] <Tatsunohouou> Sayaka will travel the root to be a magical girl. She's the type, and likes to be a knight.
[02:21] <Tatsunohouou> and now with the alliance, she has several ways.
[02:22] <Tatsunohouou> Kyubei, TSAB, or Persona
[02:22] <Angry_Desu> Homura... in some ways is a huge coward, and i think she should be called on it.
[02:22] <Tatsunohouou> Yes, and no.
[02:23] <@Golden> It's more than that Angry_Desu
[02:23] <Tatsunohouou> She litterally had her world self distruct, and has been constantly fighting to perserve it. When that didn't work. She focused on the ONLY one who mattered to her and the root cause. Madoka
[02:23] <Angry_Desu> it really depends how much of 'her story' actually comes out.
[02:23] <gamlain> Momentary idle to make this.
[02:25] <Angry_Desu> Some may easily see her constant returning when Madoka witches/wishes as her giving up. That she also seems very set on the 'one solution' (make sure Madoka doesn't contract) is also kind of iffy.... especially when Madoka contracting ended up also causing 'the good end' as it were.
[02:26] <Angry_Desu> I'm not gonna argue how valid her actions are, but some are at least going to see them as not exactly shining examples of how to approach a problem.
[02:27] <Tatsunohouou> Hence the issue of multi-series.
[02:27] <Tatsunohouou> she IS a coward now.
[02:28] <Tatsunohouou> because the other magical girls would have something to stop the reality destroying abomination
[02:28] <Angry_Desu> She's a coward in the sense that she kept running away to 'try again', but she's not one in the sense that she went through all that shit over and over to save someone.
[02:28] <Tatsunohouou> its even in Madoka's witches description that the world ends.
[02:29] <Tatsunohouou> but yeah. thats a biggie
[02:30] <Angry_Desu> Well... assuming she's jumping in the same timeline - and not between alternate timelines - the immediate question would be 'did you actually stick around long enough to find out if anyone could actually fight it? Because we can and we presumably existed, even if you didn't know, in each prior loop too.'
[02:31] <Angry_Desu> It's it's alternate timeline jumping then things get... messier and more confusing.
[02:31] <Angry_Desu> But would be more forgivable since other magic might not have existed in those other timelines she went through.
[02:31] <gamlain> THat reminds me, Pluto needs to show back up in my snips soon.
[02:32] <Angry_Desu> Pluto is gonna need headache tablets.
[02:32] <@Golden> She's had good reason to be missing
[02:32] <Tatsunohouou> actually, if there is ANYONE to blast Homura. It's Pluto.
[02:32] <Angry_Desu> So damn many by the PMMM arc.
[02:32] <Tatsunohouou> and even then. I dont think she has any right.
[02:33] <gamlain> She's certainly not cruel enough to do it anyway. Puu is actually a softy, if you pay attention.
[02:33] <Angry_Desu> HAH. Silly MA thought. If homura is doing alternate reality jumps - Zeltrech coming along to bitch at her for letting the best bar in the kaleidoscope get Gretchen-ed.
[02:33] <Tatsunohouou> Btw. LA was angry. but is CCS stricken from record?
[02:33] <@Golden> No
[02:33] <Tatsunohouou> THANK YOU.
[02:33] <Tatsunohouou> LA wrote good stuff.
[02:33] <@Golden> CCS is too important to MG history to be ignored
[02:33] <@Golden> Except he refused to adapt.
[02:33] <Tatsunohouou> Darth is just an ass.
[02:33] <gamlain> Also, I've had Tomoyo onscreen
[02:34] <@Golden> And I plan to have Tomoyo onscreen too
[02:34] <Tatsunohouou> sorry, I've wanted to say that for a WHILE
[02:34] <Angry_Desu> You had plushies.
[02:34] <Angry_Desu> All i can see of Akiko's future life, for certain, is owning a goddamn ROOM OF PLUSHIES. One of every magical girl that gets made.
