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"As my mother Nanoha says: Always go at full power from start to finish!"
"As my mother Mayu says: If at first you do not attain victory - cut another limb off!"
"As my mother Akane would say: Keep firing assholes!"

Person: Wait, so which one's your mother?!
Vivio: All of them~!

"As my aunt Kuroha would say: Of all people, the one you should never lie to is yourself."
Or if you want a more violent one,
"As my aunt Kuroha has said: I never lie about what I plan to do, and I plan to kill you."

"As my aunt Subaru says: Another serving please!"
"As my aunt Kuro would say: You'll enjoy it once we get started..."
"As my parent Natsuru says: Being female sucks sometimes."

"As my Fate-mama says: GET AWAY FROM MAI WAIFU!"
"As Miyu-mama says: meidos get laid."
"As Illya-mama's Shirou says: People die if they are killed."
"As aunt Usagi says: Illya-mama's Shirou is wrong."

Uncle Chrono says: Earth is full of crazy people.
Hayate-mama says: Vivio never saw her in the kitchen with Vita.
Uncle Kyubey says: what do you wish fo- Ow. That hurts. I am in pain.
Pappy Zelretch says: keep Kaleido Opal secret.
Eriol-bastard says: everything is going according to plan. And please don't call me that.
Pappy Kiritsugu says: always aim for head and neck.
Pappy Dresden says: don't burn down buildings.
President Obama says: Yes, we can!
Nana Yuuko says: everything is hitsuzen.
Twinkle Saber-mama says: food is important!
Miko-mama says: never bother with underwear.
Aunt Sakura says: Hhooooooooeeeeeeeeee!
Aunt Tomoyo says: a good cinematographer knows how to get panty shots!
Subaru-mama says rainbows are straighter than her!
Quattrocento-neechan says: OH CRAP!

K-Vivio: "As my mother Kuro would say: I can take you all without trying!"
C-Usa: "That doesn't sound like something she'd say..."
K-Vivio: "I may be using it in a different context to how she did."
C-Usa: "Wait... Wha- Oh. Ohhhhhh. Context. Right."