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Gamlain's vo: This bit is from Judge Mental, without whom I never would have done more than one or two Himei snips. Preserving a copy here just in case.

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In addition to time, make sure to establish which continuity you're using: anime; manga; OVA; movie; etc.
For the sake of the balanced setting AngryDesu mentions, it would probably be better to use the Sailor Moon anime than the manga, although you could try to "split the difference," as it were, and merge the darker, more serious tone of the manga with the powerlevels of the anime. Youma that are actual monsters, as opposed to alien women in goofy outfits, but a Sailor Moon who isn't accidentally leaving orbit when she jumps too hard, or resurrecting the entire galaxy.
And speaking of Moon...

  • * *

They'd been studying in Rei's room again - a tradition that hadn't died just because everyone was in college these days - when the story hit the airwaves, and so missed the initial "breaking news bulletin." This was probably just as well, since there wouldn't have been a thing any of them could have done to stop what happened - at best, Usagi could have tried to work damage control and bring the poor girl back after... well, after.
Haruka called them over the communicators a few minutes later, informing the Inner Senshi of what was showing up on every news channel in country, several of the international networks, Youtube, and every chat room and bulletin board in existence. Michiru's mirror and Setsuna's orb hadn't so much as hinted at it, though the latter apparently started going crazy as soon as the story hit the airwaves, prompting Setsuna to phase out to the Space-Time Gate with a hasty, "Excuse me sorry dimensional disturbance imminent paradox gotta go lock the Gate before it crashes and kills us all love you bye!" that would have been funny as hell if it occurred under any other circumstance.
Hearing the news, the Inner Senshi scrambled for the nearest TV, whipping out their respective PDAs - and the Mercury Computer - as they went, searching for the newsfeeds.
After about ten minutes of watching half a dozen angles and takes on the story, Minako turned to Ami with a deadly serious look in her eye that said the happy-go-lucky blonde wasn't home right now, and Sailor Venus was the one in charge.
"Find them, Mercury. Find them right now."