[02:34] <Tatsunohouou> Is his storylines still going to be used?
[02:35] <@Golden> Maybe
[02:35] <@Golden> At least not in that form
[02:35] <@Golden> I say keep the Yin.
[02:35] <Angry_Desu> Like some kind of stuffed felt proof of friends.
[02:35] <Tatsunohouou> The reason LA got pissed was Darth's ego clashing and his kinda ignoring things LA wrote
[02:35] <gamlain> heh.
[02:36] <@Golden> Of course
[02:36] <gamlain> *nods*
[02:37] <@Golden> You paying attention to Yahoo gamlain?
[02:37] <gamlain> yep. Sorry I've not been replying, I've had mouth full.
[02:42] <gamlain> ahh, food. much better.
[02:45] * @Golden ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[02:46] <gamlain> Suddenly no battle. Oh well.
[02:47] <gamlain> Going to go stab things some I think. There is insufficient stabbing in my life right now, it inhibits creativity.
[02:52] <Tatsunohouou> heh
[02:53] <Angry_Desu> seems a good time for me to go sleep then i guess
[02:54] * Angry_Desu ( Quit
[02:54] * Fenris_Blackwell ( has joined #Fantasia
[03:03] * Fenris_Blackwell ( Quit
[03:16] * havocfett (cgiirc@1A13F757.816B559C.338F6879.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[03:27] <Tatsunohouou> hi Havoc
[03:29] <havocfett> Hey
[03:30] <Tatsunohouou> Whats up
[03:30] <Tatsunohouou> ack. wrong chat.
[03:30] <havocfett> Not much
[03:30] <havocfett> Heh
[03:31] <Tatsunohouou> kinda working on a few ideas, considering I formally left the fourm (especially to avoid the idiot ball I saw Darth doing)
[03:31] <havocfett> Ah
[03:32] <Tatsunohouou> I'm happy at least my Kekkaishi idea was extremely well recieved by everyone BUT Darth :-p
[03:32] <havocfett> Who were you, on the forum?
[03:32] <Tatsunohouou> ....same name
[03:32] <havocfett> Oh
[03:32] <havocfett> OK
[03:32] <Tatsunohouou> I tossed in ideas of Mighty Max, and later Kekkaishi
[03:32] <havocfett> Ah
[03:33] <Tatsunohouou> ....just currious. ever play Magic TG?
[03:34] * havocfett_ (cgiirc@1A13F757.816B559C.338F6879.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[03:34] <havocfett_> Bloody lag
[03:34] <Tatsunohouou> Currently was kinda pondering some of the Magical Girls showing up in that multi-verse
[03:34] * InfestedNexus ( has joined #Fantasia
[03:35] <havocfett_> I'm not familiar with Kekkaishi
[03:35] <havocfett_> I have no idea whether that would fit
[03:35] <havocfett_> Or be useful for the story.
[03:35] <Tatsunohouou> considering that I think NONE of the girls, even the over powered ones. are cosmicly unbalanced for that universe
[03:36] <Tatsunohouou> The story of Kekkaishi isn't so much the point as you have a pastieier 'agent' for the proxy "MA" or whatever we are using
[03:36] <Tatsunohouou> Yoshimori is an agent by force, as he's got ALOT of weaknesses.
[03:36] <Tatsunohouou> his family and Tokine being one of them.
[03:37] <Tatsunohouou> The idea follows the more 'espionage' and information gathering tactic.
[03:37] <Tatsunohouou> as Yoshimori's given a cafe and runs it so that they have a cake and pastry cafe that magical girls are KNOWN to stop and socialize in
[03:38] * havocfett (cgiirc@1A13F757.816B559C.338F6879.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[03:38] <Tatsunohouou> like I said. good for infomation gathering
[03:40] <Tatsunohouou> make sense?
[03:42] * havocfett_ (cgiirc@1A13F757.816B559C.338F6879.IP) Quit
[03:42] <Tatsunohouou> ?
[03:42] <Tatsunohouou> connection issues I guess
[03:42] * havocfett (~Mibbit@1A13F757.816B559C.338F6879.IP) has joined #Fantasia
[03:43] <Tatsunohouou> connection died again?
[03:46] <Tatsunohouou> guess so?
[03:48] <gamlain> certainly looks like it
[03:48] <havocfett> As you can see, I have some computer problems.
[03:49] <havocfett> Yes
[03:50] <havocfett> It keeps bouncing
[03:50] <havocfett> Utter pain
[03:50] <havocfett> Reading MMVP. So much hate.
[03:50] <havocfett> So. Much. Hate.
[03:51] <Tatsunohouou> MMVP?
[03:51] <Tatsunohouou> Massive Multi Various people?
[03:52] <Tatsunohouou> what is it?
[03:52] <havocfett> Did my last several posts go through?
[03:52] <havocfett> Magi Madoka Veneficus Puella
[03:52] <Tatsunohouou> only "As you can see, I have some computer problems."
[03:52] <havocfett> Ah
[03:52] <havocfett> Connection keeps bouncing.
[03:52] <havocfett> Going to be reviewing MMVP
[03:53] <havocfett> Because it is /terrible/.
[03:53] <Tatsunohouou> whats it about
[03:53] <havocfett> Theoretically? A 'lighter' version of Puella Magi Madoka Magicka
[03:53] <havocfett> In Reality? A much stupider version.
[03:53] <Tatsunohouou> ...lighter?
[03:54] <havocfett> Yes
[03:54] <Tatsunohouou> ....ugh. how?
[03:55] <havocfett> Because only the faceless masses die, it is lighter, according to the likes of DA.
[03:55] <havocfett> It was the seed of the first 'DA has a terrible moral compass' incident
[03:56] <havocfett> Short story: Madoka wishes for a world were 'her friends can survive'. So now most of the Incubators are just there to make as many people witches as possible, in order to be pointlessly evil.
[03:56] <Tatsunohouou> ....
[03:56] <Tatsunohouou> So no real point to them other then be EVIL!
[03:57] <havocfett> There is a 'good' incubator. Which he has admitted is based on himself
[03:57] <havocfett> Who uses magic to fight the evil incubators.
[03:58] <havocfett> The witches are public, and the Girls are all public. All of the fights have bigger casualties, in civilian terms.
[03:58] <havocfett> Yes
[03:58] <havocfett> Ddi you get the stuff about his admitted self insert good incubator fighting them?
[03:58] <havocfett> Oh, and he randomly threw out established characterization, because Yay Lesbians.
[03:59] <gamlain> Shutdown time. Sleep is needed for once this week.
[03:59] <Tatsunohouou> ...I was in Otakon where an entire panel was used to ponder their characterization
[03:59] <gamlain> night tall.
[03:59] <Tatsunohouou> night Gam
[03:59] * gamlain ( Quit
[04:00] <Tatsunohouou> I wouldn't mind someone writing a novelization on PMMM where they develope the characters entirely
[04:00] <Tatsunohouou> ....but lightening things is just kinda stupid
[04:00] <Tatsunohouou> your a beta Havoc?
[04:01] <havocfett> See ya gam
[04:01] <havocfett> Yes. I am going to enjoy this review.
[04:02] <Tatsunohouou> something tells me you love MSTs
[04:03] <havocfett> No, I run around CrW telling people what is wrong with their stories
[04:03] <havocfett> And individual chapters
[04:03] <havocfett> Kind of.
[04:03] <Tatsunohouou> only Sporks I read are the ones who actually use "PROPER" characterization for their revewers
[04:04] <havocfett> It is genuine reviewing (I've opened up a semi-official, mod-sanctioned, 'review CrW' project, and am aiming to help people improve), but there's something satisfying about running into unrepetently terrible work.
[04:04] <havocfett> Ah
[04:04] <Tatsunohouou> or at least has a SPECIFIC reason they are talking the way they do what they do
[04:04] <Tatsunohouou> something rare for Sporking
[04:04] <havocfett> Yeah, I don't do that. I review stuff as myself.
[04:04] <havocfett> Yeah
[04:04] <Tatsunohouou> makes sense
[04:05] <Tatsunohouou> I do that often in the Zelda and Digimon section
[04:05] <Tatsunohouou> of
[04:05] <havocfett> Ah
[04:05] <Tatsunohouou> and honestly, I've kinda stopped doing it as much. The fanfiction for Zelda is kinda well. some stories are amazing
[04:05] <Tatsunohouou> and really make me think some ideas
[04:06] <havocfett> Mhm
[04:06] <Tatsunohouou> for instance in the Majora's Mask novelization "Insomniac" I really could see it happening. from the snark to the entire premise
[04:07] <havocfett> Oh, what's the premise?
[04:07] <havocfett> And the snark?
[04:07] <Tatsunohouou> ever play Majora's Mask?
[04:08] <havocfett> Yes
[04:08] <havocfett> It was a /long/ while ago, though.
[04:08] <Tatsunohouou> remeber how Link was running back and forth like a chicken with its head cut off?
[04:08] <Tatsunohouou> and how you reset time constantly?
[04:09] <havocfett> Yeah
[04:09] <Tatsunohouou> Insomnia is going by the idea... there IS no reset button. He's got only a very limited amount of time he can do this.
[04:09] <Tatsunohouou> short. No sleep
[04:09] <Tatsunohouou> its a fairly long story too
[04:09] <havocfett> Heh
[04:09] <Tatsunohouou> over 20 chapters I recall
[04:09] <Tatsunohouou> and still being worked on
[04:09] <havocfett> Seems interesting
[04:10] <Tatsunohouou> I have a few good stories under my listing in
[04:10] <Tatsunohouou> btw. same place I met Lackey and LA
[04:10] <havocfett> Cool
[04:10] <Tatsunohouou> Lord Archive as you might have heard is quite known in the Digimon Circles
[04:10] <Tatsunohouou> ....Red Digivice Diairies
[04:10] <havocfett> Haven't heard of him, actually
[04:11] <Tatsunohouou> recall that he mentioned he has experiance in massive crossovers?
[04:11] <havocfett> Yes
[04:11] <havocfett> It was mentioned sometime around the first time I entered BFP and started yelling at people.
[04:11] <Tatsunohouou> Red Digivice Diaries actually spawned a universe known as "Diaries Universe" where at least ten authors attributed stories and we all worked with and around them
[04:12] <havocfett> Ah
[04:12] <Tatsunohouou> The main 'head' checked with continuity, but the other authors were free to write as they wanted.
[04:12] <Tatsunohouou> If they wanted to work with another team, they had to chat with the other author in charge of that collection
[04:13] <havocfett> Ah
[04:13] <Tatsunohouou> LA's whole CSS arguement making a little more sense?
[04:13] <havocfett> Kind of
[04:13] <Tatsunohouou> He was working on that subsection, and was doing quite well. The main editor was Lackey, and he didn't mind alot of things, and interjected when he didn't like it
[04:13] <havocfett> I only started yellign at people just after/right before he left.
[04:14] <havocfett> OK
[04:14] <Tatsunohouou> The clash happened when Darth Ego showed up
[04:15] <havocfett> Yeah
[04:15] <havocfett> Darth Artemis is....rather terrible
[04:15] <Tatsunohouou> and since Darth really was a midget with a loud speaker originally.
[04:15] <Tatsunohouou> Seriously he started ranting and foaming AT PMMM, before watching it
[04:15] <havocfett> Yeah, I noticed
[04:15] <havocfett> He has a /fucked/ /up/ moral compass.
[04:16] <Tatsunohouou> Once he took "editor" position from the board when there was a massive block going on... the fireworks started
[04:16] <havocfett> Ah
[04:21] <Tatsunohouou> you also helping on planning reboot?
[04:21] <havocfett> Nah, I just yell at people when stupid ideas come up.
[04:21] <Tatsunohouou> heh
[04:23] <havocfett> Like teh entire 'Mages association is too incompetent to tie their own shoes' thing.
[04:24] <Tatsunohouou> I really think that MA is not needed. you might as well choose a proxy org
[04:24] <havocfett> Yes
[04:24] <havocfett> Not only because Nasu-Verse is unbearably stupid.
[04:25] <havocfett> 'City-eating vampires? Masquerade covers it.'
[04:25] <Tatsunohouou> ....I blame my girlfriend for this... but I just pictured a City EATING vampires
[04:26] <havocfett> Heh
[04:26] <havocfett> The hyphen is important.
[04:26] <Tatsunohouou> ....Young Wizards. Where a character litterally has a City (the actual buildings, landforms and water forms) fight an enemy
[04:26] * Golden ( has joined #Fantasia
[04:27] <havocfett> Nice
[04:27] <Tatsunohouou> twas quite unique
[04:27] <Golden> Hello
[04:27] <Tatsunohouou> BTW, you know whats sad about PMMM?
[04:27] <havocfett> I need Holle to get back on, since I know he /wants/ me to yell at Modeirah for writing the shit that was MMVP, but I'm not sure what I can get away with. :/
[04:27] <havocfett> Hey Golden
[04:27] <havocfett> Yeah Tatsu?
[04:28] <Tatsunohouou> What'd really help the series is if it WAS given time to flesh itself out.
[04:28] <Tatsunohouou> Let Homura be assumed as a villian for a little while, and develope all the other characters.
[04:29] <Tatsunohouou> hell, we have virtually no backstory on characters, and their setting could be any place really.
[04:29] <Tatsunohouou> BUT. the problem with that. is the series going fast gave a heck of a whiplash that added to the atmosphere
[04:29] <Tatsunohouou> correct?
[04:29] <havocfett> Yes
[04:30] <havocfett> It's very, very tightly plotted. It doesn't have too much time to do basic setting establishment, and could use more characterization
[04:30] <havocfett> It does manage quite a bit for its 13 episodes, though.
[04:30] <Golden> It's possible.
[04:30] <Tatsunohouou> true, but as some of my friends say. The characters never quite evolve from arch types
[04:31] <Tatsunohouou> btw. I still consider Homura's family to be Yakuza.
[04:31] <havocfett> Heh
[04:33] <Tatsunohouou> Unless she's been a Gun Otaku for a long time (which doesn't fit considering she grabs a club instead of a gun first)
[04:33] <havocfett> Heh
[04:33] <Tatsunohouou> it doesn't fit she knows where stockpiles ARE
[04:34] <Golden> And the Yakuza was where she went first.
[04:47] <Golden> dead
[04:47] * Golden ( has left #Fantasia
[04:55] <Tatsunohouou> it went quiet again
[04:56] <havocfett> Yes
[04:58] <Tatsunohouou> most of my other writings outside of schoolwork are all original types
[04:59] <Tatsunohouou> and all in need of heavy revision
[05:00] <Tatsunohouou> One story is about a teleporter who crosses diffrent realities of himself trying to find the truth of what happened.
[05:01] <Tatsunohouou> ....if you see Quantum Leap in there... its not just you.
[05:01] <Tatsunohouou> The other is kinda a sword and sorcerery tale where I have a villian control the Hero in order to slay the king. Purposely minipulating the entire plot.
[05:02] <Tatsunohouou> Also his goal is to eradicate magic users by means of an Anti-magic A-bomb
[05:02] <Tatsunohouou> ....which happens to be the Hero
[05:02] <Tatsunohouou> head hurt yet?
[05:02] <havocfett> Not really
[05:03] <havocfett> Pretty straightforward
[05:03] <havocfett> Ever watch Primer?
[05:03] <Tatsunohouou> Basicly, the Hero only thinks he's the Hero.... but is really a device that the Villian created in order to store enough energy and mana within it.... to create the suitable Atomic Magic bomb
[05:03] <Tatsunohouou> nope
[05:04] <havocfett> It is a time travel movie. That is /immensely/ confusing.
[05:04] <Tatsunohouou> In the story, "anti-magic" enchantments are highly costly processes involving mages hiting materials with PURE untampled elements.
[05:04] <havocfett> OK
[05:04] <havocfett> Seems to make sense
[05:04] <Tatsunohouou> The Hero is esenetually absorbing mana constantly, and his magic sucks as a result.
[05:05] <Tatsunohouou> as Anti magic is bombarding an area with magic... absorbing mana for several years... he'd be a walking bomb
[05:06] <Tatsunohouou> ^^; I liked this idea alot
[05:06] <havocfett> Ah
[05:06] <havocfett> Sounds neat
[05:06] <Tatsunohouou> The other parts involved were that the "Villian" is actually a good character only just was messed up in his youth.
[05:07] <havocfett> My own stuff hasn't panned out, much. I'm a failed freelance author, can't get stuff published, as of yet.
[05:07] <havocfett> Getting /loads/ of advice from publishers though.
[05:07] <Tatsunohouou> He was a boy that was neither a squire or from a royal house, but because some knights wanted to fuck with a the village, they set up a test and said if he accomplished things they'd make him a squire.
[05:08] <Tatsunohouou> long story short. He somehow accomplishes things, and earns the respect of the Prince in the trial.... so when the asshole knights were done and didn't honor their bargan. The Prince took some of their land as punishment and granted it AND Squire ship to the boy.
[05:09] <Tatsunohouou> The reason he started hating magic is based on HOW it works in my stories.
[05:09] <Tatsunohouou> well story idea
[05:09] <Tatsunohouou> Havoc if you noticed. I plan things out. alot
[05:09] <Tatsunohouou> I even wrote out the magical structure in this story
[05:10] <Tatsunohouou> For instance, magic users being "awoke" can be dangerous, and there is an academy the 'awoke' mages are sent to.
[05:11] <Tatsunohouou> ....the Knight (the boy from earlier) ended up seeing a horrific display of an awakening that chilled him to the bone and make him utterly fear and detest magic users
[05:12] <Tatsunohouou> Long story short? Things go south when its revealed the Prince, and now King of the area is revealed to be a magic user...
[05:12] <Tatsunohouou> Knight causes the kingdom to fall.
[05:12] <Tatsunohouou> the Knight*
[05:13] * havocfett (~Mibbit@1A13F757.816B559C.338F6879.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[05:22] <Tatsunohouou> ....oh well
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[06:45] <Golden> So dead...
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[10:42] <Thy-Robocop> hello
[10:42] <Thy-Robocop> anyone here?
[10:43] <Thy-Robocop> I'll take that as a no
[10:43] <Thy-Robocop> will be back later on
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[14:15] <Tatsunohouou> Hi
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[15:32] <Winchester> Good afternoon
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[15:58] <Tatsunohouou> afternoon
[15:58] <Winchester> Yo
[15:59] <Winchester> Seems to have been a somewhat productive session after I logged off last night
[16:04] <Tatsunohouou> what time
[16:05] <Winchester> Just before you logged on
[16:05] <Winchester> I have a second machine running a log, so I could see what happened
[16:06] <Tatsunohouou> ah
[16:07] <Winchester> I only skimmed it, will have to read it in detail later.
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[17:38] <Winchester> Come on in, have a look at nothing happening!
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